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Despite the fact that one of the primary objectives in poker is to destabilize your opponent and compel them to make errors, there are some boundaries that ought not to be passed. These restrictions are a part of “poker etiquette,” a set of unspoken guidelines that most players are aware of and abide by.

In this article, we look more closely at what the term “slow roll” refers to and why it’s an issue as it falls into this category and is generally frowned upon by players.

One of the worst things a poker player might do at the table is slow roll, thus serious players always attempt to steer clear of it. These queries will be addressed, along with the reasons this play is seen negatively and why you should stay away from it.

What is Slow Rolling In Poker?

What is Slow Rolling In Poker?

In poker, a slow roll happens when the hand is about to go to showdown. One player reveals their hand, and the other player purposefully holds off on revealing a stronger hand in order to win the pot. At the game of poker, there are precise regulations regarding who reveals whose hand first. In the event that there was an aggressive behavior on the previous betting round, the final aggressor has to reveal first when called.

Assuming everyone checks on the final street, the initial person to take action has to display his or her cards ahead of their other participants. It is customary for the opponent to immediately reveal their dominant hand if the initial person to show displays a hand that is weaker than their’s. It is considered a slow roll when the person with a stronger hand watches, examines their cards again, exclaiming phrases such as, “You’re good,” “Nice hand,” or rather appears unhappy upon discovering the other player’s hand, only to reveal a superior one later.

Let’s examine this scenario:

  • In a game of No-Limit Texas Hold’em, there are just two individuals left, and we are at the river.
  • Board: No flush is feasible for AK733.
  • Player A bets and player B calls. When player A displays AK, player B examines the hand, puts their cards face down, and comments, “Nice hand,” but after a short while, flips over J3, adding, “But not quite as good as mine.” This is a typical example of slow rolling in poker. Even without the remarks or phrases, this is going to be a slow roll.

There are instances where a person may not even be considered slow-rolls while others might. There are many situations where it is difficult to discern what your opponent is holding down. When a straight or flush is possible on the gaming table and your opponent displays two cards that are nearly identical to the straight cards or two cards that share the same color as the flush suit, it may take a moment to determine whether or not they possess the hand.

It’s not a slow roll if you take a moment to double-check that you have the winning hand before revealing your cards if you have poor vision or are simply having trouble spotting what your rival has. However, if you deliberately take your time while recognizing you have the winning hand, this is the moment you are entering the realm of the poker slow roll.

Slow Roll Poker Goes Against Etiquette

Casino Etiquette: Trouble with the Slow Roll in Poker

In many ways, poker and golf are similar; therefore, several high stakes poker professionals like to gamble both on the links and the felt. Both games demand concentration, forethought, and accuracy. Although both sports have a physical component (golf more so than poker), the top players in golf, likewise the best poker players will tell you that planning and practicing are the keys to success.

Similar to golf, there are numerous explicit and implicit rules governing poker’s conduct during play. There are several actions that are against rules as well, such as angle shooting and string betting. A slow roll in poker is not forbidden by the rules, nevertheless, it is unquestionably improper. Apart from cheating and violently attacking someone, many players believe it to be the worst possible behavior at a table.

Is Slow Rolling Illegal and Against the Poker Rules?

Is Slow Rolling Illegal and Against the Rules?

The key argument slow rollers will use to support their behavior is that there is nowhere in the official regulations that forbids the practice of slow rolling against their rivals. It is also difficult to refute this because there is no restriction on how long a player may wait before revealing his cards.

Additionally, this indicates that casinos won’t have a set policy for punishing slow rollers. Nevertheless, subject to the casino and its arrangement, some casino managers could be hesitant to grant you a position at the poker table if you are a known slow roller. This is due to the fact that they want everyone else to have a good time and keep coming back to the casino, which they may not achieve if they play against a person who bothers them.

You have no control over how poker or casino administrators operate their games; they are allowed to do as they choose. This is yet another factor that makes slow rolling detrimental to the participants.

What Makes Slow Rolling Bad in Poker?

The fact that an individual who is slow rolling offers his rival false optimism that he can win the hand is one of the key arguments why slow rolling is negative and is regarded as an infringement of poker etiquette.

You ought not to waste your time when you have the strongest poker hand because it will be like applying pepper to an open sore. And you are taking up the time of everyone on top of that. Considering you participate in a private games in which the host selects the participants; if you do this too frequently, you may not be accepted again. This signifies that there are only drawbacks to deciding to use this type of play.

What to Do If You Are Slow Rolled

What to Do If You Are Slow Rolled

The wisest course of action is typically to take the high road if you discover yourself on the wrong side of a slow roll. Most likely, an individual is playing a slow game with you with the goal of getting under your skin and throw you off guard. Hence, the best course of action is usually to simply say “nice hand” and continue.

However, keep it in mind for the subsequent time you are on the river with a strong poker hand in the hand rankingsand the same individual goes all-in. Hope you are aware of the saying regarding paybacks?😉

How To Avoid Accidental Slow Rolls

In poker, not every issue seems as clear as black and white, and we all occasionally make mistakes.

However, you should make an effort to prevent even a mistaken slow roll by keeping in mind:

  • Whenever it is your time to play, trash your hand or flip over your cards.
  • If you are confident that you have the superior hand, reveal your hand first, except there is an excellent explanation as to why not.
  • When an opponent declares “you’ve got it” or a phrase similar to those, be respectful and reveal your hand.

