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In both physical and virtual casinos, slots are among the most often played games and they mostly take the lion’s share of all the available casino games. You shouldn’t just sit down at the first slot machine you see in a casino without at least learning the basics of how the games work. 

Players may better understand their odds of winning by looking at the percentage payout. However, where can one go to learn such a figure for slot machines?

It might be difficult to determine the slot machine’s payout percentage. This is due to the fact that most gambling establishments conceal this information from players. However, with some simple math, you can determine the payout percentage.

Your odds of winning at a slot machine may be improved if you are familiar with its payout percentage. Continue reading to gain an understanding of slots’ payout percentage and schedule.

Slot Volatility: How frequently a machine pays out

Understanding slot volatility is essential for playing slots. Players who take the time to learn about slot volatility will have a far better grasp of their odds of winning and the mechanics behind slot payouts.

Volatility in slot games is also referred to as a risk element in slot machines. It specifies how often and how much money a player may anticipate winning from a slot machine. It is sometimes used with the RTP rate (Return to Player), which measures how much of a player’s initial wager will be returned to them over time.

Types of Slot Volatility

Here are the five types of slot volatility you may encounter:

High Volatility

High-variance slot machines come with the most risk, but they also guarantee some of the biggest winnings. This degree of volatility is not recommended for players with a limited bankroll. 

Players who enjoy high-volatility games might expect fewer instances of a winning combination in their play. You’ll likely need a sizeable bankroll and a lot of spins before you score a winning combination at one of these games.

Players with a larger bankroll should play the higher volatility slot machines. These types of players have a great possibility of earning large sums and have a tendency to be cautious.

Medium-High Volatility

Slots with medium to high volatility are the most played. These slots are more like high-variance games than medium-volatility ones because of the enormous payouts and frequent wins they provide. These slot machines may be fun to play since they provide the possibility of longer winning streaks.

Medium Volatility

Slot machines with medium volatility fall somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, high and low. Slot players who like this degree of volatility are not afraid of taking chances. However, they are wary about playing for long periods with no tangible payoff.

Slot winnings in games with medium variance tend to be quite small but can occasionally reach a substantial amount.

Low-Medium Volatility

If you’re looking for a more secure wager, stick to slot machines with lower to medium volatility. They pay out large amounts less frequently but more frequently for smaller amounts. 

Despite this, many people find that these games are entertaining. If you know how to budget your time and money, you may have a great time with these machines for quite some time.

Low Volatility

Slot machines with low volatility levels usually pay out very little sums. If the volatility is low, there’s a chance of a win after every couple of spins. These often give a little boost to players’ starting funds. 

Many gamers lose hope after a string of spins that yield no winnings. If this describes you, then you should play games with low volatility.

How to Know a Slot Game’s Volatility

Some providers save players the hassle of figuring out the volatility of slot games by providing the information directly. This information is often seen in the slot machine’s paytable alongside the RTP.

Developers typically provide a “Help” menu that expands upon the set, volatility, etc. Providers in the gaming industry typically describe their games using one of three volatility levels: high, medium, or low. In some cases, players may need to visit the game provider’s site.

What is a Slot Machine Payout Schedule?

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Regular slot players may have pondered the question of whether or not the machines adhere to a predetermined payout schedule. While many gaming communities might say it’s not, it just takes a bit of effort to get it.

In addition, since slot machine outcomes are decided by a Random Number Generator (RNG), most players believe the result can never be anticipated. Random number generators (RNGs) are sophisticated mathematical algorithms that employ a seed number to generate millions of sequences.

RNGs are “nearly” impossible to predict due to how randomly they operate. The seed number used to produce the sequences of numbers should also be kept secret. The games are random and fair since they use unknown random values for each spin.

Nonetheless, you might plot out the game’s payout frequency since we are still working with numerical data. When gambling slots, there always exists a chance to win the big prize. You may still win money from slot machines even if you haven’t struck the jackpot. 

The payout schedule is crucial in this situation. It is typical in papers like theoretical hold worksheets that detail the machine’s specifications like:

  • A theoretical percentage representing the minimum acceptable return from a slot machine.
  • The range of payouts is often presented as a multiplier of the line bet rather than a series of monetary values.
  • Settings for the reels and other game elements.
  • The odds of winning.
  • The limits of the bets that are allowed.
  • Sometimes, approval from a national gaming authority is required for a particular slot machine game.

A slot machine’s payout schedule can be used as a reference point when choosing a game to play. Additionally, it can direct your game plan, improving your odds of hitting it big.

