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There are hundreds of markets available for various sports at many of the best online sportsbooks. Bettors who wager on these events can place single bets or combine different selections into multiple bets. This article explores all that you should note about multiple bets, including how to place them on gambling sites. 

What are Multiple Bets?

A “multiple bet” is a combination of different wagers. The gambler selects a minimum of two choices and combines them into a single wager. For the most common types of multiple bets, each selection must be successful for the stake to pay out. If even one of the picks is wrong, the bettor loses the entire stake. 

Punters are attracted to multiple bets because of the high reward they offer. Since you’re combining more than one bet, the odds of your picks are multiplied together. As a result, if the multiple bet wins, you receive a larger payoff. However, it is a risky investment, as you lose your bet amount if one selection fails. 

How Does a Multiple Bet Work?

How Does a Multiple Bet Work

These bet types work by multiplying the odds together. Hence, they offer a better payout than when you place single bets on those events. For instance, you bet $10 on five events, each with 2.00 odds. If they are single bets, you get back $10 for each event, making your total $50. 

However, if you place them as a multiple bet, the odds are multiplied together (2x2x2x2x2). This translates to $320, thirty-two times your initial wager. Of course, the more selections you make, the lower your chances of winning, but the higher your potential profit. 

Different types of Multiple Bets

There are various varieties of multiple bets; the most well-liked ones are:

  • Doubles: This involves tying two selections into one wager.
  • Trebles: As the name implied, you place a bet with three selections.
  • Accumulators: This is the riskiest option. You’re selecting four or more wagers and combining them into one stake.

The exact number of picks you can add when placing multiple bets depends on the sportsbook. You can learn how many picks the sportsbook permits for multiple bets by reading the terms surrounding the types of wagers you can place.

In addition to the well-known alternatives listed above,  under the category of “multiple bets.” These bet types encompass a wide variety of bet combinations, as opposed to a single bet holding all selections.


A “Yankee” bet is made up of 11 distinct bets placed on four different choices. There are four trebles, one 4-fold, and six doubles accumulator among them. To turn a profit, the gambler must win at least two options.

The only problem with this type of bet is that you can’t adjust the amount you place on each selection. They all have to be the same. 

Lucky 15

A popular multiple bet is known as the “Lucky 15” and comprises four options and 15 additional bets across those options. This wager consists of four trebles, one 4-fold acca, six doubles, and four consecutive single wager. To earn a profit, the gambler only requires one out of the four options to win.

Lucky 31

Ten Doubles and Trebles each, Five 4-fold and singles each, and one 5-fold acca make up a Lucky 31. In a Lucky 31, you only need one of your picks to win to cash in. Its most common in sports like football, rugby, horse racing, and greyhound racing. 

However, most sportsbooks will let you place this bet when several events are spread out over the course of a day or weekend. This is because bettors must place wagers on separate events rather than all on the same game or event. A better, for instance, would have to select five greyhounds from five different races rather than five greyhounds from the same race.

Canadian Bet

A Canadian bet is a kind of multiple bet that is a bit more complicated than a Yankee bet or a Lucky 15. Unlike those wagers, which comprise 11 and 15 wagers on four picks, the Canadian wager involves five selections and 26 individual wagers. There are ten trebles and doubles each, five 4-fold acca, and one 5-fold accumulator among them.

When placing this type of bet, you can only bet a particular amount on all selections. On the bright side, only two of these selections have to be correct for the wager to win. 

Patent Bet

A patent bet consists of three doubles and singles each, and a solitude treble. If you place this kind of wager, you only need one of your picks to win to get a payout. However, the reward is higher if all your selections are accurate. 

Like the Yankee, the bet amount on each selection must be the same. The majority of people who place wagers on horse racing events use this form of stake.

Heinz Bet

The “Heinz” wager consists of 57 separate wagers on six different outcomes.  The multiple wagers are made up of 1 six-fold accumulator, 20 trebles, 15 doubles, 6 five-fold accumulators, and 5 four-fold accumulators. For a Heinz bet to pay off, two of the bettor’s choices must be accurate.

Super Heinz Bet

The super Heinz bet is a variant of the standard Heinz bet, but with more wagers. Bettors who wish to place a Super Heinz stake make seven selections, and the number of individual bets in these selections must equal 120. 35 trebles and 4-fold acca each, 21 doubles and 5-folds each, one seven-fold, and  7 six-fold accumulators make up this pick.  For you to receive a payment, a minimum of two of these seven options must win.

The Goliath Bet

Of all the bet types listed in this text, the Goliath bet has the most selections and individual wagers. It is also the most risky wager. There are eight options in the Goliath bet, they include; 70 four-folds, 8 seven-fold accas, 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 8 seven-fold accas, 56 five-fold accas, and one eight-fold acca. To record a win, a minimum of two of the choices must be correct.

How to Place Multiple Bets at Online Sportsbooks

Placing multiple bets at online betting sites follows the same process as placing a regular stake. First, you must create an account with the operator that supports multiple bets. Registration on these platforms is usually simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. 

