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Playing poker and projecting the right image and demeanour at the tables are two entirely different skills. A proper strategy in poker takes precedence over swag and poker slang terms. However, they can add an element of enjoyment and prove beneficial for maintaining a specific image.

Many poker players who excel when playing online at trusted Bitcoin casinos like Bet999 often reveal their lack of confidence when they transition to live games. If you wish to conceal your online background, acquiring some knowledge of common poker terminology is advisable.

Furthermore, understanding the basic poker rules and the language spoken at the tables is essential. This may become second nature over time, but you can also proactively learn it. Some terms are widely popular and frequently used to describe specific hands, while others might be less common.

In this article, we have compiled a list of poker hand nicknames you should familiarise yourself with if you are passionate about playing the game.

Royal Flush

When you have a Ten, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace of the exact same suit in your hands, you have a royal flush. Possessing this combination ensures that you are unbeatable. Every poker player aspires to be fortunate enough to hold such a hand but even some of the greatest poker players in history haven’t made this hand in their illustrious career.

Pocket Aces

In games like poker, pocket aces represent the most fortunate starting hand. You can be 80% certain that no hand can surpass yours before the flop!

What is the term for a set of aces? They go by several nicknames:

American Airlines

This acronym is an apt description, and if you look at the American Airlines logo, you might notice some similarities with this poker hand.

Pocket Rockets

This nickname is a result of creative thinking. Aces look like rockets when in your pocket, they become “pocket rockets.”


Aces are also similar to bullets, and holding them in your hand can make you a formidable opponent. Two more well-known poker hand aliases for a pair of aces are Apollo 11 and Batteries.

Pocket Kings

In poker pairs, kings hold the second-highest position of prestige. Let’s examine the popular monikers for this pair of poker hands. They are often called:

Ace Magnets

It’s a somewhat ironic nickname. Holding this pair virtually attracts aces, as this is the only pair to defeat you. Are you prepared for such a showdown?

Elvis Presley

Most people’s initial impression of Elvis Presley is probably that he is the rock and roll king. Take pride in carrying Elvis Presley around in your pocket. Other well-known monikers for pocket kings are Cowboys and King Kong, which refers to gorillas.

Pocket Queens


As the sole female cards in the deck, we won’t delve into intricate specifics. However, having two queens in your pocket could be a stroke of luck.

Calamity Jane

This name is associated with the American frontierswoman and raconteur renowned for her friendship with the prominent poker player Bill Hickok.

Pocket Jacks


Given that this name is associated with two masculine cards that are positioned together like brothers, it is rather easy to remember.


The letter “J” bears a resemblance to a fishhook, and you can use this hook to reel in the best poker chips in the lake.

Pocket Sixes

Route 66

This alias comes from Route 66, one of the most well-known roads in the United States. It also inspired the moniker of our next poker hand.


It originates from the lyrics of the well-known song about Route 66, “Get your kicks on Route 66.”

Pocket Sevens

Hockey Sticks

The nickname is used for a pair of 7s because the number 7 bears a resemblance to the sticks used in hockey.

Walking Sticks

Given that they resemble the kind of stick your grandfather usually uses to assist himself when walking, 7s are also sometimes referred to as “walking sticks”.

Candy Canes

This nickname is self-explanatory, based on the shape of the number 7.

Pocket Eights


This poker hand nickname is bestowed upon a pocket pair of eights because it’s shaped like a snowman.

Dale Jr.

Coined from the name of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s No. 88 car, Dale Jr. holds a slight advantage in a race against hands like ace-king.

Pocket Nines

Pocket Nines stock image. Image of blackjack, gambling - 2200645

Wayne Gretzky

This nickname, “Wayne Gretzky,” is derived from the uniform number (No. 99) of Wayne Gretzky, widely regarded as the greatest of all time in the NHL. While pocket nines are decent, they don’t quite reach the G.O.A.T. status of Gretzky.

Phil Hellmuth

The legendary Phil Hellmuth secured the 1989 WSOP Main Event championship with pocket nines. You might not match Hellmuth’s skill in playing this hand, but playing it reasonably well can still be rewarding.

Pocket Tens


Ten cents are the equivalent of a dime in the United States of America. At the poker table, use what you have to play to gain a few dimes.


This slang term is derived from the pronunciation of Ten-Ten, which sounds like TNT, making it an easy nickname to remember.


This humorous poker hand nickname originates from mathematical calculations. 1010 appears as a pair of 10, in the binary system.

Pocket Fours

Darth Vader

A pair of black fours is occasionally called “The Dark Side of the Fours,” also known as “Darth Vader.”

Luke Skywalker

They are sometimes humorously dubbed “Luke Skywalker,” as a nod to Star Wars, with the phrase “May the fours be with you.”


The number “4” is similar to a sailboat, but it’s usually a challenging journey when attempting to win a showdown with a pair of fours.

Pocket Threes


In various sports and games, “trey” is commonly used to represent “three.” Its origins are in the French term signifying three. These cards are frequently called “treys” and, less commonly, referred to as “crabs” due to their shapes.

