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If you’ve played slots for a while or have simply been watching streamers play them online, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase RTP referenced numerous times. Even if you don’t understand what it actually implies, it is obvious that the RTP is a crucial component of any online slot game. In this post, we’ll cover all that you require to know regarding this topic, how it relates to slots, and how it may or may not affect the games you choose to play.

You could be asking yourself, “What is RTP in Slots, and what does it mean?” The normal amount of cash that online slots or casino games give out (or reimburse) to the player over an extended amount of time is referred to as the casino RTP. The house edge, which through mathematics denotes the game’s relative edge, has the opposite connotation to the casino RTP, which is given as a percentage.

Let’s take the famous Pragmatic Play slot, Sweet Bonanza as an example of casino RTP. With a 96.0% payback rate, we anticipate that the game will, on the median, give out $96.0 for each $100 that is played. It’s crucial that one bears in mind that the number of spins or rounds a game requires determines the return to player percentage. This means that you shouldn’t always count on earning $96.0 in earnings for every $100 you wager. You can have a bad streak of luck and lose all of it, or you might have a run of good fortune and make money.

Although it’s not a perfectly precise indicator, the return percentage for online slots is a great indicator of the amount a particular game is going to pay out. Although players are able to have a ton of fun with the potential to win big playing a game which has a lower RTP, if you play high RTP slots machines, this could make your money last longer.

What is an acceptable RTP for slots?

The typical payback proportion for a casino game is called return to player (RTP). For instance, a game with a 90% RTP returns approximately $90 for each $100 that is wagered on it altogether. What, therefore, is a good RTP for online casino slots? Even while people who choose engaging in free slots might find this information interesting, this question is particularly pertinent to gamers searching for the top real money slots when browsing a brick-and-mortar or online casino.

A slot’s RTP should be 96% or higher. Slot machine odds are typically worse than those of table games because players can spend small sums for the potential to win enormous jackpots. Table games should have an RTP of 98% or above, and some games, like blackjack, can go to as much as 99.8%. It will be difficult to discover a slot machine with odds that fantastic, but it is feasible to locate games with an average RTP of up to 98%.

Various types of Slots RTP

Slots and their RTPs: Various types available

It is difficult to set up RTP for a slot machine, and the more complex the game is, the more difficult it is to set slots RTP. When there are numerous features and paylines present, game creators must devise a strategy that ensures the game will ultimately pay out exactly the proportion predicted when everything is accomplished.

However, a slot machine is always structured to return the proportion of the entire amount of money that is inserted into it. A slot machine with a 98% RTP will ultimately return 98 per cent of all bets made over an unlimited number of spins, albeit the order of distribution of the RTP can change, as we will explore in a moment.

Slot developers frequently design slots with various RTPs. Three groups of slot machines are distinguished by their RTPs: those with High, Average, and Low RTP slots.

High RTP slot games

High RTP Slots | Best Slots with the Highest Payouts

Slot machines with a high RTP have an RTP from between 97% – 99% or more. With a return rate of 99%, Tower by B9 Originals is an outstanding instance of a game featuring a high RTP.

Average RTP slot games

They are slot machines that have a 94%–96% RTP rate. The average RTP slot machine Sweet Bonanza on Bet999, created by Pragmatic Play, has an RTP of 96%.

Low RTP slot games

These are video slots with an RTP of 90% to 93%. The jackpot bonus feature on the majority of low RTP slots has a reasonable payout range. The Belatra slot, Lazy Monkey at Bet999 online casino, is an illustration of a low RTP slot with 90.65%.

RTP in gambling: What Does It Mean?

Gambling and it's relationship with RTP

RTP, or return-to-player, refers to the portion of a slot machine’s total wagers that the machine, whether it be online or physical, delivers to the player as rewards.

The player payout, which is also occasionally used as another name, displays the successful bets’ percentage as compared to all bets.

