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During the era of COVID-19, all real sports activities were put on hold, but it couldn’t stop the game from continuing in the virtual world. There are lots of sports simulators that are run by artificial intelligence and professional cyber sportsmen including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and even cricket. Bookmakers have become very interested in the virtual matches of SRL ( simulated Reality Leagues). 

Betting on SRL and cybersports are two very different types of virtual sports betting. In cybersports, people actually control the game, so betting on cybersports depends on the level of the gamer and not the strength of the team. 

Simulated Reality Leagues on the other hand is beyond any human intervention. The games are played in a special computer simulation application, that carefully takes into account the performance and statistical features of each team. For example, in Simulated football, eight of the best European leagues are played on the exact date of the real competition, using data from the teams previous games.

Simulated Reality League matches started in 2022. It’s a new trend in the betting field, but betting on these matches spread instantly to all betting platforms. It became popular because of the coronavirus when almost all real games were suspended and gamblers/bettors needed a good alternative. The few non-suspended games like championships of Nicaragua, Tajikistan, and Belarus were only available on weekends and were of little help. This made the search for an alternative that allowed the suppliers of such gambling to extract a profit very urgent.  The search for solutions led the bookmakers to reach out to Sportradar a Swiss-based company that supplies sport statics to sports websites and bookmakers. 

Sportradar offers a unique statistical database in various areas (over a decade’s worth of data). Shops usually use the company’s product to draw up their betting lines. 

What is the Simulated Reality League, and How does It Works: real matches data, duration, comparison to other cyber sports leagues?

Sportradar created a special program of virtual sports simulation which collects and analyzes statistical data. What is a simulated Reality League (SRL)? In SRL, the matches are played by the rules and are similar to the original games (cricket or soccer). For example, football matches last two halves of 45 minutes each plus extra time, and 2 hours is the approximate time of the virtual IPL game. Due to this reason, bookmakers offer various ranges of matches that coincides with the line for the real sport. 

Simulated Reality League bets are staked based on the outcomes of the simulated Reality matches controlled by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence processes the sports statistics and data collected from the development company. SRL matches were launched in 2022 and SRL bets appeared almost immediately on bookmakers. 

Unlike other simulations, SRL simulations are very accurate. The company claims that its unique artificial intelligence-based systems take various factors into account. Artificial intelligence uses data from all the games over the past ten years while the duration of their virtual games corresponds with that of a standard match. 

What is simulated soccer?

Simulated soccer betting in SRL means that the game is simulated by artificial intelligence without any human intervention. Meanwhile, in cyber soccer (Simulated FIFA) there are two disciplines: 

Computer Simulation (Virtual sports betting)

This type of virtual sports betting is more similar to SRL matches. Humans don’t intervene in the games, but the results are unpredictable because the gaming software works with a random number generator. It makes no sense to use strategies in this game as statistics are not taken into account. Bets are played based on the principles of the normal lottery. 

Cybersports Match

This virtual sports betting is played with the participation of humans. The results of this game depend on the level of cybersports players, the names of teams and statistics of the real club don’t matter. 

SRL games use a different emulation process. The software collects and analyzes the personal statistical data of clubs and teams from their games and championships from the last ten years. The outcome of the match is simulated from this information. Also, another difference between cyber soccer and SRL soccer is that with the input of humans, cyber soccer lasts between 12-15 minutes, but SRL lasts the whole 90 minutes plus the extra time the referee adds.  

How do I bet on  Simulated Reality League: the wagering process, markets, and odds.

Sportradar an organization that collects data on professional players and teams created the program for the simulated sports competitions. These simulated matches go according to the existing rules in the real game of a particular sport. For this reason, bookmakers are happy to provide widespread lines on the scores of the simulated Reality League. These lines are not different from the ones you can see before the conventional Premier League, Wimbledon or IPL. 

If you wish to place bets in any of the 2023 IPL SRL tournaments 2023, you need to remember that analyzing the performance of the athlete is important, just like conventional betting. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the athletes is important for professional gamers if they want to win. 

The simulation of these matches is accurate enough to open bets for real matches: on the numbers of corners, overs, shots on goals, and lots more. The BC line on Simulated Reality League matches is not different from the usual matches. Sportradar does everything to ensure that the Simulated soccer matches correspond to the real matches. 

How do you find the latest Simulated Reality Score: the bookmakers and  developer’s platform?

