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Not only does Las Vegas offer you the best of gambling entertainment, (just like you will find at an online casino), the Sin City’s Craigslist is well known for providing consumers with a huge selection of goods. Visitors can purchase everything directly from sellers, including cars and furniture. Moreover, the platform features high-quality casino jobs that meet the legal requirements for online gambling in the US.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that not everything listed on the platform is what you’ll typically expect. Some individuals are selling exceedingly unique and bizarre items. To provide you with a better understanding of Craigslist Las Vegas, we have handpicked the most unusual items available on the website.

Free Dirt

Are you in search of free dirt? As part of our exploration of the peculiar listings on Craigslist, we stumbled upon an enthusiastic seller in Las Vegas, NV. They are generously giving away 20 loads of dirt to anyone interested.

The ad even includes pictures of the dirt and various transportation options to make it easier for potential buyers. Although initially unusual, it’s pleasantly surprising that the seller isn’t aiming to profit from something as basic as dirt. To explore this intriguing listing, visit the full ad on Craigslist.

The Mystery Machine

Aside from offering some of the best poker rooms, Craigslist Las Vegas offers a unique opportunity to purchase a unique vehicle: the Mystery Machine. While it’s essentially a repainted 2005 Chevy cargo van, the eye-catching paint job transforms it into a real attention-grabber, according to the seller.

They made a light-hearted remark like, “You’ll need to start carrying an ice chipper around to scrape the girls off your bike.” This van shouldn’t have a problem with that because it has plenty of room for tools.”

In addition to ample space for tools, this van has enough room to store Scooby snacks. This feature makes it a quirky and intriguing choice for those who want to stand out on the road.

Stone Sofas

Imagine something even more awkward than an aluminum chair designed to look like a toaster. That’s right, a stone sofa. Surprisingly, it’s weatherproof, which means you’ll never stress over spills or stains—it cleans itself when it rains!

However, potential buyers were forewarned. They’d need to handle the daunting task of moving this behemoth themselves, as it’s incredibly heavy, possibly weighing as much as two tons.

Avocado Car

Avocado Car : r/WeirdWheels

Craigslist LV shared an intriguing story about an avocado-themed car in New York City that delivered sandwiches to hungry customers. This unique vehicle was constructed on a Fiat chassis and boasts a custom design. While its avocado exterior seems surprisingly unspoiled, it’s worth noting that one of its headlights appears to have seen better days.

The seller casually stated their desire to sell the car quickly, explaining that they needed money to buy a 2014 Kiwi. This intriguing listing serves as a testament to the diverse and quirky finds one can come across on Craigslist LV.

Skunk Pelt Purses

If you’re searching for oddly designed purses and bags, this listing is ideal. In Las Vegas Craigslist, there’s a listing featuring a special Skunk pelt purse with a price tag of approximately $90. It’s worth noting that the original listing for this item was removed a while ago.

To keep it available and in demand, a new user has subsequently uploaded again the listing with related photographs. While it may not be the most practical way to spend $90, owning this item will undoubtedly add a unique and intriguing piece to your collection.

Nail Clip Costume

While most people would find it rather unappealing to trim their nails in public, one individual appears to have missed the memo on the social taboo. They decided to dress up as a giant nail clipper. This costume, primarily constructed from cardboard and foil, comes with a candid disclaimer from its creator.

The creator openly admits that this costume won’t win any costume contests and jokingly suggests it may not attract many women. In fact, they anticipate reactions like, “What are you? What gave you the idea? You’re dumb.”

However, the seller playfully urges potential buyers to “come and take it.” They admit to dedicating too much time to creating this silliness and offer it as a reward for anyone willing to accept it. The advertisement adds a touch of humor to an otherwise unusual listing on Craigslist.

Talking Master P Doll

If some items on the list so far haven’t surprised you, perhaps this one will.

A Craigslist post in Las Vegas featured images of this unique doll. It’s worth noting that the doll is a bit worn and no longer comes with its hat and microphone. Additionally, the doll’s voice box doesn’t function as it once did.

The seller mentioned that the doll now emits a buzzing sound when you attempt to make it speak. The seller has volunteered for a meeting to finish the sale if you have an interest in buying the doll.

Minion Car

If you just got your driver’s license and want an eye-catching car, the Minions car could be a great choice. The listing features a 1970 Honda N600 customized exclusively in “Minions Style,” complete with a Minion-themed windshield including the iconic Minion eyes. It’s important to note that the ad clarifies that the windshield design is merely a cover and doesn’t obstruct visibility while driving the vehicle.

While priced at $7,500, this Minions-themed car might appeal to dedicated fans of the Minions and their movies. The listing being removed hints that it might have been sold. Currently, this Minions-style car could be a unique find.

Used and Old Perfumes

Surprisingly, we’ve come across Craigslist Las Vegas ads where individuals are selling different items, such as vintage or used perfumes, at considerably high prices. You can appreciate classic and elegant scents, but it’s strange to pay $60 to $90 for fragrances. In such cases, their quality and authenticity remain unknown.

Nonetheless, we speculate that collectors with a particular fondness for these scents might express a strong interest in such listings. They may be willing to pay the requested prices for their favorite fragrances, even if they’re remnants of their former selves.

Elf on a Shelf

In an even stranger turn of events, a rather peculiar ad surfaced on Las Vegas Craigslist. What follows, however, is truly mind-boggling! Instead of a mere toy or inanimate object, the listing introduces a living man donning an elf costume.

