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Mixed Martial arts (MMA), notably the UFC, is becoming a lucrative market in online sports betting. Fans of MMA enjoy betting on every aspect of the sport, including UFC Fight Night and other special events. 

You may join in the fun as well, but you must first comprehend the fundamentals. Thankfully, our article covers the fundamentals of MMA betting as well as other related topics. Therefore, if you have an interest in finding out how to wager on MMA events, we advise that you read on. 

Betting on UFC and MMA Matches

Just like several other sports, the variety of odds available for MMA betting is limited in comparison to that of other sports. It’s worth noting that important fights, especially those for titles,  tend to generate more betting markets. That being said, there are three distinct wagers available for UFC events: 

Odds to win

Bets placed on the outcome of an MMA fight often center around predicting the victor. These markets are created by bookmakers who make use of head-to-head money lines to provide an implied chance for each fighter. 

Let’s take an example: Fighter A is currently undefeated and has won five matches by wide margins. On the other hand, Veteran FIGHTER B has only won half of their last six bouts, signaling a deterioration in their career. 

Since Fighter A has a better chance of winning, the oddsmaker will make her the favored candidate. As for Fighter B, they become the underdog because they exhibit a lower chance of winning the bout. 

Betting odds for fights can include a third alternative, a draw, at some bookmakers. Gambling on a draw has significantly better odds of paying off than betting on a certain competitor to win. 

Round totals

The Over/Under is yet another MMA bet option whereby bettors predict the exact time the fight will end. Bookmakers typically create the Over/Under bet option based on the predicted number of rounds based on certain factors. 

Some of these variables pertain to the fighters’ fighting styles, the number of stipulated rounds, and the opposition. Additionally, the probability that the contest will last that many rounds affects the chances for the Over/Under bet choice. 

Here is an example: A championship match between fighter A and fighter B is scheduled to go for five rounds. Each round in MMA lasts for about 5 minutes, so the total for three rounds is 3.5. 

The odds on under 3.5 are a lot higher than usual because fighter A has the ability to end the match with a KO. Plus, fighter B has suffered KO losses in previous matches. 

  • OVER 3.5 rounds -105: This means that when you bet $105 you  win $100
  • UNDER 3.5 rounds, -130: This means bet $130 to win $100

Props for the winning strategy

One way to increase the payoff on your UFC bets is to wager on how the fighter will win the bout. Not only must the combatant you select prevail, but they must also do so according to the directions you provide. 

Here are some common victory options in MMA betting: 

  • Win by submission
  • Win by knockout/TKO/DQ
  • Win by decision

There is a wide range of pricing for each way of winning. However, the payout is higher than just predicting the winner because this bet option is less predictable. 

MMA betting strategy and tips

MMA Betting Strategy - How to Bet on UFC Online & Win Money

While understanding the basics of UFC betting gives you an advantage, it’s good to have a strategy in place. The underlying recommendations should be kept in mind: 

Fighting patterns

In MMA, fighters of all stripes bring their A-list game to the ring, making for some truly compelling bouts. Others prefer to fight on the ground, while some competitors are more comfortable standing and striking. 

You can find value in MMA betting odds by analyzing the compatibility of fighting styles. Similar to boxing, the fighter’s position must be brought into account while projecting the result of a fight. For example, left-handed fighters may have an edge over orthodox fighters if their fighting technique is more suited to their dominant hand. 


There is a physical limit to what the human body can withstand as we age. Age plays a significant role in combative activities like MMA. When there is a large age gap between the fighters, the younger competitor usually has a better advantage. Nevertheless, there are exceptions since age comes with experience.  

Personal Life

There are lots of things that influence the fighter’s ability to win or lose a fight, including their personal life. A fighter’s personal life, including recent events like the deaths of loved ones, pregnancy in female fighters, etc., can play a role. You should investigate all these things before you make your bets on the player. 

Track records

The track record of a fighter is a key factor in determining their UFC betting chances. Statistics of victories and defeats don’t necessarily represent a fighter’s power. This is because the caliber of their opponents can’t be inferred from these figures alone. 

Instead, what you should do is look into the MMA news surrounding those results. It could be that the fighter has a more outstanding record because they have only fought against weaker opponents. Experienced fighters usually have more advantages over their less-tested counterparts because they’re better able to respond to slight changes in battle. 

Ring rust, injuries, and KOs

As with any physical sport, mixed martial arts fighters experience injuries. A fighter may be forced to sit out for weeks, months, or even a year due to injuries. It’s important as a bettor that you consider how these injuries affect a fighter when they return.

Aside from injuries, there are other factors that can result in competitors waiting longer than usual between bouts. These factors can include contract discussions and cancellations. When betting on MMA fights, you should think about the “ring rust” angle. It examines the effect of a fighter’s absence from the ring. 

You should look into the following:

  • How well the fighters are in shape
  • If they’ve been training all year.
  • How they’ve responded to extended time between bouts in the past

With this information, you’ll be able to make a better decision. Fighters can also experience a similar effect with knockout losses. 

