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Winning in online casinos is not a myth, as many would think, because of the many losses recorded in the industry. Random number generators are at the core of casino games except for the live dealer titles, which are the closest to real life. However, you can take a few steps to limit your losses and give yourself enough leeway to win.

Most online gambling tips boil down to understanding the game, whether it is more of a game of chance or skill. Fortunately, most online casinos offer demo modes for their games, which is enough to get you started. Learn them as much as possible before dropping real money as bets.

This online casino guide has a few tips to help you minimize your losses. That will increase your chances of winning online casino games. So, pay attention to the following the next time you hop on an online casino:

1. Making a Game Plan

It is one thing to make a plan and another to stick to it, especially when the wins are not coming. A random number generator controls online casino games. You must understand that there’s very little we can do against chance.

Select online casino games and include a mix of those that rely on chance and those that depend on skill. That will give you some settling ground on both ends and balance the risk. You can also set expectations, but keep them realistic. Shattered expectations are not good.

Your plan should include the losses you will take and a time limit. Know how much you can lose and go on with it. In addition, allocate time to your online gambling sessions and stick with them.

2. Look for Smaller Jackpots

Online casino games have different styles and themes, but the jackpots are unmistakable. Their payout potential stands out among many genres, especially those that cost millions. However, they should not be your focus as a beginner.

Getting smaller jackpots is essential in our casino guide. These small wins can grow your bankroll and are often less demanding. That means you can spend the little money in your budget and still walk away with some cash.

Find an online casino game with a minor jackpot. Fortunately, there’ll be several of them on gaming sites. Play the demo until you have a good grasp of the gameplay.

Then, drop a few bets to trigger the jackpot feature. While there is no guarantee that you’ll win, the cost is small enough to reduce the losses. Also, winning will bump your bankroll considerably since it is still a jackpot online casino game.

Best Sites for Playing Online Slots

Getting the best online bitcoin casino for your slot gaming needs is easy. Some sites are above others in the casino bonuses that they offer. They go above and beyond to give new players deposit bonuses that are valuable, even with a small deposit.

These sites have the perfect slot games to get you on winning ways. Notwithstanding, you can explore their length and breadth for more casino games during your sessions. Get bonus offers to boost your bankroll and run wild on their online casino games.

3. Make Smaller Bets and set a budget for the day

Bet what you can afford

Rewards, including bonus offers, can tempt you into placing bigger bets on the casino games as you start. However, given your relative inexperience with the terrain, that move will be a recipe for heavy losses. Start with smaller bets and build your confidence from there.

The key is to stretch out your playing time for as long as possible. That means placing smaller bets on online casino games until you understand their ins and outs. Also, always have a budget for the day.

Your budget will keep you from courting heavy losses as you start, even with casino bonuses. Use as little as possible, except for the online gambling site that demands specific bets on their bonus offers. The wins will be smaller, but they’ll become more substantial as they add up over time.

Set a daily budget and make small bets. Let this approach be on your mind anytime you approach an online casino game.

4. Play the Short Odds, Not the Long Odds

Long odds will yield higher payouts if they occur. However, they have a lower probability of occurring than short odds. You want to pick the latter when placing your bets on the events.

Short odds are even or smaller—maybe below 2.0 in the decimal format. Bookmakers often assign them to the outcomes most likely to happen. That balances the other outcome.

Let’s take the outright winner in a football match, for example. The team with the highest chance of winning in terms of superior performance will have short odds. On the other hand, the team less likely to win will have long odds.

5. Don’t Bet on the House Edge

Some players think they can win the house edge if they play long enough. You’ll send your bankroll up in flames if you follow this pattern. Online casinos carefully calculate the house edge to ensure they never lose in the long run.

You’ll never win against the house edge, regardless of how much you have to spend in the casino. It’ll be better if you leave out the house edge in any winning strategy you come up with. That’ll do you good and keep your bankroll alive to pursue other games.

