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All European qualifying teams participate in the UEFA Nations League, which places them in groups to determine the best of them. The third season of the UEFA Nations League kicked off in 2022 when all 55 teams were divided into four leagues. In 2023, we will see the final phase of the season. 

If you’re interested in betting on the final’s fixture, then you need all the information you can get. Only play at verified and trusted platforms to avoid loses. With our predictions, you get a better idea of which team will emerge as the winner. This information will help you place better-informed wagers. 

Predictions for the Final Four in the UEFA Nations League

Four group winners from Group/League A made it to the Nations League Finals. These include Croatia, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. This means that there are four more matches to go – two semi-finals, one third-place playoff, and the final. 

These groups have been paired as follows:

  • The Netherlands Vs. Croatia
  • Spain Vs. Italy

Below is a closer look at all four teams and how they stack up against their opponents.

The Netherlands Vs. Croatia

There have only been two direct matchups between these two teams. Each side has one victory to their name, which evens out the playing field between them. As a result, the opening game of the semi-finals will serve as a tiebreaker. This is one reason why fans are anticipating the match scheduled for June 14. 

The Netherlands Vs. Croatia

There are incredibly experienced players on both sides, in addition to young and up-and-coming ones. If both teams can utilize their strong players, then the match will be a tough one. Before predicting which team will win, let’s look at their coaches and major players. 

The Netherlands

Upon Louis van Gaal’s retirement, Koeman was named as his successor. The seasoned defender is not expected to radically alter the Dutch team’s style of play. Instead, he’ll be making some minor tactical adjustments to help his team deal with the issue of winning games late.

VVD, Matthijs de Ligt, and Frankie de Jong are just a few of the pillars that make up the Netherlands’ formidable core. Dumfries and the veteran de Vrij, who have been the backbone of the Dutch defense for a long time, provide additional support.

The Netherlands is not short of promising young people. Timber, Gakpo, and Frimpong are already among the world’s most financially successful youths. That said, a few of these youngsters should really shine in the UEFA Nations League semifinals.


Croatia has Luka Modrić but the well-known midfielder is not growing any younger. Even though he will soon turn 38, the man is still the leader of both Real Madrid and Croatia. Despite being in good shape, there’s a chance that Luka will hang up his national shirt at the end of this Nations League season.

Yet unless he sustains an injury, he’ll continue to lead Croatia as its captain through 2023. This is a plus, because everyone seems to perform better when he is among the starting eleven.

Thankfully, Croatia doesn’t have to rely on Modrić the entire game. Players like Kovai and Majer are more than capable of contributing much to the team’s success. Plus, with Brozovi anchoring the line of the midfield, the team has a good chance of scoring.

Who Will Win the Semi-Finals

If Croatia wants to win, luck will have to be on their side like it was in their last World Cup group stage game against Belgium. Despite their lack of depth, they can win the championship if they face Italy in the finals. Spain will be more difficult to overcome, but it is still feasible.

However, in a match against the Netherlands, the latter is more likely to win. The Netherlands has a far stronger team overall, and their star players are in excellent shape. Plus, they came close to defeating Argentina in the World Cup. Argentina later defeated Croatia (3-0) in the World Cup quarterfinals.

Spain Vs. Italy

Spain and Italy meet in the second UEFA Nations League semifinal. The event is set to begin on June 15 at 11.45 a.m. PST. This is another legendary matchup between two of Europe’s top teams. In this match, the stakes aren’t as high as they used to be. Yet, there’s no doubt that either team will give anything less than their best.

Spain Vs. Italy

There have been 39 head-to-head encounters between these two. With 12 victories against Italy’s 11 and 16 draws, Spain has fared marginally better. As a fun fact, these two teams had already met in the Nations League, with Spain coming out on top. Let’s look at each team’s strengths and weaknesses before making a prediction on how the match will likely turn out.


If you’re an avid football fan, you might already know that the golden generation bagged three major titles for Spain. They won the 2012 European Championship, the 2008 European Championship, and the 2010 World Cup. Furthermore, they were the best team in the world at the time, and they deserved to sweep all three championships.

Yet, since then, we can’t really argue that Spanish football has been all that excellent. Yes, they were the runners-up for the first UEFA Nations League season. However, this was after eight years of international catastrophes.

Thankfully, the Spanish national team’s future is secure with players like Ansu Fati, Pedri, Gavi, and Pino. Pau Torres and Dani Olmo are some of the top-tier players on the team.

When it comes to midfielders, Spain is again among the world’s finest. Unfortunately, they have consistent problems in the attacking third of the pitch. They have two fantastic wingers in Ferran Torres and Ansu Fati, but no true No. 9. That’s something that might affect them in their game versus Italy and might prove to be the deciding factor.


There is no doubt that, after yet another humiliating loss, the Italian national team must prove its worth. Remember that this is Italy’s second straight World Cup in which they did not make the cut. Even though they triumphed at Euro 2020, their fans are still reeling from the humiliation of losing to North Macedonia.