For instance, playing one, two, or three coins on every spin is an option in traditional three-reel slot machines. If you look at the payout table, you’ll see that adding another cent or two can dramatically increase the highest reward. 

The progressive jackpot on some slot machines is not reached unless the highest possible bet is made. The only way to maximize your winnings in a game is to consult its payment schedule.

What is the Payout Percentage?

How often does a slot machine pay out? | Slots |

The term “payout percentage” refers to the rate at which money lost on wagers is returned to the bettor after a specified period of time. For example, with a slot with a 95% payout, a player may expect to win $95 in the long run for every $100 wagered.

Just like many other casino games, to calculate the payment percentage, you’ll need access to many pieces of information. The payoff percentages for each slot machine are displayed on the screen before a game is played. In this way, players can easily see the payouts of each machine and make an informed decision.

You need to know how often it is to win on that machine in order to calculate the payout percentage. Additionally, you should be aware of the financial stakes.

How to Determine a Slot Machine’s Payout Percentage

It’s not always simple to determine a slot machine’s payout percentage. This is because the majority of casinos do not make the details readily accessible to players.

If you’re willing to put in the necessary time and work, you can figure out the percentage payment on your own. Many slot machine players are content just to have a good time, while others are curious about the potential payouts at the machine they’re using. Keep reading to find out more about how to determine the slot machine’s payout percentage.

Research is Important

In many cases, all you need is a little bit of research to get the answers you seek and feel confident in your choices. The process for calculating the proportion of winnings you may expect from a slot machine is much the same.

When it comes to the games and services they offer, casinos must disclose their revenue and expenses over time. If you can get this data, it will be useful in determining the typical payouts at the casinos you want to visit.

Since the sole obligation is accurate data reporting, the casino can choose how often to generate the report (monthly, yearly, etc.). While casinos often publish this data periodically, it may not be as accessible as you’d want.

To ascertain the payout percentage for each slot machine, you might need to further analyze the data. This is due to the fact that the return percentage will change based on various factors.

The Provider’s Site

Slot machine payout percentages may also be available on the manufacturer’s website. Many developers provide slot machines’ average RTPs.

The purpose of this publicity is, of course, to get casino owners to buy slot machines from them. With this information, gambling establishments may buy a wide range of machines boasting consistent payout rates from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The payout percentages of the slot machines in your favorite casino may be easily researched by identifying the machine’s manufacturer. It’s often listed in the slot machine’s description, where it’s easily accessible.

The Slot Game

The payout percentage and the probabilities of winning are typically shown on the machine’s display. That’s because those casinos’ owners think openness is more likely to entice and retain players.

While this is an excellent approach to learning the payout percentages, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the percentage can be changed. After making a purchase, casinos often tinker with the machine’s statistics to their liking.

They can adjust the typical payout percentage of their slot machines up or down to meet their demands. The issue is that a machine’s default state makes it difficult to determine whether or not it has been modified.

How is the Payout Schedule Linked to the Payout Percentage?

You can easily understand how a slot machine with a higher payout percentage might work in your favor. The more money in the jackpot, the less often the slot machine will pay out. This implies that the 80-200 coin payout will occur less frequently on a slot machine with a jackpot of more than $5,000 since more money will be going into the jackpot pot.

In addition, after deductions for things like taxes, fees, and the house share, the winners will split the remaining jackpot money according to the distribution schedule. Therefore, the grand winner will receive the largest share of the prize money. However, the second winner will earn a smaller part (maybe 30%), the third winner will receive 20% or less, and so on.

That’s why it’s so important to consider important factors like these when deciding on a slot machine payout schedule for your gaming session:

  • The slot machine’s jackpot
  • How it will be paid out (in installments or all at once)
  • Any applicable taxes. 

You should always verify the slot machine payout schedule before playing any slot game in a land-based or online casino. You may now enjoy the thrill of slot machine gaming without breaking the bank and increase your chances of coming out ahead. 

Before placing a wager, you may get a good idea of whether or not a game is worth it by looking at its payment schedule. You need to be aware of how it could lead to a variety of positive results. To increase the likelihood of winning the jackpot, it is recommended to play slot machines with the highest bet.


In conclusion, it’s wise to remember that every kind of gambling carries the potential for monetary loss and perhaps addiction. If, on the other hand, you enjoy spinning the reels at your local casino’s slot machines or at an online casino such as Bet999, you might be curious about the games’ respective payout percentages.

If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, there are a number of techniques to determine the percentages. There are better approaches, but in the end, you should pick the one you feel most at ease with.

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