For starters, you visit the site with an internet-enabled device, after which you click the option to create an account. Next, fill out the necessary details in the designated fields and follow the prompts to complete the process. After then, you must deposit money because you’ll need it to put in your wager. 

After a successful deposit, head to the sports section. Then, follow these steps to place a multiple bet:

  • Note the sports and the events you want to bet on. 
  • In the bet slip, you can choose whether you want to place single bets or multiple wagers. Select the option for a multiple bet. 
  • Then, pick your markets.  
  • Set your bet amount and click the “Place bets” button. Once you confirm your wager, the sportsbook will subtract the bet amount from your real money balance.
  • You must wait until the end of all selections for your wager to be settled.

Advantages of Multiple Bets

The main draw of placing multiple bets is the high reward you can win from them. For punters who like to bet on various events at once, multiple bets are great options. Instead of them placing these wagers individually, they can bulk them into one single bet on the online sportsbook. 

With this, the odds of these markets are multiplied, so you increase your potential payout. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to bet on so many selections. With a small amount, you can place multiple wagers where you tie only 2 to 8 individual bets into one stake. 

Furthermore, the best online sportsbooks offer bonuses for accumulator bets or other types of multiple bets. For instance, the gambling platform might offer you a payout if one of your picks loses in a four-fold bet. 

Disadvantages of Multiple Bets

Getting a large payout for even a small investment is certainly appealing. However, there are risks to placing a multiple bet, which we have explained below:

  • High Risk Factor: Gambling in general is risky. There’s constantly the possibility that you will lose your wager. However, with multiple betting, that risk factor climbs up a notch. Since every bet in that selection must be successful, your window of winning is smaller. 
  • Large Losses: If you’re a punter that likes to bet big, then you must be cautious when placing multiple bets. That’s because you might spend more when placing these wagers than single bets. If that stake doesn’t meet the requirements necessary for you to get a payout, you lose the entire amount. 
  • Limits to Your Bet Amount: Multiple bets, especially Lucky 15, Patent, Lucky 31, and the like are not flexible. You can’t adjust the bet amount on each eagerness. Instead, you must place the same amount for everyone. 
  • Restrictions on the Markets you Can Combine: An online sportsbook will limit the markets you can add to your multiple bet. For instance, you might not be able to bet on two horses in the same race or two teams in the same match. 

Tips for Placing Multiple Bets

There is no surefire way of winning every multiple bet you place. However, with the right tips, you can maximize these stakes and reduce your chances of losing much. We have explained these tips below:

Choose Sportsbooks with the Best Odds

The odds determine what you get if your bet wins. If you wager at a sportsbook with lower odds, you make less profit than you would on a site with high odds. That’s why it’s important to settle for betting sites with competitive odds for all of their sports. 

Place Bets on Sports You’re Familiar With

There’s no crime in blindly wagering on the outcome of sports you don’t know a thing about. Sports betting, on the other hand, is about forecasting, and you can’t accurately predict what will happen in the future. If you’re knowledgeable about a sport, you have a better chance of making more accurate forecasts. 

Use Predictions from Trusted Experts

There are excellent tipsters with in-depth knowledge about different sports. Using tips from these experts can be helpful, as they provide you with information on the likely outcome of a game. If you are to get more precise forecasts, the tipster should have a track record of success. 

Take Advantage of Bonuses

If an online sportsbook offers you a promotion, especially for multiple bets, claim it. With these bonuses, you have more cash to place wagers with, thus reducing the real amount you stand to lose. Free bets are also part of the offers some platforms give players. Simply ensure that the offer includes rational conditions and terms that you can possibly meet.

Make a wager with an amount you can afford to lose.

Losses occur to both newbies and experienced punters. Since you can’t tell how a match or game is likely to turn out, you can’t be sure your bet will win. In order to avoid huge losses, wager only with money you’re not afraid to lose. With this, you’re unaffected if that bet isn’t successful. 

Gamble Responsibly

Setting a budget is a great way to prevent overspending. If you find this challenging, you can set deposit limits on the site if such a feature is available. Some gambling platforms also let you set a loss limit. Immediately you gamble to your loss limit, you won’t be able to place further wagers. All these are features of responsible gambling.


Multiple bets are undoubtedly an attractive type of wager. It simply entails combining individual bets into one selection. The more picks you add, the higher the odds and the greater the payout. 

Now that you understand all there is to this type of bet, you can place them in your preferred sportsbook. However, ensure you understand the risks involved before wagering. 


  1. Can I use bonuses to place a multiple bet?

This depends on the gambling platform. Some platforms offer bonuses that you can use to place only single bets. Others might offer promotions for multiple betting. You can learn more about the bonus on the terms and conditions page. 

  1. What are the odds of losing a multiple bet?

Your chances of losing a multiple bet depend on your selections. The more the picks, the bigger the odds, and ultimately, the greater the risk.

  1. Do all sportsbooks support multiple bets?

Many online sportsbooks support multiple bets. You can learn about the types of bets these platforms allow on their terms and conditions page. 

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