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There is no guarantee that you are going to triumph when playing casino games. However, using a zero risk betting strategy might help you reduce your risk and losses when playing. Do you want to know how to get the most of this technique? Is there a winning gaming strategy? We at Bet999 share all you need to know below.

The zero risk betting approach always works! The primary explanation as to why this is one of a handful successful sports betting techniques is that it does not involve predicting the result of the game. Rather, bets can be made on both competing teams or players utilizing this sports gambling approach, which is also known as no risk matched betting, sure win betting, arbitrage or arbs betting, and thus the outcome of the game is irrelevant. What matters is how the wagers are made.

What exactly is a zero risk betting strategy?

A zero risk betting strategy is a method of gambling that reduces playing risk by betting on several outcomes at the same time.

Furthermore, no-risk betting is a sort of gamble that pays you something even if you lose. It can take the form of free bets, site credits, or bonus money, all of which are redeemable, and this is why casinos and sportsbooks employ the zero risk betting technique as a promotional tool.

Zero risk betting strategy: How do risk-free bets work?

Zero Risk Strategy: The Working Principle

All top sportsbook and casino sites such as Bet999 often feature a predetermined limit for risk-free bets, which can be as high as a thousand values. However, to see how such a kind of bet or strategy works, consider a $1,000 limit.

If a customer places a $1,000 bet and wins, they will receive twice the initial amount. If they lose the bet, they keep the same stake.

The gambled money, nevertheless, is returned in the form of platform credits. Most gambling sites demand you to wager the credits at least once before you can cash them out.

Each sportsbook and casino site has its own set of rules and restrictions that customers must adhere to. They further include information regarding offers, competitions, and other platform services.

Using the zero risk betting method opens up a world of opportunities for you. However, in order to make the most out of your wagers, keep the following points in mind when employing risk-free betting tactics.

Keep an eye out for the limits

Most betting platforms establish a maximum value for risk-free bets in order to manage how much money you will receive if your bets fail to win. You can nevertheless bet more than the indicated amount. Just be careful how much you put in because the site’s constraints may prevent you from receiving all.

Discover how the risk-free bet is reimbursed

Each gambling site has its own policy for reimbursement of risk-free bets. Some sites turn your funds into site credits that you may use to wager on various games or competitions. In certain circumstances, the returns on risk-free wagers take the shape of site incentives, cash prizes, or in-game rewards that can help enhance your gaming.

Take into consideration the time constraints

While risk-free bets might reduce the amount you lose, they are not a stable choice when playing. Many gambling sites will place a time limit on your ability to bet again. The standard time frame is between 7 to 30 days, but this may differ subject to the casino or sportsbook.

Typically, zero risk bets have a time limit because they return in the form of site credits. Casinos frequently send notifications to their customers if they possess any site credits yet to utilize to assist them maintain track of their remaining credits.

Check to see if there are any minimum odds required

Sports betting services also impose restrictions on how and where you can place zero risk bets and use site credits. Some promos state the minimal odds of placing a zero risk bet.

Other zero risk betting strategy options to consider

There are several variations on the zero risk free betting method. Learn how to use them in casino games by reading on:

Major 5 Zero Risk Betting Strategies you can Use

High probability wagers, arbitrage wagers, laying and backing wagers, matched betting, and card counting are the top five zero risk strategy. Follow through as we take a deeper look at each of these betting strategies.

1.High Probability Wagers

High probability wagers are those which have an excellent chance of occuring. For instance, in an encounter between Manchester United and Southampton, Man United are the favorites to win. A gambler can bet on the betting favorite and anticipate to win approximately ninety percent of the time. Although this isn’t a guarantee of a victory or no risk at all, bettors who make such a bet are far more likely to win in the long haul. Bets with a high chance of occurrence also have a low reward since the risk is low. A top-seeded or ranked player has a better chance of beating an unseeded team or person.

2. Arbitrage Wagers

Arbitrage Wagers: Risk Free Betting

Arbitrage wagers are bets on two distinct outcomes of the same wagering event. They set bets so that the gambler will receive a payout regardless of the outcome of the game. However, because the player puts money on both results, a punter’s profit is limited by the spread and stakes. The most important advantage of arbitrage wagers is the certainty of a return. The major disadvantage is that the payment is minimal. To make a profitable gamble, a punter must frequently bet significant sums all at once.

Making a bet with one gambling provider and placing that same bet with a separate sportsbook is the best technique for placing an arbitrage wager. When different odds for the exact same event are offered by different betting companies, a bettor can benefit.

