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Newbies in the game of roulette would think it is impossible to predict which numbers will pop up during a roulette game. This is to be expected, as people have tried for so many decades to defy the odds of the game, and most of them were unsuccessful.

Roulette may be a game of chance, but it all falls to numbers and probabilities. And luckily, you can develop incremental betting strategies and algorithms that will help you determine which number will come up.

Stick with us while we explore the roulette game and dissect a winning strategy for you.

Basic strategies

The rules of the roulette game are straightforward, and so are the basics. As a beginner, your primary focus should be correctly guessing where the ball will land.

Opposing players will play with different colored balls and each player will bet on different number combinations using their chip. These chips come in different values, and the value of your chips depends on how much you get them. 

Simple Roulette Strategies by Roulette PRO Frank Scoblete

A player is expected to spin the wheel and then drop their ball on the opposite side of the table. The winning bet is determined by where the ball stops after the spin. After the game, players must redeem their chips at the table they played- these chips have no value on another table.

Often, the crypto dealer will explain your available combinations and player rules. They can even assist in laying the placement of your chips. However, the outcome of it, regardless, falls on you.

The martingale roulette strategy is the most efficient basic loss-management formula that all beginners should know. The Fibonacci roulette strategy could also come in handy.

Using the dealer’s signature

Analyzing the dealer’s signature only works in casinos and live-dealer roulette games. A dealer in a roulette game may unconsciously develop a rhythm for their ball spins, and with careful analysis, you may be able to predict the game outcome. 

Some players make the mistake of assuming their dealers have a signature when they don’t; this puts them at risk of repeatedly experiencing the same house edge.

There are a few problems with this roulette prediction formula. A dealer might have a signature spin, but the speed of the roulette wheel might vary over time, reducing the possibility of your game outcome prediction turning out right. 

Identifying your dealer’s signature puts you at a good advantage in the game. However, it might be a risk if your observation and analytical skills are not at their peak.

A roulette computer

First, you must note that using a computer or any device when playing roulette to predict where the ball will land is considered cheating. These devices may put the house edge in your favor, but it is risky, as you could go to jail if caught.

Roulette Computers

A computer works to analyze the speed/deceleration of the balls on the European version and the American version. They will ideally predict where the ball will land. The catch is you would have to place multiple bets on different numbers.

Of all the roulette prediction formulas, this is the most efficient yet the riskiest. Furthermore, finding a computer that works for every roulette wheel is difficult. 

Developing Your Innate Psychic Powers

Like every form of gambling game, roulette is a game of luck. Fate or luck can influence where and when the ball will land. Many people have become millionaires from playing roulette because they listened to their psychic intuition.

There is no scientific backing for psychic powers being among the roulette strategies. However, if the belief helps you win, feel free to hold on to your gut instincts as tightly as possible. 

Some people believe that prayers and meditation increase their connection with the divine realm, thus increasing their ability to tell which numbers on the roulette board will hold the last bounce of the ball.

Watching the Ball and the Wheel Closely

This roulette prediction formula is similar to the dealer’s signature strategy. Here, you would have to analyze the roulette wheel’s speed, acceleration, and deceleration.

This would mean you have to spend much time at the table, but if a win is among your priorities when playing roulette, you wouldn’t mind.

You’re relying on your mind gauge and placing a bet on the numbers that you assume the ball will land. 

Experts say that the acceleration of the ball and the wheel both matter, but that of the wheel is more important-keep that in mind. 

There are maths and physics mechanisms that increase the complexities of a live roulette game.

But luckily, with online games, you would only need to bother about understanding the acceleration of the ball, variables of the game, and betting efficiently.

Using a Device

Using devices, as mentioned earlier, is prohibited in some casinos. It depends on your location. You could get concrete confirmation from the gambling commission within your state/province to be sure.

These devices may be a watch or any gadget that is not likely to be suspected. In some live casinos, players can engage in games if they have removed all digital devices from their bodies. 

Typically, the roulette device will require the player to click a button periodically when the ball hits specific reference points. The intervals between each click will increase as the speed of the ball bounce decreases.

The device uses this information to calculate where the ball will land correctly, and the predictions will be further communicated to the player via an earphone. Then, the player would place a bet on corresponding numbers to avoid suspicion.

The devices work on both the European version and the American Version.

Players must constantly make a concerted effort to ensure that they always keep these devices hidden from sight. The consequences of being caught with them can be severe if they are illegal within your state.

Determining the Bias of a Wheel

Luckily, some imperfections can be analyzed to formulate a roulette prediction formula. A biased wheel is one of these imperfections.

Clocking is the method used to determine wheel bias. It involves collecting and recording the winning numbers (with a pen and paper), then taking note of the algorithm to place winning bets.

Use This Easy Method to Determine Roulette Wheel Bias for More Wins

Wheels can become biased due to wear and tear. And when this happens, the ball continually lands on one side of the rim. Often, casinos will spot this bias quickly and make amends. But if they don’t, that’s your moment of a lucky win.

With a biased wheel, roulette prediction will no longer be left to chance.

Ditch the Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is the most erroneous roulette prediction formula. Yet, it is still widely used. Roulette prediction here is based on previous occurrences.

These gamblers need to realize that 90% of the time, past bounces, spins, or speed have no relation with future bets.

Here’s a good example: let’s say a player spins a ball 5 consecutive times, and each time, it lands on red. The player proceeds to assume that the next landing will be on black.

Whenever you find yourself at risk of embracing the gambler’s fallacy, take a deep breath, and remember that no mathematical or physical analysis guarantees the effectiveness of this roulette prediction formula.

How to Predict the Next Roulette Outcome With 100% Accuracy

Over the years, players have jointly agreed that the four roulette prediction formula below has helped with more accurate results in roulette games:

  • Discovering wheel biases
  • Using pocked devices
  • Visual predictions
  • Analyzing dealer predictions
How To Predict Roulette Number in 2022 | Roulette, Roulette wheel,  Predictions

Each of these roulette prediction formulas has one thing in common, they all help to narrow the shortcomings that house edges present. With these strategies, you would sooner than later be able to enjoy the exclusive benefits that all top gamers enjoy.

Some roulette systems encourage multiple bets- if you can opt for these options instead. With these, you are more likely to win as you would bet on more than half of the numbers on the roulette board. 

Regardless of all your roulette prediction formulas, there are tweaks here and there to increase the profit margin for the casinos.

Many odds are working against you; from the casino to the maths and physics and even the wrong formulation of strategy. Just have fun with the numbers, and put some faith in Lady Luck.

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  • David says:

    thats great

  • The game of Roulette isn’t completely random, and most roulette players expect a certain number that hasn’t won in a while to win soon. Many roulette players believe that they can determine the winning numbers by just looking at the numbers that have already won the previous spins.

  • Brett says:

    Let’s delve deeper into these strategies and learn how you can use them to your advantage. But before we start, you can practice these strategies while playing roulette.

  • Karen says:

    Most noticeable distinction that is used to distinguish European and the American roulette is the pocket numbers on the wheel. In European roulette, the 0 and 36 are two of the 37 numbered pockets.

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