This prospective employee comes with some rather lofty expectations. He offers his services for a hefty fee of $100 per hour, allowing him to sit anywhere you designate. He maintains an unwavering, eerie silence while staring at your guests throughout the entire duration.

Additionally, this man surprisingly doubles as a babysitter and a private investigator, suggesting he possesses a diverse range of skills and talents.

Slot Machines

Slot machine - Wikipedia

It may not come as a complete shock, but Craigslist features listings for fully operational gambling machines. A significant portion of these machines are vintage and have undergone refurbishment. Just like those you’ll find in a casino, these slot games offer similar attributes 

In fact, you can find a substantial selection of these slot machines on the platform. This is particularly true if you’re looking for slot machines that have a variety of themes.

Interestingly, some buyers have managed to find unique items like a roulette wheel for sale. Additionally, searches on the platform have yielded discoveries such as furniture and card tables directly from official casinos situated on the Las Vegas Strip.

Wedding Ring

Las Vegas is undeniably a place where people may find themselves in financial straits. The presence of numerous gambling resorts can sometimes lead to irresponsible spending. Consequently, if you explore pawn shops and peruse Craigslist, you will likely come across valuable items like gold.

For instance, one seller posted an ad for his mother’s wedding ring. Unfortunately, the post didn’t provide the complete backstory, leaving it unclear whether he had proper authorization from his mother to sell the ring.

When purchasing jewelry in Las Vegas, exercise caution since stolen items have been sold before. If this happens, you’ll need to return the item, so ensure you know its origin before buying.

Weird Furniture

Look nowhere else than the Craigslist of Las Vegas, Nevada if you’re searching for distinctive and special furnishings. In just a matter of minutes, we uncovered a multitude of advertisements showcasing rare tables, chairs, and couches. One particularly intriguing listing featured a vintage pool table that could make a stylish addition to any home. 

Among the other unusual offers we stumbled upon were an old mattress, exclusive vintage tables, and a chair shaped like a camel. Talking about camels, are you aware that Las Vegas has a rule banning camel riding on public roads? It’s just one of the many quirky laws in Nevada that might surprise you. 

If you’re curious to explore more about the furniture options, why not take a look at our favorite listing on Craigslist Las Vegas? The site offers plenty of extravagant choices. We genuinely hope you discover the perfect piece of furniture that complements your home’s style and aligns with your preferences.


If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect sailboat adventure, you might find it on Craigslist Las Vegas. Intriguing, right?

This listing features an individual selling their grandfather’s old sailboat, and the best part is they’re not asking for any money; it’s free. You must remove it from their pool without damage, and the sailboat isn’t in great shape. It lacks a sail and trailer, so you’ll need to fix it to make it seaworthy and transport it. 

However, if you’ve always dreamed of sailing and possess the skills to retrieve the boat, the price makes it an enticing opportunity.

Vases and Unique Souvenirs 

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas Craigslist is a hub for selling peculiar souvenirs and household items. Among our most captivating discoveries are a vintage vaquero sculpture, unusually shaped candle holders, and an array of extravagant lamps. 

These items suit various budgets and can enhance your home decor with captivating touches. Yet, it’s crucial to emphasize caution as not all Craigslist listings guarantee authenticity or quality.

So, if you want something truly unique, carefully check the ad and gather more details about the item before contacting the seller. This will help ensure you make a satisfying and informed purchase.

Rice-Making Robot

Rice Robotics - The friendliest robots at your service

Craigslist Las Vegas is a treasure trove of the most bizarre and unusual items for sale, and here’s another addition to our list.

Among the many high-tech rice makers available, one innovative individual took it further by inventing a rice-making robot. The peculiarity of this gadget is the way it uncannily complies with social media instructions.

“You transmit a tweet to the robot, and it makes rice accordingly,” the intriguingly worded advertisement claimed. When the rice is all set, it will even tweet you back. There’s no information available about whether there’s a Facebook-compatible version of this unusual invention.

Geo Tracker BATMobile

Geotrackers were never renowned for their impressive speed, which adds an extra layer of absurdity to this Craigslist ad. The seller proudly mentioned that it took a lot of time and effort—over a year—to make this car. They expressed that no payment could truly compensate for the immense dedication and labor that went into its production.

What makes this listing even more weird is the attention to detail, particularly the gas tank adorned with the proclamation “BAT GAS ONLY.” This playful detail enhances the overall absurdity of the Tracker Batmobile, highlighting the creative and unique discoveries possible on Craigslist.

Unusual Gigs

One significant benefit of Craigslist is its ability to facilitate connections between individuals within the same line of work, enabling the formation of professional relationships that might not have otherwise been feasible.

In Las Vegas Craigslist gigs, you’ll encounter diverse opportunities beyond the typical “we need a drummer for this event” posts. Currently, there’s a weird gig listing from a company seeking participants for online marketing research.

They dangle the enticing possibility of earning up to $500. Interestingly, they keep the company’s identity confidential, but the ad boldly suggests it’s related to Snapchat. Although weird, Craigslist can connect individuals with a wide range of job prospects, including some intriguing and potentially lucrative ones.

Wrap Up

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading our collection of unique Craigslist Las Vegas items. It’s funny, but true that these weird items are listed for sale. So, expert advice here: before making purchases on the site, ensure you check – and double-check – what you’re paying for.

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