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Most people see poker as gambling and should be avoided, some others as entertainment of sorts, while the actual players treat poker as a mind development tool and a means of making extra money.

Practicing poker by yourself, be it online poker or offline, is one of the best ways to learn poker as a newbie. You get to know how it is played, the do’s, don’t and some basic poker tricks, all by yourself.

Contrary to the beliefs of a lot of newbies and folks that know little or nothing about the game, Poker is not a hard game to practice and learn.

Most newbies that get introduced to poker fall in love with it almost immediately. The rules of poker are simple, catchy, and basic. You will learn all about them shortly.

Poker is played all around the world, most especially in casinos by both masters of the game and amateurs looking to win by luck or cheats—but sadly, they end up embracing lots of losses.

To play poker, you need to learn the basics by owning a “beginner’s guide”, and also take notes of the poker rules because it could be a bumpy ride if you don’t take it seriously.

First of all, you need to be certain that you want to learn “all kinds of poker”, and not “regular poker”. Poker is a wide game with so many angles and subdivisions, you will learn them as we proceed.

An example of a poker game is, the Texas Hold’em. Sounds familiar, right? Of course! It is one of, if not the most popular of all poker games in the world today. That explains why most people are more interested in it than others.

Learn About Poker

Alright, player, the first step to practicing Poker yourself is getting a deck of cards—you could get more if you want, although they’re not free. As silly as it might sound, you need to play against yourself to learn the basics skills of playing poker. Did I say skills? Yes, skills.

Research everything about poker.

Poker is a game that needs a lot of planning and strategizing. There are lots of things you will need to know including ranges, pot odds, position advantages, overall hand equity, and implied odds to mention a few, before you can understand why you need to take a particular action at a certain time.

Also, you will need to understand the basics of poker and poker chips.

You need to learn how to play because your skills are your powers—not luck. Luck will not get you anywhere, as a newbie. Besides, not everyone’s lucky when it comes to casino games, especially Poker.

Some people might tell you that Poker is nothing but a game of luck, but they’re wrong. Pro poker players agree that Poker is a game of skill. You must be skillful enough to beat your opponents in a game of poker, or you get beaten. Note that, luck may come into play, you could win a million bucks out of luck but the skills always come first.

A professional poker player would tell you that luck only fuels your skills and tactics during a poker game. You could be lucky to win after dealing several hands, or unlucky—it all comes down to you as the dealer.

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Believe me, this is more of the reason you cannot see offline or online poker players play for individual hands or sessions. The more money at stake, the better. This is the reason why, poker is played for huge sums (tens, hundreds of thousands, or millions) as the case may be.

In addition, both offline and online poker is a game of odd and even numbers. This means, you’re gonna have to deal with statistics and a lot of math.

If you find mathematics challenging, you better stick to slot machines. But I assure you, learning how to play poker yourself before playing with others will drastically increase your knowledge, skills and also give you a statistical or mathematical edge in the long run.

With your math and statistical skills, the significance of luck is overshadowed and sent to the pits of oblivion. Stick with your skills and you will win!

Practice Poker By Yourself

Now to the moment you have been anticipating—the moment of truth. How can you practice poker by yourself and understand it? I assume you are already in possession of a beginner’s guide. If not, well, you need to get one.

Playing poker all by yourself might seem odd but not impossible. To be frank, nothing is impossible at this technological era of ours, won’t you agree? Below is a compilation of diverse ways you can Practice poker by yourself.

Hold’em Poker:

Remember the popular Texas Hold’em poker? It is a game you can have on your mobile device. In the game, a 52-card deck is used and although, it can be rather challenging and arduous to decipher at first, constant practice brings perfection.

There is a manual in the game itself that will teach you everything you need to know. Here’s my advice, get addicted to this game, become a master and you can move on to bigger challenges by playing with real humans.

Learn how to play the triple hold’em poker Here

Three-card poker:

The the three-card poker is also very common for poker newbies. Since it’s creation and inception in 1994, the three-card poker is being played till this day, both in casinos and online.

I’ll suggest you play the Hold’em poker first, and then try playing the online version of this game later. You will be playing with real people in the virtual world of kings and aces, so don’t worry about losing. The more you lose, the more you learn and become better at playing poker.

Video Poker:

As a diehard fanatic of poker, this should sound familiar. This is another game for you to practice poker (both online and offline), but with different rules. With video poker, you don’t have to place bets against any opponent, it is just an opportunity to put your learned skills to the test and develop yourself and game intuition too.

This is highly recommended for beginners/poker newbies to poker like you. Generally, there are lots of YouTube channels that teach how to play poker via streamable videos for free. Do check them out, and it will go a long way to help you master the game of poker in no time.

Steps In Playing Poker By Yourself: HOW TO PLAY POKER

There are diverse ways to practice poker. Below are some of the most common ways to practice poker yourself:

A Deck of Cards: This is very essential in practicing Poker. It is safe to say that poker is synonymous with cards. You just cannot play or practice without them. You need just a deck of cards, if you’re playing alone.