A loss by KO may not have caused any injuries to the fighter, but it may have taken a mental toll on them. During this period, a fighter’s approach and style might undergo radical transformations. So, avoid capping a fighter fresh off a disastrous KO. 

Weight and reach

There are several different weight divisions in MMA, and as a fighter’s career advances, they commonly transfer between them. Some competitors are more adept at weight cutting and maintenance than others, particularly those moving to a lower weight class. 

Punters should keep an eye out for the fighter’s weight-cutting efforts and results in the days leading up to the bout. Those who are in danger of falling short of the weight criterion may turn to drastic measures, such as overtraining, dehydration, etc., to catch up. 

Fighters who routinely carry more body fat than their weight class have certain advantages over lighter opponents. This is due to the possibility that they might put on some weight back following the weigh-in. Punters should always take into account the fighter’s actual weight class. 

Another consideration in determining the fighter’s MMA chances is their reach or arm length. A longer reach allows them to land more blows without getting too close to their opponents. 

Don’t always bet on your favorite

It may seem prudent to wager on the favorite, but remember that the underdog often pulls off surprising victories. Both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses must be evaluated to see which one works best against the other. Furthermore, when the payout is small, it’s usually not worth betting heavily on the favorite. Parlays are where you want to bet significantly on your favorites. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an MMA Betting Site

 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sports Betting Site - FotoLog

Choosing a trustworthy sportsbook to place your wager with is crucial to your success when betting. You can use the checklist we’ve put together to help you find a trustworthy bookmaker:

UFC betting odds and coverage  

The first thing to do before selecting a sportsbook is to check how well they cover MMA or UFC events. You should only go for betting platforms that provide a wide range of props for each fight. The odds are another consideration that you ought to make. It’s a good idea to compare the odds for your preferred sports book with those of other bookies to see which offers more favorable options. 

UFC bonuses and promotions

You should also investigate the sportsbook promotions, mainly those associated with UFC. The vast majority of UFC betting sites will run promotions for the biggest fights. Nevertheless, the true feature of a top-tier betting platform is the availability of constant bonuses on a wide variety of UFC bouts. 

Banking methods

The banking method is another factor to consider in your search for a betting platform. Prior to registering, make sure the online sportsbook accepts the method you prefer to make payment. A trustworthy bookmaker should accept a variety of payment options, including cryptocurrencies. This is available on the Bet999 online crypto platform. In addition, investigate to see if there are hidden fees when using some banking methods. 

Customer support 

While you may not need the support team very frequently, make sure that the sportsbook you go to has a reliable one. In the event that you have a query, this will guarantee that you get the help you need promptly. A good sportsbook should have various means of communication, including live chat and email. 

Bonuses and Rewards

Every UFC betting site offers unique incentives and bonuses tailored to gamers interested in wagering on UFC and MMA events. The following bonuses are available:

Welcome Bonus

The very first bonus you’re offered is the welcome package. In this case, the bookmaker you sign up with may offer a bonus that increases your deposit by certain percentages. For example, you can receive a match bonus of up to 100% of your deposit.

No deposit bonus

There are also no-deposit bonuses, which several sportsbooks likewise provide. You can place a free initial wager on UFC events with this kind of bonus offer. The bookmaker gains a new customer once you’ve experienced the site and decided to make a deposit. 

Odds Boost

This type of promotion entails sports bookies raising the chances of specific betting markets or pre-made parlays. For instance, a bookmaker can put Connor McGregor as a -150 favorite to win a fight but then give him an odd boost. This is done so that punters can bet on him at +110 and get more profit.  

Benefits of Online Sports Betting 

Now that we have many online sports betting platforms, lots of bettors are opting for this form of betting at reputable bookies like Bet999 sportsbook. It’s true that there are perks, and we’ll be looking at these benefits.


It’s more convenient to wager on UFC matches online rather than physically going to bet. Thanks to online sports betting, you can bet on your favorite regardless of your location with minimal effort. 

Responsible Gambling

The negative side of betting has caused difficulties for so many bettors in the past. With online betting, punters can reduce the effect of betting addiction by setting a betting limit. 


Unlike physical bookies, online betting sites offer lots of amazing promotions and bonuses to make your game more enjoyable. Some of the bonuses you can find include deposit bonuses, free bets, cashback bonuses, and many more  


We’ve provided all that you need to get started with MMA betting. All you have to do is comprehend the fundamentals and adhere to our advice. When you do, you’ll have a wonderful betting experience at your preferred bookie. You must keep in mind that any incentives these bookmakers offer are subject to certain conditions. As such, you would do well to read these conditions before claiming the bonus offer. 
There are also other forms of betting that weren’t mentioned, including live betting. Some online sportsbooks offer live betting options, in which bettors stake on an ongoing match. This form of betting requires an educated prediction, so research your favorite before betting on them. 

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