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Move-to-earn crypto projects have gained much traction over the past few years. Many individuals today are out of shape due to their busy schedules and lack of free time. Move-to-earn crypto projects have been created to reverse this trend by providing users with incentives to start exercising again. 

This year alone, there has been a large influx of people starting their move-to-earn journey with the STEPN crypto project. Nevertheless, not everyone has had a positive experience. Fortunately, a better move-to-earn cryptocurrency, FightOut, was released, and it has the potential to become the best move-to-earn cryptocurrency for 2023. 

Why does the crypto community think FGHT is a better investment than STEPN? Keep reading to find out. 

What is STEPN? 

STEPN works like every other app that keeps track of your activities, but unlike most fitness apps, it gives users rewards for their hard work. It gamifies fitness by offering a chance to earn cash rewards under the right circumstances. 

This move-to-earn crypto platform appeals to an already-existing group of exercise enthusiasts to get more people to adopt healthier lifestyles. Furthermore, STEPn’s whitepaper claims that this provides an entry point for those who are yet to dabble in the world of cryptocurrency.

How STEPN Work

STEPN functions like every other fitness tracking app, except that it offers rewards for your efforts. Before heading out to run or jog, you need to open up the app and select Solo Mode. The app makes use of GPS to track your movement, so you need to take your workout outdoors. 

The next thing is to select a digital trainer suited to your workout level. Ensure you select the right trainers, as you won’t earn a reward if your pace is outside the designated activity range. 

STEPN’s in-game currency is called Green Satishi Token (GST), which can be earned when you workout. The app is designed to detect natural motion, and as such, you can’t ride an e-scooter to increase your points. 

Users can earn as much as they want since a workout session is dependent on their energy. The amount of digital sneakers you have depends on your level of energy. One pair of sneakers equals two energy bars, meaning you can only workout for 10 minutes. As long as you are able to work out and earn money, you should have no trouble buying more sneakers. 

In addition, having sneakers that are both rare and unique will give you more energy. This will, in turn, boost your ability to earn more money. There are various categories of sneakers that include common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Each of these sneaker types has its own unique compensation. 

What is FightOut?

The year 2022 ended on a high note with the launch of a beautifully conceived move-to-earn cryptocurrency known as FightOut. This crypto platform shattered all presale records within the first few days, attracting a massive audience of people interested in fitness and financial gain

FightOut was designed to be a welcoming hub for the fitness gaming community. This brand new, innovative M2E ecosystem aims to help its users be the best athletes in the world. All this is to be done following a well-thought-out approach involving challenges, casino gambling, stat training, sports betting, and in-person perks. 

How Fight Out ($FGHT) work

STEPN relies on a smartphone pedometer that tracks and awards users for their activity. However, the app had low stickiness because of its monotonous reward structure, which failed to excite users. 

On the other hand, the creators of FightOut have developed a cutting-edge system that can track any kind of physical activity. The blockchain-powered system uses the data recorded by the in-built inertial measurement unit on your phone to track users. 

The data is then incorporated into a more comprehensive system that monitors and incentivizes each of the activities. Your time spent dancing on a Friday night counts just as much as your time spent lifting weights.  

What is FightOut

Since all activities are tracked and rewarded automatically, this allows FightOut to keep tabs on a user’s fitness development. Users are given $REPS tokens as a reward for their efforts, and this boosts the user’s in-app stat. 

The user’s metrics reflect their development into an elite athlete in real time. Ultimately, this feeds into a secondary play-2-earn ecosystem built on top of move-to-earn (M2E) technology, gamifying the user’s exercise routine. 

Users of FightOut compete against one another in workout challenges, tournaments, and mini-games with high stakes $FGHT prizes. Players make use of soulbound NFT characters in tournaments. If an NFT is soulbound, it can’t be transferred to another user, serving as the owner’s permanent record of achievements. 

This is a breakaway from the M2E technology that has costly barriers to entry, like the $2,000 for sneaker minting. Since the soulbound avatar requires no initial investment, your financial success depends on your efforts. 

How to Get Started With FightOut

Those interested in purchasing $FGHT during the project’s ongoing presale stage can do so on their website. We’ve provided instructions you can follow to get started:

Set up the wallet

The first step to take before buying $FGHT is to ensure your crypto wallet is set up and ready. You can create your wallet using one of the numerous available digital wallets online. Do your research on each one before registering. 

You also have the option to create a wallet on the FightOut webpage. This wallet is affiliated with their partner Web3Auth. 

Connect the wallet

When the wallet is installed, visit Fight Out’s presale page and click on the “Buy FGHT Now” button. You’ll be asked to select your preferred digital wallet. 

Payment for the $FGHT token can be done using cryptocurrency or directly with a debit or credit card. If you are using the crypto method, you’ll need to purchase crypto tokens like ETH, BNB, or USDT. Digital coins like these can be acquired from trusted brokers or crypto exchanges. 

Buy $FGHT tokens and Confirm

Proceed to make your purchase with your preferred method of payment. Enter the number of tokens you wish to acquire and click on “Buy Now.” The wallet provider will ask you to confirm the purchase. When the transaction is complete, the amount of $FGHT tokens you bought will be sent to your wallet. 

Bonuses are available to users who opt for more extended vesting periods. They can activate a bonus clause of up to 42% for 36 months. The minimum vesting period is zero months. 

Get Affiliate Link

As soon as the $FGHT token enters your wallet, you can generate a referral link. This link can earn you 5% USDT when you invite a friend to invest in the project. 

Claim Tokens

When all is done and confirmed, you can now claim your token based on the vesting period you chose. Keep in mind that the Token Generation Event (TGE) will take place on April 5. So, people who chose the zero-month vesting period can claim their token on that day. 

What does the $FGHT token do?

Users who attain certain milestones are rewarded with $REPS tokens that can be traded on the platform for $FGHT tokens. In-app purchases like NFT esports items available in the FightOut marketplace can be bought with these tokens. 

Also, FightOut is prepared to unleash a fitness revolution for a generation burdened by unhealthy lifestyles. It’s able to host high-stakes tournaments for $REPS because it has created a community ecosystem.

Fight Out Referral Program 

With the release of FightOut, the FightOut team has unveiled a profitable referral promo link program. A user can earn a 5% commission on new signups from this feature. 

To earn the 5% for referring a friend, here are the things you should do:

  • Visit the FightOut homepage
  • Link an active crypto wallet
  • Click the referral link button 
  • At this point, a custom referral link is created for you, which can be used to earn rewards. 

You can forward the link to your friends or post it on your social media platform. For every $FGHT token sold, you’ll receive 5% of the total transaction fee. 

Fight Out $5.4m Presale Heads For CEX Launch

FightOut’s unique product has the potential to disrupt the M2E industry. Thus, it’s a surprise that the $FGHT presale has witnessed skyrocketing financing, with over $54 million invested in only three weeks. 

The token’s value increases by 10% every week to incentivize early purchases. Also, the listings on the CEX are expected to commence at a substantial premium over the next couple of weeks. As of the date this article was written, $FGHT is trading at $0.02850, and its expected exchange listing price is $0.0333.

In the presale, early backers can buy $FGHT with either fiat currency or USDT. $FGHT is expected to be listed on the following platforms:

  • LBank
  • BKEX
  • Changelly Pro
  • BitForex
  • DigiFinex
  • Uniswap


FGHT is clearly superior to STEPN as an investment because it provides significantly more opportunities for exercise and earnings. It also doesn’t require users to buy costly NFTs to participate. 

Most importantly, it has a higher chance of achieving value growth within the next year. Users can improve their physical appearance, health, and financial stability with the right decision to purchase $FGHT. 

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