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Pragmatic Play is one of the software developers out there with a genuine passion for understudying and producing exactly what the gamers require. Although the firm also produces a lot of fruit-themed video games, it seems to balance out that their Sweet Bonanza style games are likely the largest tooth-rotters in their library. In the meantime, this is a new online slot machine called Sugar Rush that has a candy theme. Although pragmatic play Sugar Rush slot uses multipliers in a similar way to Sweet Bonanza, it does so in a different method.

The aesthetics of the two games are comparable, although it is understandable since, regardless of who is using the paintbrush, if a firm chooses a slot with a candy theme, they tend to appear very similar. It denotes a land loaded with sweets wherein the whole thing in view resembles something that can be consumed.

The slot machine features a high amount of volatility despite the icing and gummy bears, with an overall return to player of 96.5%. This amount remains the same regardless of whether you play the game regularly, betting 20 cent to $100 every spin, or if you purchase the free spins bonus round, which can be accessed on any device.

The clustering payment mechanism is used in the sweety action to create wins on a 7×7 grid. A winning combo requires a minimum of five matching symbols and must be associated with each other in either a horizontal or vertical manner. The tumble feature is activated by wins. A five-symbol cluster with three gummy bears is worth 0.2โ€“0.3 times the bet; a cluster with four candies is valued 0.4โ€“1 times the bet. At their largest, winning clusters of 15 or more identical symbols pay out 20โ€“30 times the original wager for the bears and 40โ€“150 times the original wager for the other types of candies.

Features of the Sugar Rush slot machine

Sweet and Sugary Fun with Sugar Rush Slot

A well-known developer of online casino games, Pragmatic Play is the maker of the vibrant and sweet-themed slot machine game Sugar Rush. There isn’t a progressive jackpot available right now. If there are at least five candies of the same type that are matched and connected by succeeding columns and rows, you win.

In the Sugar Rush slot from Pragmatic Play game, the greater the number of sweets you capture, the bigger the payout. In order to increase payouts, it is possible to match several candies on each spin.

The winning symbols also disappear after a successful match as part of the tumble element, bringing new ones down from above. From a single spin, it can produce more profitable combinations. Additionally, it may increase your chances of landing the multiplier spots feature, which has the potential to 10x your wins. Multipliers can be increased by up to 128 times by explosions inside the exact same cell.

The Free Spins bonus, which awards up to 10, 12, 15, 20, and 30 free additional spins, is activated by gathering somewhere between 3 and 7 scatter signs. Because of this, Sugar Rush Slot is the greatest delight for slot enthusiasts looking for large rewards and more exciting gaming. It makes sense given that the highest winning sequence can increase your payout by up to 5,000x your wager.

Theme and Storyline

To grasp what the slot machine is about, one need just glance at the title. The backing reels of an excessively pink Candyland are devoted to the 24-hour creation of jellies and candies to maintain the winning streaks. Even a small amount of these candies will provide you with a significant sugar rush and gaming buzz. Sugar Rush, although its adorable candy-themed exterior, nevertheless has a serious side, as evidenced by the slot’s numerous bonus features and unique symbols.

Tumble Feature

Let’s begin with tumbles since they are a foundational element of Sugar Rush. They operate in such a way that when a winning cluster occurs, the tumble mechanic removes the associated symbols, and the spaces are filled by symbols that are falling from above. The method is repeated until no fresh wins arise if the tumbling action produces a new cluster.

Multiplier Spots Feature

When a winning symbol is eliminated from the grid, its location is highlighted. A multiplier is added to a highlighted area if a winning sign has been eliminated from it. A multiplier starts out at x2 and doubles every time winning symbols are subtracted from its top layer up to 128 times. Multipliers are applied to all wins that fall on top of them. When there are several multipliers, their values are combined before they are applied to any winnings that would otherwise be on top of them. Multipliers are removed from the board in the fundamental game in between rewarded spins.

Free spins

During the tumbling phase in the base game, getting 7, 6, 5, 4, or 3 scatter symbols yields 30, 20, 15, 12, or 10 free spins, accordingly. Free spins are characterised by the fact that the areas highlighted and their multipliers remain on the reels until the conclusion of the bonus round, allowing for continuous value increase. When 7, 6, 5, 4, or 3 scatters appear, the feature can be extended and an extra 30, 20, 15, 12, or 10 free spins will be given, correspondingly.

Symbols and Paytable for Sugar Rush slot

There are 3 low paying symbols; Gummy bears in the colors of orange, purple, and red among the entire set of 8 symbols. Additionally, there are four deluxe signs: orange, purple, and green candies, and lollipop. The scatter symbol, which can occur on any reel in addition to these standard symbols, is also included. The lollipop candy is the greatest rewarding symbol, paying out 1x to 150x+ for clusters of 1x to 150x.