As legendary members of the group eventually go, fresh faces will take the spotlight. We’re talking specifically about individuals like Barella and Chiesa. However, the recent Serie A incident is likely to have shaken some of the top players.

After losing 15 points for false accounting and other financial problems, Juventus fell to ninth place. The club was found guilty of boosting “capital gains” by artificially inflating player valuations during transactions.

Psychological wounds are inevitable after experiencing such a shocking change in circumstances. The main concern is whether or not Chiesa and the other players will be able to fully recover before June.


Taking everything into consideration, we think Italy has a good chance of winning. This might not happen in their match against Spain. We think they will instead make it to the finals and play against the winner of the match between Croatia and the Netherlands.

In the championship game, we predict that Italy will have an easier time against the Netherlands than against Croatia. That’s because they have a poor record against their neighbors. So, if they go against Croatia, there’s a higher chance of Luka Modrić and Vatreni winning than Italy.

What You Should Know About the Nations League Football

Line-up for 2020/21 UEFA Nations League announced<br/> — AGONAsport.com

The UEFA felt that there wasn’t enough high-level competition for players at the national level. As a result, they established the UEFA Nations League. This event served as a replacement for many “friendly” matches that were not played for any sort of competitive purpose.

The UEFA Nations League’s current format consists of four leagues, or divisions, of which three feature 16 teams each. Its last division has seven teams. Groups of four teams each are created from Leagues A, B, and C. League D has two groups, one with four teams and the other with three. 

Teams are assigned to a league based on the UEFA’s ranking system and their performance in the competition from the previous season. In the 2022–23 season, clubs played both home and away games against their group opponents in June and September 2022.

The Nations League Groups

As already mentioned, the 55 selections are grouped into four leagues: A, B, C, and D, based on their performances. 

League A

Based on the UEFA coefficient, League A is made up of the sixteen best countries in Europe. Below is a rundown of the teams in each of the four groups and which ones emerged victorious to compete in the finals.

First Group: Austria, France, Croatia, Denmark

In the group stage, Croatia emerged as the winner with 13 goals. Denmark followed close behind with 12 goals. France and Austria had 5 and 4 goals, respectively. 

Second Group: Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain

Spain won with 11 goals. Portugal had 10 goals, Switzerland had 9, and the Czech Republic had 4 goals.

Third Group: Hungary, England, Germany, Italy

With 11 goals, Italy won the group stage. Hungary came in second with 10 goals. Germany had 7, and England has 3. 

Fourth Group: Wales, Poland, the Netherlands, and Belgium

The Netherlands has 16 goals, placing them at the top. Belgium came next with 10 goals. Poland scored 7 goals, and Wales has just one goal.  

The UEFA Nations League Football Finals

In June of 2023, the champions of League A’s four divisions will square off in the finals of the Nations League. The finals of the UEFA Nations League will span five days, with the semi-finals happening on June 14 and 15. Then, the third-place match and championship will be held on June 18, 2023, three days after the second semifinal.

An open draw was used to select the pairings for the semifinals. Furthermore, the finals will use the goal-line and video assistant referee (VAR) systems in all their games. 

Here’s another important thing to note about 

  • If the scores are tied at the end of normal time in the semifinals and final, the teams will play minutes of overtime. However, if the score is still tied after 120 minutes of play, a penalty shootout will be held to determine the victor.
  • For the third-place match, instead of playing extra time, a penalty shootout will decide the winner.

How to Bet on the UEFA Nations League

The UEFA’s Nations League has garnered attention, so there are tons of online sportsbooks like Bet999 that offer odds for its events. If you’re interested in making the most of these predictions, you can bet on these events. Below are the steps to follow:

Find an Excellent Betting Site

Before placing bets, it’s important to choose your betting site wisely. Check if the operator has a license, as this determines if their services are legal. If they are regulated, ensure that they have competitive odds for the UEFA Nations League. The higher the odds, the more you gain if your bet wins. 


Once you’ve found a site that meets your requirement, you need to create an account, This entails visiting the platform, selecting the signup option, and filling out the necessary details. 

Make a Deposit

After a successful registration, head to the cashier and select the deposit option. Choose the payment method you want to use and enter the amount you want. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction. Your funds should reflect in your gambling account within a short time. 

Place Your Bets

You can now bet on the UEFA Nations League. To do this, visit the sports section and select “Football.” Choose the UEFA Nations League, pick your markets, and confirm your bet. Some bookmakers offer free bets after registration. Ensure you take advantage of this opportunity.

Final Thoughts: Which Team Will Win the UEFA Nations League?

Italy played quite well in their last group games and deservedly advanced to the championship round. They’ll try again to win the Nations League after losing the previous final. By doing this, they will be crowned both the European and Nations League champions. 

However, the Netherlands, Spain, and Croatia all present formidable competition. For instance, the Dutch squad cruised to a group victory, topping Belgium twice to claim first place. After the semi-final pairings are determined, we’ll have a clearer notion of who has a shot at taking home the trophy.

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