Else, you will need more than one. Although, a card table is required, but we can’t just spend a fortune on that, can we? We’re not trying to build a casino, so an ordinary table will do the trick to practice and play poker games.

poker, game, to play

Poker Language: Poker like most games has it’s own language. This language is a must know as a poker player. Some of these languages are:

  • Bluff – Bluffing is done when a player bets heavily to fool other players or pretend that he has a good hand but actually does not.
  • Raise – This has to do with money. If you feel like you have a better hand than your opponent, you can raise your initial bet to match up with your opponent’s.
  • Ante – This is a meagre amount of money placed as a bet at the start of a poker game. All players are expected to have their ante.
  • Fold – This is a funny move. It is done when a dealer or dealers lose their cards intentionally at any point in the game.
  • Call – This is said when you want to put the same amount of money as your opponent’s up and move to the next round.
  • Capped betting – This happens after the limit is achieved and sometimes after four raises. At this stage, a player can call but cannot bet any longer.
  • Check – This happens when your hand isn’t good enough and you intend to pass another round. Note that, no money charge is attached to this move.

Hands: Hands are what a poker player wins on. Your hand could be either good or bad.

  • Nothing: This means that all the players don’t have anything. In this case, the win goes to the player with the highest cards.
  • Pairs & Three of a kind: You can have like two clubs, two aces, three 7s etc.
  • Straight: This means that all your cards are in order e.g. 2-3-4.
  • Flush: It means that your cards belong to the same suit e.g. ace.
  • Full House: You must have like three 8s and two to have a full house.
  • Four of a Kind: You can have like four hearts or 4 clubs etc.g) Straight Flush: This is a combo of a straight and a flush. As a beginner, there are still other hands to learn, but you need to take things slow, or else it will be pretty confusing.

Texas Hold ‘Em: Now, this is another type of poker to practice with, the commonest, as I have included. It is quite fun, entertaining and addictive, but you need to learn how to play first.

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Card Draw: This type of poker is specifically made for beginners and newbies practicing how to play, with or without money. It is catchy and exciting. If you are playing for practice, it will get you out of boredom. Here’s how to play:

  • You ante up (with small amounts of money)
  • You deal 5 cards one by one. Ó
  • You place your bets.
  • After the first round is done, proceed to another round.
  • Then the cards are turned topsy-turvy in reverse, shown and the player with the best hand is revealed as the winner of the pot. Fun, right?!

5-Card Stud: This is a little diverse from the 5-Card Draw and it is more challenging too. Follow the steps below to play the 5-Card Stud.

  • Ante up!
  • Dealer deals 5 cards in order.
  • Cards are checked to know how much to place as bets or fold.
  • All players bet accordingly.
  • The player with the best hand wins as soon as the cards get flipped.


What Are The Hands Rankings In Poker?

There are a few hands ranking professional poker players make efficient use of. They have nothing to do with odds or being in possession of a king or ace; but are essential to practice poker and be great at it by an online or offline win (definitely more). Here are some of them:

  • Royal Flush 10JQKA.
  • Straight.
  • *Flush 56789.
  • *Four Of. *A Kind 3333K.
  • *Full House JJJKK.
  • *Flush 2459K.
  • *Straight A2345.
  • *Three Of. *
  • A Kind 45777.
  • *Two Pair 499KK.
  • *One Pair 3QK1010.
  • *High Card 248QK

What Are The Common Traits Of Most Online and Offline Poker Rules?

Finally, we will be looking at the common traits of most poker rules, both online and offline. There are similarities among the kinds of poker we have and their traits are distinctly convincing too. Here they are:

1. Ante Bets and Blinds:

Texas Hold’em and Omaha often has both small and big blinds, unlike stud games that make use of antes and nothing more.

“Ante” in this case involves the players moving the chips to the middle before commencement of the hand—of course, this is not meant to be a free game.

2. Hand Values in Poker:

Hand has different rankings from worst to best in all kinds of poker. Royal Flush is the highest hand, and also the toughest hand to obtain, while the lowest is to have nothing at hand.

3. Limit & No Limit:

Most games in Poker, not the free ones, has limits when it comes to betting, while others have no limits. The no-limit poker game gives the player an advantage to bet as much money as they want.

They can go “all in”. But games with limits mean that the players are not allowed to raise or bet the money at hand (not the ace or king) beyond the promulgated limit.

4. The Rounds:

Specifically, games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha have their betting rounds to be the following:

  • Pre-flop: These are the bets made before other community cards.
  • Flop: These are bets made after the dealing of the first three community cards. It has naught to do with your hand at that moment.
  • Turn: After the fourth community card is dealt, these bets are made.
  • River: After the fifth and last community cards are also dealt, these “river” bets are made.

5. Actions:

Actions can be on and off, depending on the round, level a player is and the hand dealt. When the action is on you, you can do the following:

  • Check: Dealer refuses to place a bet and not stake the odds.
  • Fold: If another player has bet, you can fold to withdraw your bet.
  • Bet: You bet by placing a wager on the table. In other words, you wanna show ’em who’s king.
  • Raise: This is done by adding more chips to be equal with your opponent’s bet. You can also add more money to your bet. At this time, the odds may or may not favor you.
  • Call: You call by placing the same bet as your opponent or opponents.

Can you play poker by yourself?

This is a question that is frequently asked by newbies everytime. The answer is yes, you can play poker yourself.

Playing poker yourself will prepare you to play poker in casinos. This way, you gain confidence and poker skills.

There are lots of online single player games, that can help you familiarize yourself with the basics of poker while you work on getting comfortable to play in the real world.

Final Thoughts

It can be very challenging and exciting when you practice poker by yourself. You need to possess the ability to think fast, and strategize, and I must add, you must be lucky too to get a fantastic hand most of the time.

You can play with your friends by placing affordable money online or go to a casino to play with the big boys for big bucks. Don’t gamble excessively though, everything comes with a price. I hope you have obtained valuable information from this article. Play safe!

That said, you can kickstart your Poker journey with us at, one of the best casino on the internet today.How To Practice Poker By yourself

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