At the moment, Bet999.io is the best site that has statistical data for SRL virtual sports betting. You can find the results of all the latest matches and the current simulated Reality League table on the sports center. Move over, clicking on a current IPL match (soccer or tennis) you can watch either the pitch or see the updated scorecard data in real-time. 

simulated reality league

These simple steps will help you find the scores you want at the SR sports center: 

On the top panel select the sport

Pick a date from the calendar on the table

Select a match from the matches on display. 

Besides the final results, there are a lot of data like best batter and bowler, falls of wickets, and runs (using cricket as examples). 

Bet999 betting platform conveniently avails the historical data archive for IPL matches. As we said earlier, SRL matches are simulated by artificial intelligence based on these statistics, therefore a bettor needs to study it to make the right wager decision. 

For example, in tennis betting, it’s very possible to guess the number of sets and games. Analyze the average number of games and sets played at a particular tournament. To do this analysis, you need to study the statics of the Austrian Open or Wimbledon over the past 5-10 years. 

Conclusion: perspectives of Simulated Reality League

Cybersports are becoming more popular. It gives bettors the opportunity to experience the excitement live sports provide even when all Championship matches were suspended. As an alternative to real-life matches, SRL is your best alternative. 

The disadvantage of betting on SRL is that you won’t find live broadcasts of any of these tournaments. 

Whatever the case,  remember everything we have talked about above, and you will be surprised at how you will increase your winnings by betting on virtual simulated games. It’s worth adding that betting on SRL matches is convenient both from a browser and a mobile app. 

FAQ: What to consider before placing bets. 

Apart from keeping in mind that you need to analyze the performance of a particular athlete and team, like other conventional betting, it’s also important to also remember that every player has their strengths and weaknesses. Away from these reminders, here are answers to other questions you might have about SRL betting. 

What are the available leagues to bet on the Simulated Reality League: cricket, soccer, tennis?

Currently, there are many top leagues of different sports available on the SRL live. Sports like:

Soccer/football: English Premier League, Turkish Super League, Serie A, La Liga, Greek Super League, Bundesliga, and lots more. 

Cricket: T20 Series, Big Bash, ODI, and Indian Premier League. 

Tennis: Daily ATP and WTA tournaments according to the official match schedule. 

The matches are run every day for the three sports and live betting markets are numerous. 

What are available bets on SRL: numerous markets per discipline?

The SRL sports betting markets are lesser than the real matches markets of the leagues, but the provided markets are sufficient. On the SRL, betting on soccer may reach 50, and around 30 possible odds for Tennis. Especially when you consider that the Simulated matches are not based on Random Number Generators, but on statistical data, so choosing an odd should be based on analysis.  You can wager on not only a win, draw, or loss, but also corners, under/over for soccer, toss winner, first 5 over totals, and more for cricket. 

What website is the best for SRL Betting: wagering and high coefficient in live mode?

Although lots of betting companies are venturing into SRL betting, Bet999 stands out because not only do we provide high odds and have wide coverage of BBL and IPL lines, but you can also choose to bet live. It is very easy to discover SRL matches on the Bet999 website. Simply select the Cricket tab and at the bottom, you will find SRL.

You can also enjoy games like Poker, Blackjack, Hilo, and more on the Bet999 platform. 

Simulated Reality League FAQs:

In this section, we answer your questions on SRL 

1. What is a simulated match?

In sports betting Simulated matches using a computerized Artificial intelligence-controlled simulation to imitate a real-life match. A computer algorithm is used to analyze, train and predict the match process. 

2. What are SRL leagues?

The SRL league is a virtually simulating tool that simulates the results of the matches from previous matches. This enables the punter to predict the results of upcoming matches or live matches. SRL makes live game streaming of matches more exciting and offers a satisfying betting experience. 

3. What is the Big Bash SRL in simulated reality League?

Big Bash T20 in SRL is an innovative betting alternative provided by many specialized sports books. It’s the simulated version of the Australian professional cricket franchise T20 cricket league. Punters place bets on the predicted outcome of the T20 cricket matches in Cricsbet and Uwin sportsbooks. 

4. How do simulated reality leagues work?

Simulated Reality League (SRL) offers two basic types of virtual simulated sports betting; Live (in-play) betting and pre-match betting. Each soccer match of the SRL event is 90 minutes long, and the punter can bet on any of their preferred team after viewing the match statistics and players’ performances in previous leagues. 

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