3. Laying And Backing Wagers

Rather than gambling on the result of a contest, bettors can back or lay a bet. Backing or laying an option increases a punter’s chances of winning a wager even if the game’s outcome does not go as planned. Punters can place bets by either backing a team or wagering that a side is not going to lose a game. If a team does not fail, or if the contest ends in a draw or win, the person who placed the wager wins the bet.

To lay a wager is to bet on a side not to win a contest. If the group bets on losses, the player is entitled to a payoff from a lay wager. In a lay wager, a victory or an even outcome will work to disadvantage the punter. Lay odds must be reserved for bettors who are certain that a side is going to lose a specific match.

4. Matched Betting

A matched betting strategy is similar to an arbitrage betting strategy. A matched betting strategy, on the other hand, uses no betting money, whereas an arbitrage wager may or may not employ a punter’s money. A matched wager is one in which a punter employs multiple rewards, special offers, and betting perks to reduce the cost of making a bet.

A punter incurs no losses and reaps all winnings because they do not need to invest any of their own funds in making a matched wager. Withdrawing winnings from promotions and bonuses could be bound by wagering restrictions that differ from one online casino to another.

5. Card Counting

While card counting is not typically a risk-free betting method, it can be extremely beneficial for those who are able to implement it. Studying the deck and the sequence of cards in a deck or many decks to anticipate whether the subsequent card is high or low is known as card counting. Card counting may appear difficult because it varies every game and necessitates an improved awareness of statistics and numbers.

Card counting is a strategy that is frowned upon by many offline gambling establishments and may result in a lifetime gambling suspension. Card counting is used by punters who play online casino card titles such as Poker, BlackjackBaccarat, Sic Bo, and many more to improve their win rate.

Can zero risk betting strategies be used in casino games as well?

There are many betting methods in casino games which enable players put the odds in their favor when gambling. Here are some of the top zero risk betting strategies to try out when you bet on casino games:

Value betting

Value betting entails gambling on odds that are greater than those displayed on sports betting websites. It enables you to determine which event chances is favourable and gain from it in the course of time.

It is often used in blackjack and poker; in the latter, employing value betting allows you to concentrate on getting your competitor to bet as high as they’re able to without folding. In the former case, the card counting method must be employed so that you know when to place a large stake in order to earn bigger profits.

Oscar’s Grind

Oscar’s Grind betting system is a negative progression strategy that allows you to recoup losses and earn minor returns with minimal or no risk.

Being a betting strategy, it allows you to split your cash into periods and units. When the player betting receives a one-unit in profit, the period finishes and a fresh one commences with a greater denomination.

Furthermore, the idea herein is to consistently bet one unit whether you are in a losing or winning streak. When you win following a period of losing, you simply need to boost this by one step.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Zero risk betting strategy

Is it possible to engage in gambling without losing money?

The greatest technique to gamble without losing money is to use no-risk matched betting. It enables you to bet using your casino bonuses rather than money.

Are risk-free betting strategy worth it?

Risk-free wagers are worthwhile since they allow you to make the most of your casino points while gambling. However, you should study how your wagers will be refunded to you considering certain platforms have conditions and requirements that must be met before you are able to cash out your profits.

How to use risk-free betting?

Because gambling platforms feature designated buttons for your convenience, it is simple to place risk-free wagers. Before you do so, understand the platform’s rules and guidelines regarding this type of wager to avoid confusion on your part.

What is no risk-matched betting?

No-risk matched betting is a sort of play which permits you to utilize your online casino incentives as a substitute for real money, lowering the danger of losing far more than you anticipated.

How safe is a no risk matched strategy?

While certain online betting tactics appear to be appealing on the surface, they might be highly dangerous to employ at some time. The label no risk matched betting implies that there is no risk in employing this method, yet we leave absolutely nothing to chance. Our guide to utilizing a no risk matched betting strategy explains just how safe this type of strategy is to employ and whether there are any traps that we believe you should avoid while using this type of approach.

Can I use a mobile app to implement a no-risk matched betting strategy?

The top online betting companies will allow you to place bets via their own mobile apps. You should be able to utilize a mobile version of the site with your smartphone or tablet at  least. However, mobile apps may not always provide you with the entire range of functions available on a website’s desktop version.

Do I need a large sum of money to implement a no-risk matched betting strategy?

Certain tactics will demand you to invest a significant quantity of your own money in order for them to be effective. This is not true of all betting techniques, but it is prevalent.

Is there another option to a no risk matched betting strategy?

Yes, there is! If you decide that a no risk matched betting strategy isn’t for you, there are various alternative possible sports betting tactics.

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