The house edge is especially noticeable in live dealer casino games like roulette, blackjack, etc. Focus on what you know and leave that aspect to online casinos.

6. Learn How to Gamble Online Efficiently

It’ll go a long way if you see online gambling as entertainment. Ditch the thought of playing casino games as a means of livelihood. You’ll be disappointed or even depressed when the wins elude you.

All the tips in this guide ensure you bet efficiently, from time management to playing strategies. Set time limits before you load any casino game. Also, work with a budget throughout your gaming sessions.

Learn the games with free gameplay before you move to real-money wagers. That’ll bump up your experience as you progress to more complex ones. Begin your gaming sessions with a plan. Have a win-and-loss limit in mind and stick to it. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the games that online casinos throw at you.

7. Only Play Outside Bets in Roulette

Roulette wheel

It is easy to look at the inside bets in live roulette because of the high payout potential. However, online casinos place higher payouts on the numbers because they have a lower chance of occurring after the wheel spins. Placing huge bets on them will be a recipe for heavy losses.

The outside bets have lesser payouts but are more likely to occur. For example, betting on even numbers gives you the best chance to win. Moreover, the numbers, except for the zero, are distributed between the odd and even ones.

With enough casino chips, you can spread your wagers across different sections. Only proceed to the inner bets once you have won enough to lose a little. This simple strategy requires patience to turn the little wins into something substantial.

8. Drinking Almost Guarantees A Loss

Avoid drinking while playing

Never load online casino games if you’re so drunk. You want to keep your casino gambling device far from you during those moments. There’s no guarantee that you’ll make reasonable decisions.

Drinks can play with our heads, and there’s a reason why we are advised never to drink and drive. If you play online casino games while drunk, you could lose all your money immediately.

Forget the thought that it’ll make you fearless. You’ll end up taking more risks than you should with your bets. Moreover, you’ll most likely regret your actions when you retain yourself. The idea might sound nice, but don’t attempt it. Remember, you want to preserve your bankroll for as long as possible. Rash and uncalculated decisions are not the way to go.

9. The Only Good Betting System Is No Betting System

Sometimes, sitting back and letting luck do its thing is good. It is easy to get overwhelmed by betting strategies and lose sight of the fun and entertaining side of online casinos. Moreover, no winning strategy can guarantee 100% success.

Get down to the basics of playing by understanding and exercising discipline. Pushing excessively for wins with betting systems can become counterintuitive in online casinos. Explore online casinos and enjoy the games as they roll in.

10. Use Time Management and Money Management Systems

You could bring in a few online gambling strategies based on money management. They’ll guide you on splitting your bankroll to have enough playing time. Moreover, the more bets you have, the greater your chances of winning.

Martinelli and Paroli are popular casino money management techniques. Use them if you need a structure to manage your wagers without going overboard. They are simple to understand and apply to any casino game.

Time management is one of the best things you can do for yourself in online casinos. Set a timer for yourself, regardless of how exciting the casino game is. You’ll thank yourself later for not getting lost in action.

Some online casinos offer tools like time limits and timeouts. Engage them to ensure your online casino gaming doesn’t lose track. Discipline should be on your mind constantly, especially when playing in highly entertaining online casinos.

11. Play Free Games Before Playing for Money

We’ll never have a complete guide without mentioning free online casino games. You’ve probably seen it mentioned a few times in the previous sections. That is because it is crucial to play the demo versions before you play casino games for money.

It’s all about learning the ropes of the gameplay and features. Experienced players will be fine with driving in with their money. They know their A from their B, even though it might not be the same title.

Take your time to start making money from the games. If anything, approach the games as sources of entertainment. That’ll make playing the free versions fun even when you don’t profit from them. Learn as much as you can and play as long as possible. Moreover, there’s no time when you should only play three rounds.