Both arithmetic and ranges are important in live poker, as well as good interpersonal skills. In the long run, being pleasant and polite will probably pay off in a variety of manners than you can anticipate if you’re just beginning. In the end, you do not wish to be that person at the table that everyone avoids playing with because he is so annoying.

Being viewed as an unreasonable person won’t increase your win percentage or make you any friends, that much is certain.

What Separates Slow Playing from Slow Rolling?

In fact, slow playing has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of time you wait to act, and it may happen anytime, even during the river. When you slowly play, you essentially perform a passive action with a really good hand, like checking or calling. In contrast, quick play calls for you to raise, place a straddle or bet with a particularly potent hand.

What to Do If You See Someone Getting Slow Rolled

It’s actually advisable to remain silent and avoid reacting if you observe someone else become a victim to a slow roll. You never know, the two players may have a past and a custom of slow rolling one another. As a matter of fact, it’s best to consider how you may benefit from the scenario over the course of the next few hands while keeping in mind that the slow-rolled player might be angry.

How Can Poker Players Avoid Slow Rolling?

Slow Roll in Poker: Why And How To Avoid Slow Rolling

Someone can avoid slow rolling by doing a number of things, and a majority of them are predicated on the idea that you ought not to roll with your winning cards facing down when you are holding the strongest hand.

The following tips can help you keep from slow-rolling other poker participants as a poker beginner:

  • When it is your turn to play and there are no more bets, instantly expose the cards you have.
  • In the event that you are the final individual to act and you believe you have the strongest hand, call the all-in right away.
  • Verify your cards thoroughly to make sure you don’t unintentionally slow play your rival.

This being said, if you accidently play slow-roll poker against an opponent, don’t be afraid to apologize in person to avoid any ill feelings in subsequent games.

A few instances of slow rolling in poker

We have chosen to give some instances to assist you see how slow rolling actually functions in order to help you comprehend the idea of slow rolling more thoroughly.

Case 1

Player X possesses As Ad

Player Y possesses Ac Kd

Everybody folds to Player Y in the big blind after he makes an opening bet from the under the gun, and he decides to 3-bet. As soon as Player X 4-bets, Player Y pushes all in. The action then shifts back to Player X. Player X tanks then pauses for 30 seconds prior to calling. This is a perfect illustration of slow rolling in poker since Player X holds the best preflop hand and is the final person to act while facing an all-in, he ought to be snap-calling Player Y’s all-in in this scenario. 

Case 2

Player A holds Ac 6c

Player B holds Kd Qd

Player A makes an opening wager from the CO, Player B places a 3bet from the BTN, UTG and HJ fold, SB and BB fold, and Player A makes a call.

Player A checks, Player B bets a third of the pot, and Player A raises all-in after the flop lands as Ad 5d 6d.

Prior to making a call, Player B waits a minute.

There is no need to wait a minute prior to making a call in this scenario because Player B holds the best hand on the board, the ace high flush.

Live Poker Slow Rolling vs. Online Poker Slow Rolling

Live vs. Online Slow Rolling

It’s also crucial to realize that whether you’re engaging in live games or online poker, the impressions and repercussions of slow rolling are going to be different.

Live Poker: Slow Rolling

Without a doubt, slow rolling in live poker is far worse for everyone involved, including the person doing the slow rolling and the  person being slow rolled.

In live games, slow rolling nearly usually occurs on purpose, which is the fundamental explanation for this. Live players only play one hand at a time, so they are never distracted by other tables like online grinders who play several hands at once.

Another factor that makes slow rolling more worse in live poker is the fact that you are one on one with the guy you are slow rolling, increasing the likelihood that he along with other participants at the table will reprimand you or engage in an argument.

The third argument for slow rolling is that it can limit the amount of games you can participate in in the future. It might become an issue if you’re limited to only few games.

Online Poker: Slow Rolling

We must first establish that slow rolling occurs frequently in online poker because many players mistakenly believe that it only occurs in live games. To put it another way, slow rolling online is far more forgiving.

Since the majority of online poker players play many tables concurrently, their focus is divided among several hands, which may cause them to hesitate before calling with a strong hand.

Online poker is also a virtual game, therefore the majority of participants won’t take slow rolling seriously because they don’t know each other. In the event they did, though, all they could do was leave you a note in the chat.

Additionally, there is little risk that you will be banned from future games, which is another explanation why slow rolling is more tolerant when playing online games.

Is It Ever Acceptable to Slow Roll?

Is It Ever Acceptable to Slow Roll?

On rare occasions, it may even be appropriate to slow roll an individual. However, we would completely avoid slow rolling until you have a sense for understanding table behavior as it doesn’t better your odds at poker. Here are several scenarios where it’s acceptable to think about a slow roll:

  • You possess a strong hand on the river against the person who has just slow-rolled at the table.
  • It’s customary to slow roll the nuts when you’re playing with a bunch of buddies.
  • Someone else on the team has been annoying and rude towards other players. If you slow roll such a player, be prepared for a fight.

Conclusion on Slow Rolling in Poker

It's never pleasing to be a slow roller

In spite of the fact that it is not strictly against the law, slow roll in poker is not recommended wether you play live or online at a casino such as Bet999. By offering them false hope, it frustrates other players and, if you keep doing it to other people, it can seriously damage your reputation.

If you’re playing with close friends like in a home game and teasing each other occasionally, it might be acceptable to occasionally make slow rolls, but you ought to refrain from doing it on a regular basis because it won’t help anything.

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