As an illustration, a slot machine’s RTP is 97%. There is a chance that a player could win, potentially $0.97 for every game they wager a significant number of times with an identical bet of $1. The casino gets the remaining $0.03.

The ideal RTP, nonetheless, does not always match the real RTP. Numerous factors, such as volatility, hit frequency (the probability of succeeding on any given spin), bonus rate, the greatest win that can be obtained, and variance, affect your chances of succeeding when playing slots.

As a result, the offered payback percentage is a speculative indication of the amount that a gaming machine or casino will eventually pay out to a player. There is the idea of House Edge in addition to RTP. Let’s clarify the differences between the two since they are frequently mistaken.

The distinction amongst RTP and House Edge

The RTP, as we are previously aware, is the portion of a player’s wagers that the casino gives back to them in the way of profits for a specific game. In essence, the House Edge is a proportion of total wagers that the online casino gets or the player loses. This implies that, the House Edge will be 5% if the RTP for the given slot is, for instance, 95%. The phrase is a portion of the idiom “the house always wins,” which refers to the fact that, while players may occasionally succeed versus an online casino, over the long run, their wagers will always outweigh their winnings.

Let’s examine an instance where the player continuously receives a 95% victory in each game round. On an online slot machine with a 95% RTP, the player wagers $100, and they win $95. They bet this $95 in another round and receive their 95% of the stake back, or $90.25. In the end, the player gradually spends their starting budget while the casino keeps 5% of each wager.

However, the RTP for a given slot is typically set. If nothing else, a greater number looks nicer than a smaller number, so it makes more sense to present it as the upper percentile in that instance.

Offline RTP vs Online RTP

Because internet casinos operate at far cheaper expenses than traditional casinos, online slots offer a greater RTP than traditional slots. Because there is only a monthly game fee or a percentage of the income that is given to the game supplier, online slots are simpler to run and have reduced overhead costs.

Since internet casinos are not constrained by the size of the premises, there are dozens or even hundreds to thousands of casino games. A restricted amount of physical slot machines that need to be installed, periodically set up, repaired, and maintained can be found in an offline casino.

How to locate the slot RTP

Checking the game’s information is the simplest way to discover an online casino game’s RTP. The game’s info includes the RTP at the majority of top online casinos like Bet999. If it isn’t there, you may also Google the game’s title, which typically yields quite reliable outcomes.

However, the majority of online casinos are required to post percentages of payouts for all of their casino games due to the rules controlling the licensing of casinos on the internet. Therefore, if you want to learn how much each casino game will pay you back, one of the top online casinos must be your first port of call.

Online Slots vs. Brick-and-mortar based: Which Has a much Better RTP?

The majority of gamers who switch from playing at land-based or offline casinos to playing online slots quickly come to the conclusion that the latter pay out handsomely. The gaming business is riddled with myths and unfounded beliefs, but this is not one of those.

Regardless of whether it is exactly the same game, the majority of online slots offer a far higher RTP. The typical return on investment for offline slots ranges from 70% to 90%, with only a handful of games ever reaching beyond 92%. Online slots with RTPs between 94% and 95% are typically seen as less attractive, and several of the most recent titles have RTPs above 96%.

However, this certainly isn’t some underground plot. Due to restricted space, slot machines in physical locations are programmed to pay out less, thus offline casinos must generate more revenue from actual machines installed on their floors in order to cover costs and turn a profit on their investments.

In contrast, there are no physical limitations on the number of machines that can be played at any given moment in an online casino, which can feature hundreds or even thousands of them. They are able to provide games with substantially higher RTPs as a result.

Top 5 BGaming titles with high RTP

Top 5 BGaming Casino Games with great RTPs

The financial performance of the casino industry is affected by a variety of factors, including the rate of growth. The right game content, which is published to an online casino with a customized domain either by itself or by connection with a game aggregator, is one of the most crucial components. Listed below are a few examples of games with high RTP that encourage players to search out particular online casinos.:

Fruit Million

With a RTP of approximately 97.1%. Players are drawn in by Fruit Million’s spectacular 100 payout lines, stacked symbols, and extended wilds. The game additionally helps players optimize their profits with the gamble round and a variety of wraps for popular holidays including Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, as well as Oktoberfest.