12. When Playing Slots, Pick Cheap Entertaining Games

Pokie Machine

Slot machines can bring massive rewards, but you’ll deal with complex gameplay. That won’t pose a challenge to experienced players. On the other hand, beginners will have a hard time grasping the intricate details.

Fortunately, online casinos host less complicated slot machines. They are still entertaining, but the payout might differ from what you envision. Play them and gain momentum instead of shoving them away because of the smaller wins.

Little wins add up in online casinos, especially if you are disciplined enough. One win here and another one there, and you’ll swim in a substantial bankroll before you know it. Pick the games you think are cheap and make the most of them.

13. Avoid Shady and blacklist Sites

Don’t we all want the best deposit bonuses? You’ll look at a site and think it is the best online casino because of the bonus offers it offers players. However, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Shady online casinos are fond of rolling out enticing and out-of-the-ordinary deals. It’s easy for players to fall for them, especially when looking for good value for money. Before registering or sending money to any online casino, check for licensing and regulation.

Blacklisted sites will not have any verifiable licenses. They might attempt to cover it up with cryptocurrency support. Regardless, stand your ground and insist on seeing a casino gaming license before you register.

That will spare you the trouble of dealing with deleted or non-existent payments. The few minutes it takes to run a background check on the license could save your bankroll.

14. Be Prepared to Split in Blackjack

Blackjack strategy

Live blackjack is not the same as the table variant. If you prefer the real-time gameplay to the computer-controlled version, get ready to split. Both versions require splitting under certain conditions to avoid a loss.

We know that the highest hand a player can get in blackjack is 20. Aces and eights are the typical cards you might split to eliminate your chances of shooting beyond 20. It is a common strategy that beginners should pay more attention to. Always remember this principle whenever you receive two aces or eights. Split them and acquire more cards on each hand.

15. Know What a Skill Stop Slot Game Is

We are familiar with slot machines in most online casinos. They are controlled by a random number generator and rely on chance. However, there is a variant that puts the winning power in the hands of the players.

A skill-stop slot machine lets players stop the reels with a click. It has become popular in online casinos because it gives players a better chance of winning. If you are skilled enough, you can stop the reels when there is a winning combination.

Find online casinos that offer this game and practice with free bets. Mastery might take a while, but you’ll improve with each reel spin.

16. Don’t Get Too Excited and Avoid Gambler’s Fallacy

Some casino titles, especially the progressive jackpots, could turn average players into millionaires. Also, some players do get lucky and win such titles. The problem is when you think you can do it and pour your life savings into online gambling.

Winning million-dollar jackpots only happens sometimes. Hence, it is unwise to throw your bankroll at them. A few tries, and you should back off for the day. Don’t let a winning streak get to your head. Bettors tend to bet more after a winning streak, only to lose everything in a single wager. So, grab your winnings early and call it a day.

Do you remember the previous section on creating a budget and sticking to it? Stick to your budget regardless of how much you get in a day. You can drop a few bets that won’t result in an outright loss if they don’t play out.

17. Try Out Free Games Before Playing for Real Money

Getting into the best casino is one thing, but winning is another. Knowledge is the best approach to raking in wins in the best online casino games. You’ll know the strategies that work and the ones that don’t.

Free casino titles offer players, especially the new ones, the opportunity to learn and become experts without spending a dime. You can push your bankroll to one side and use the free bets in the casino game.

Play until you have a good command of the gameplay and any tricks involved. Then, you can slowly integrate real-money betting into your sessions. Diving straight in with real-money wagers will not do you any good.


How do you pick a winning slot machine?

The first step is to look at the ones with the highest RTP. Then, you can trim your options by selecting those with manageable variances. You can also read reviews to determine which ones are easiest to win.

What online casinos have the best chance of winning?

Get online casinos with provably fair random number generators. You can look for endorsements, certifications, and positive reviews.

What happens when you win at a casino?

Online casinos will send the winnings to your account, ready for withdrawal. However, if you played with a bonus deal, they might send the wins to your bonus account.

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