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It’s not an easy task to play roulette. When it comes to making massive winnings at online casinos, you’ll constantly be searching for fresh approaches to roulette. We acknowledge that there aren’t any perfect tactics yet, but with a strategy that offers you a 90 percent likelihood of winning on a roulette spin, you continue to stand a good chance of scooping those big time. This is the point at which the 24+8 Roulette Strategy becomes applicable.

Currently, even with modest bankrolls, the 24+8 roulette system will be your best bet for winning at the roulette wheel.

Are you prepared to discover the best advice and methods for wowing your pals with when playing roulette? Then, allow us to assist you in improving and becoming more knowledgeable with a roulette strategy you can depend on at key moments throughout your gaming sessions.

How the 24+8 Roulette System Works

The 24 + 8 Roulette Strategy | Complete Bet999 Guide

Players must make numerous simultaneous wagers while using the 24+8 roulette system. Divide the wheel into three dozens, ten dollars must be wagered each on the first and second dozen of your choice. We can then wager $1 on ten of those numbers in the third Dozens portion that remains open. After these bets, what we are left with is the zero and two numbers yet to be accounted for. Our chances of victory are about 92% since 34 out of 37 potential results have been covered.

What transpires in the event that the 24+8 roulette system is not successful in winning a round? In that case, we use the Martingale betting method. In other words, if we lose, we just double our wager, and if we win, we return to the base stake. With this illustration below, you can see the manner in which the bets appear.

24+8 System

From the image above, you’ll discover that we placed $10 bets on the first and third dozen (1–12 and 25–36, respectively). After that, we bet $1 on numbers 13 all the way to 24. We didn’t place any wagers on the 0, 22, and 25 slots as we hope on luck for any of them not to appear. 

We can therefore expect one of these three possible outcomes to occur once we have wagered our thirty dollars. They are:

  • One of the Dozens bets wins: There’s a 65% chance that one of the Dozens bets will win; this is practically a push. You would have a $30 gain, but since you also lost $30 in betting, you would have had no profit or loss.

  • One of the bet on the straight-up hits: There is a 27% chance of this happening, and a $6 net gain would follow.

  • None of our numbers win: There’s an 8% chance that none of our numbers will win, meaning you’ll lose $30.

Let’s quickly examine what applying the 24+8 roulette system over five imaginary rounds might entail.

  • SPINS 1: One of our dozen bets is successful. A push is the outcome of this.

  • SPINS 2: We receive a $6 gain when one of our straight-up numbers is entered.

  • SPINS 3: We win again on one of our dozen wagers with no profit or loss. We have gained $6 more.

  • SPINS 4: With a straight-up wager, we come out on top and profit $6. Now, we have gained a total of $12.

  • SPINS 5: We lose $30 and are left with a total of $18 because none of our bets are successful. In line with the Martingale system, you would have to double your bets for the following round if you wished to keep playing.

Pitfalls of the 24+8 Roulette System

Cons of the 24+8 Roulette System

If you employ the principle of multiplying your wager by 2 after a loss, your bankroll will probably be rapidly depleted, and doubling won’t make up the entirety of your losses. A stalemate could also occur if your bankroll is depleted to the point where there is insufficient funds for the doubled wager. The issue of betting restrictions is another.

Over an extended period, even in the absence of multiplying the wager by 2, the loss will surpass the profit.

Is the 24 + 8 Strategy Effective in Roulette?

The 24 + 8 Roulette system, like any other roulette strategy, is not without its detractors, but there aren’t many better options if you’re searching for a reliable method that lowers your risks and better your roulette odds and probability of winning.

This low-risk technique should be suitable for gamers seeking for a grinder’s approach, even though there is a chance that you could lose your investment if the ball lands on any of the uncovered pots.

Since the middle dozen is where the profit is to be found, the ball must land on your selected 10 numbers for this technique to be effective. In the event that the ball lands in the first or last dozen, your wager will be deemed unsuccessful. A push, though, is always preferable to a loss!

Does the 24 + 8 System Exist and Is It Legal in Casinos?

Absolutely! Whether playing roulette online or in a physical casino, you can apply any traditional roulette betting strategy. Since there is never a certainty of winning while utilizing a specific betting strategy, this will never be regarded as cheating.

According to the version of the game you are playing, loss will only occur about 10% of the total time. The important thing here is to prevent losing.

There’s always a risk you may become really unfortunate and watch those low percentages turn into a losing streak, it’s roulette, it’s a game of chance.

Principal Learnings from the 24 + 8 Roulette System

Principal Learnings from the 24 + 8 Roulette System

Are you trying to find a consistent, zero-risk betting roulette strategy? In that case, the 24+8 Roulette System might be just what’s needed.

With the hope that it will fail no more than 10% of the time, this method entails taking a 30 unit risk. Even though little gains are possible, they can add up over the course of a profitable roulette session.

You can use the Martingale Strategy by doubling your bets to get back on schedule if you’re not fortunate enough to come out on top in the first five spins. But this is definitely a grinding tactic, since pushes are anticipated to come from the majority of spins.