The pragmatic play slot’s paytable can be found in the table below:

SymbolMatch 56789101112131415+
Orange Gummy0.20x0.25x0.3x0.4x0.5x1x1.5x2x5x10x20x
Purple Gummy0.25x0.3x0.4x0.5x0.75x1.25x2x3x6x12x25x
Red Gummy0.3x0.4x0.5x0.75x1x1.5x2.5x3.5x8x15x30x
Green Gummy0.4x0.5x0.75x1x1.25x2x3x5x10x20x40x
Purple Jellybean0.5x0.75x1x1.25x1.5x3x4.5x10x20x40x60x
Orange Heart0.75x1x1.25x1.5x2x4x6x12.5x30x60x100x
Pink Ball1x1.5x1.75x2x2.5x5x7.5x15x35x70x150x

Free Spins and Bonus Features

When three, four, five, six, or seven scatter signs occur anywhere on the playing field, the Sugar Rush bonus game begins. The quantity of free spins the player receives is determined on how many there are: 10 free spins are awarded for 3 scatters, 12 for 4, 15 for 5, 20 for 6, and 30 for 7. The gameplay in the bonus round is essentially identical to that of the normal spins. A “but” does exist, though. Multipliers that occur in cells during a free-spins round do not vanish after each spin; rather, they stay put until the bonus round is through. If more than one multiplier is present in a given combination, they are added before the coefficient and the total multiplier are applied to the wager. Additionally, extra free spins will be added when scatters reappear on the playing field: 3 scatters result in 10 free spins, 4 scatters in 12 spins, 5 scatters in 15 spins, 6 scatters in 20, and 7 scatters in 30 spins.

Players can purchase a bonus game for x100 bets before the scatters on the playing field start to appear. Following a purchase, between 3 and 7 scatters (the exact number is determined at random) will show up, initiating the free spins feature.

Bet Sizes, RTP and Variance

The first step is to configure your bet parameters using the “+” and “-” icons. Select your “Bet Level” (1 to 10) along with your “Coin Value” and “Total Bet Size” (the least bets begin at $0.20 and go all the way up to $100).

The estimated return on investment for Sugar Rush is 96.50%, which is significantly higher than the 96% typical for the industry. In the course of time, this means you may anticipate receiving 96.50 coins back for every 100 coins you risk.

Remember that RTPs are determined after millions of hands have been played in the game. So, even while stopping the game after a little gaming session could not produce the same results as those stated in the RTP, the possibility of doing better or worse is exactly what makes slots so thrilling.

A high volatility mathematical theory used in Sugar Rush suggests that winless streaks occur frequently. However, even during brief runs, playing slots with a high level of volatility increases your chances of striking significant wins. So, if you like taking chances, the slot machine might provide you enormous rewards, including the top jackpot of 5000 times your bet.

Sugar Rush: Slot Verdict


The mixture of fruits that would be created if Sweet Bonanza, Fruit Party, and Fruit Party 2 were blended together would probably resemble Sugar Rush slot. The predecessor’s sweet aesthetics are combined with some gameplay elements from the Fruit Party series in the Sugar Rush slots. Since wild multipliers may or could not emerge in the spaces left by winning clusters, Fruit Party features were more unpredictable. In Sugar Rush slot, there is more structure, thus there are indicated spots where you can see what might (or might not) happen next.

So, part of the uncertainty is reduced, and while multipliers can increase in the basic game, they have an advantage during free spins because they are visible throughout the duration of the feature. In Sugar Rush, having a juicy number of multipliers double in value is similar to how satisfying it feels to get into a nice flow. The maximum win in Sugar Rush, like many other games Pragmatic Play publishes around this period, is 5,000 times the stake, just like its Fruit Party kin. But here’s where it might get tricky: Sugar Rush has a maximum win probability of 1 in 2.34 million, in contrast to Fruit Party 2’s 1 in 495,050 and Fruit Party’s slightly smaller 1 in 95,891. Those data could serve as important considerations for certain discriminating players, but they might not matter.

When Sugar Rush lands winning clusters on top of significant value multipliers on an appropriate day, thrills are certain to follow. However, it’s by no means simple to accomplish, and getting pelted with jelly beans isn’t very enjoyable. If you’re worried about it, there are games with higher maximum win frequencies, but overall, Sugar Rush should be sweet enough to quench your need for this kind of game.

Sugar Rush Slot FAQs

What is Sugar Rush’s Return to Player?

The the elite Sugar Rush RTP is slightly above average at 96.5%. RTP ranges can be adjustable with this release, though.

How volatile is the Sugar Rush slot?

This Pragmatic Play game has strong volatility and receives a rating of 5 out of 5 on the volatility index.

Can I earn actual cash gaming the Sugar Rush slot machine?

Yes, having a registered account with a reputable online casino like Bet999, you would be the only way to play Sugar Rush for real money and receive real earnings.

What is the biggest possible win someone can get?

In Sugar Rush, you have a chance of winning up to 5,000 times your initial investment with a threshold of 1 in 2,340,000.

The Multiplier Spots Feature: How Does It Operate?

Symbols eliminated by the tumble win mechanism leave a highlighted location in their place. If this occurs again, the multiplier spot doubles for each new win it contributes to, up to a maximum of x128.

Does Sugar Rush have a free spins mode?

Yes, you initially receive up to 30 free spins, and the multiplier positions and values do not reset during the bonus round.

Is Sugar Rush Slot available to play for free?

Yes, Sugar rush slot can be enjoyed for free in demo mode at any reputable casino that offers the game. Some platforms allows you to play without first creating an account with the platform while others require you create an account first. Whichever, you can get to play the delicious game for free.

Can Sugar Rush be played on a mobile device?

This slot machine is playable on any system and it is also mobile friendly.

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