Aztec Magic Bonanza

With a RTP of 96%. This Bonanza version of the game includes additional features including explosive stone physics and the Chance x2 function, which essentially prolong the spin and raises the possibility of big prizes. Additionally, players can increase their gains by up to 100x by using the multiplier found in the free spins round.

Elvis Frog in Vegas

With a RTP of 94%. Thanks to the Coin Respin feature, that is triggered in free spins with the Giant Symbol, the player feels joyous emotions as a result of the Mega, Major, or Mini Jackpot.

Aztec Magic Megaways

With a RTP of 97.93%. Instead of having 10 or 100 lines, a player can win prizes depending on 11,000 permutations. Notwithstanding that the idea of the Aztecs is widely recognised, this strategy propels the game into a novel and well-liked gaming niche.

Lucky Lady Moon

With a RTP of 96.84%. Lucky Lady Moon contains 5 reels, 3 rows, a wild multiplier that can double, the possibility of free spins with an x3 multiplier, and even more.

Best RTP casino slots at Bet999

Bet999 Casino: Best games with great RTPs

Choosing to play slots from the numerous available casino games collection at Bet999 online casino is on of the best decisions a slots enthusiast can make. These titles come with varying slots RTP and we’ve already explained in details what that means. However, to help players find better details of slots RTP, the casino publishes the figure on the thumbnails of the title. Just hoover your cursor on the title and you’ll find the slots RTP. If you’re satisfied with the displayed percentage, you can go ahead and try it out in free or demo mode to master the working principles of the slot. Afterwards, you can choose to play with real money.

High RTP slot machines are components of many casino games. Similarly, you’ll find lots of them when you register to play at the crypto friendly online casino. Some of the popular casino games with exceptional RTP to choose from are;

  • 3 Corsairs from Mascot with RTP of 99.58%
  • 243 Crystal Fruits Reserved from Tomhorn with RTP of 99.54%
  • Book of Cats from BGaming with RTP of 99.51%
  • 7 Monkeys from Pragmatic Play with RTP of 99.78%
  • Wild Booster from Pragmatic Play with RTP of 99.04%
  • Hope Diamond from Blueprint with RTP of 99.54%

Casino Games RTP FAQ

What will you call a decent RTP rate?

A typical online slot’s RTP rate is somewhere in the range of 96%. Games like Mega Joker stick out by providing an abnormally high rate, and anything beyond 96.5% is typically thought to have an enticing payout ratio. The finest RTP slots games are preferred by seasoned online casino players because they provide a greater possibility of victory within a session.

How do you calculate RTP?

The RTP is determined by dividing the player’s total earnings by their total stakes, then multiplying the result by 100% to obtain the RTP in percentage.

RTP= (Wins Sum/Bets Sum)x100%

What does a RTP of 80% mean?

With an RTP of 80%, this means that if you play slots for an hour and wager $100 throughout that time, you may anticipate having, on average, $80 at the end of the gaming session.

Is it better to play a higher RTP slot?

In broad terms, better long-term odds of winning are indicated by a higher RTP. Slot machines with a high RTP have a greater payout percentage than those with a low RTP, which translates to more regular and larger payouts. However, volatility comes into play because RTP does not include the frequency or magnitude of payouts.

What does a RTP of 96% mean?

With an RTP of 96%, this means that if you play slots for an hour and wager $100 throughout that time, you may anticipate having, on average, $96 at the end of the gaming session.

Why is it vital to understand the term RTP?

RTP is important since it gives you a broad idea of how much money you will probably make from the game as time passes. If you would like to have the best chance of winning, consider titles with high RTP percentages. But it’s crucial to remember that RTP is an average over a long period of time.

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