But don’t allow that deter you! This strategy’s secret is to regularly place straight-up bets on the middle numbers, which is where the profit resides.

Try out the roulette strategy right now at one of our best roulette games. You might even be able to make money using this successful roulette method at Bet999.

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Payouts for Roulette

Roulette Odds and Payouts – Understand Your Chances for Different Bets

The 24 + 8 strategy offers good rewards and is a roulette strategy that works well with European roulette.

  • Straight-up single-number wagers return 35:1.

  • Payout for split numbers is 17:1.

  • The payout in street roulette (three-number) wager is 11:1.

  • Corner bets (four number) reward 8:1.

  • Roulette payoff for five-number bets is 6:1.

  • Bets on six numbers pay 5:1.

  • Any wager with 12 numbers pays 2:1 (columns & dozens).

  • Bets with eighteen numbers pay off at a ratio of 1:1. (odd, high, low, even, black, red, and even-money bets)

Winning a straight-up wager on any number in roulette has the greatest payout of 35:1 per round. Even-money wagers yield 47% instead of an exact 50/50 payout.

More Methods for Roulette

More Roulette Strategy to use

Not everyone will benefit from the 24+8 roulette strategy. These other roulette techniques can be tested if you’ve already tried the 24+8 and you don’t think they sound good, or are just curious about what else is out there to try your hands on, have a look at our best roulette strategies you can make use of.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale roulette strategy is widely recognized and frequently employed. It’s straightforward and simple to understand: just keep betting on losing games until you win back every cent you lost plus your original stake. 


This is also known as the reverse Martingale or anti-martingale. Following a win, the plan is to double up and continue doing so for three successive victories before starting over. This approach, like all others, has advantages and disadvantages.


This roulette strategy, like the 24+8 roulette strategy, focuses on steadily increasing your profit. The idea behind the D’Alembert is that you gradually turn a profit by increasing your stake on even money wagers by a single unit when you lose and decreasing it by a single unit when you win.


Two methods were used to test the 24+8 roulette system. We attempted 24+8 without the Martingale system and did it with it. Our cash steadily but gradually running out was maybe the most evident similarity. A feature of the Martingale system is those sharp declines that were seen in the initial experiment. Furthermore, keep in mind that the Martingale method should only be applied to even-money wagers. Unlike straight-up roulette bets, it is not intended to be utilized with long shots.

It was observed that the bankroll swings were less pronounced when the Martingale system was taken out of the 24+8 system. Nevertheless, the unavoidable decreasing tendency cannot be ignored. In the long run, it seems that both of our 24+8 system implementations are doomed to failure. However, there were brief instances of minor gains in both versions. Therefore, 24+8 can be advantageous if applied seldom. Just don’t give it too much of a chance, because it will probably end poorly. We invite you to play around with this system on Bet999 as you try out a free game of roulette.

24+8 Roulette Strategy FAQ

The 24+8 Roulette Strategy: What Is It?

In order to cover all 33 numbers on the roulette wheel, players using the 24+8 Roulette Strategy lay straight-up and outside bets. This is a low-risk betting technique. This approach reduces the possibility of losing money while covering a sizable chunk of the wheel. It is frequently employed by gamers that favor a grinding strategy.

How do I know the 24+8 Roulette Strategy is effective?

Regarded as a low-risk tactic, the 24+8 Roulette Strategy may assist players reduce the amount they lose while gradually raising their probabilities of winning modest sums of money. It is predicated on concentrating on the center dozen, which is where the earnings are, and covering a sizable chunk of the wheel. Ideal for use in the game of lightning roulette as well.

What are other roulette strategies that I can use while playing online roulette?

When playing roulette online, there are numerous tactics at your disposal. The Fibonacci, Paroli, D’Alembert, Martingale, and Labouchere systems are a few well-known examples among others.

Which casino games are the greatest for utilizing the 24-8 Roulette Strategy?

If you want to test out the 24+8 Roulette Strategy at Bet999, have a look at our selection of the greatest casino games and select anyone to tryout this strategy.

What is the maximum amount that may be won when playing roulette?

The kind of wager placed and the casino-imposed table limitations are two of the variables that affect the greatest possible win in a roulette game. With a 35 to 1 chances reward, correctly predicting precisely which number the ball will arrive on in roulette yields the most payment.

How can I be certain that games of roulette are genuine?

Random number generators that have been approved and audited guarantee that every spin in respectable roulette games, both online and offline, is entirely random and fair. In order to maintain fair play and openness, licensed casinos are subject to stringent rules and frequent audits. A fair and secure gaming experience can be ensured by doing your homework and selecting a trustworthy bitcoin casino with a current license.

How can I win when playing roulette?

Roulette is a game of pure chance, and as the results are completely random, there is no surefire strategy to play the game and win large every time. To improve your chances of succeeding, you can utilize several tactics. Select the appropriate roulette game, be aware of the roulette odds, employ betting techniques, stay within your means, and gain plenty of experience.

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