Pocket Twos


The term ‘deuce,’ just like its counterpart ‘trey,’ is a common reference for ‘two’ in card games. The name “Deuce” comes from the French word “Deux,” which means “two.”


The number “2” somewhat resembles a duck, and the word “duck” bears a resemblance to “Deux.” While pocket ducks represent the lowest pocket pair in poker, they can surprisingly perform well against hands like “Big Slick” and other non-pair combinations.

Additional Poker Hand Nicknames

Poker Hand Nicknames - The Complete List

You’ve already learned about some of the most popular pocket pair nicknames, but receiving these combinations consistently in poker is unlikely. Let’s now explore a range of fascinating and uncommon nicknames for various card combinations.



This combo bears tribute to the Russian who invented the AK-47 firearm, Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Walking back to Houston

This moniker for the Ace-King combination alludes to a phrase that T.J. Cloutier frequently used. He said that this difficult hand leaves numerous players with nothing in the poker rooms of Las Vegas and they become bankrupt and have to go back to Houston.

Big Slick

This is also an additional commonly employed colloquial term for the Ace-King pair. The term highlights the hand’s unpredictable nature, capable of leading to either a significant victory or a complete loss.

Anna Kournikova

Here is another moniker for the Ace-King combo, whereby “AK” is an acronym for the well-known Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova.


Doyle Brunson

The “Godfather of Poker,” Doyle Brunson, is an elite poker player who declared in the book he published that he was never going to again play the Ace-Queen combo. His defeat in the 2008 WSOP Main Event while holding an A-Q off-suit inspired this choice.

Anthony and Cleopatra

If “Romeo and Juliet” were a poker game, the Ace becomes Anthony, and the Queen is Juliet. It’s a clever literary reference.

Rocket Queen

This moniker is coined from the song “Here I am, and you’re a Rocket Queen!” by Guns N’ Roses.


Armani Jeans

The fashion house Giorgio Armani created the jeans brand with these initials.


The most popular casino banking game in the entire world “Blackjack“, is the source of the name of this particular poker hand.


This hand consists of the high card (A) and a jack.The seat at the poker table directly to the right side of the cutoff is additionally referred to as a “hijack”.



Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, a well-known poker name, won the 2000 WSOP Main Event thanks to this victorious hand.

Rounders Hand

Named after Mike McDermott’s hand in the memorable scene from Rounders, where Teddy KGB takes all of Mike McD’s money. This hand is a pivotal moment in the iconic poker movie, leading to an incredible up-and-down journey for Mike.


Earned its nickname due to its inferiority to hand combinations like Ace-Ten and those above.


Eight Dead Man’s Hand

This is the only name by which the set of playing cards is known. It gained notoriety when Wild Bill Hickok got shot in the back of the head, as he held this hand during a poker match.



This is the most fitting name for this humorous combination. As you’ve likely surmised, you can find yourself on cloud nine with your luck or part ways with your poker chips.


This is a fitting title for the roles of King and Queen.

Valentine’s Day

You may use this poker hand moniker with ease when your Queen and King are both hearts.


Jackie Kennedy

As you can see, numerous poker hand nicknames allude to celebrity names, and Jackie Kennedy is no exception. It is a reference to John F. Kennedy’s wife, and her initials are JK.

Just Kidding

The moniker is a code name for this particular combo.

Kojak and Harry Potter are two more poker monikers for this hand.



The nickname “Cutie,” also known as “QT,” is given to a hand that appears promising when suited pre-flop.


This poker hand name for Queen Ten is another straightforward one. This hand’s initials “QT” inspire the “Q-Tip” nickname.

Quentin Tarantino

Here’s another “QT”-inspired nickname. You can interchange these three poker hand nicknames to keep your opponents guessing.


Justin Timberlake

The initials “JT” allude to one of the most famous pop stars ever and one of the most favorable starting hands in poker.


T.J. Cloutier

Our nickname for Jack-nine takes us from “JT” to “T.J.” Legend shows that T.J. With this hand, Cloutier was able to flop three consecutive flushes in a year. Along with “Walking Back to Houston” (for ace-king), this is the second hand named after Cloutier on our list of poker hand names.


Jackson Five

The “Jackson Five” nickname easily fits with the jack-five. While the Jackson Five was lucrative, playing this hand too frequently is likely to result in negative cash flow.


The record label that introduced us to the Jackson Five, “Motown,” is another poker-hand nickname for the jack-five.

Ten-to-Ace Straight  


“Broadway,” or a “Broadway Straight,” denotes the ace-king-queen-jack-ten version of a five-card straight. The cards composing this straight are sometimes called “Broadway” cards.

Four-of-a-Kind Kings    

Four Horsemen

Given that it references the four biblical riders of the apocalypse, this nickname is actually quite fitting. Having four-of-a-kind kings can certainly deplete your opponent’s stack.


Beer Hand

This nickname is derived from something almost universally enjoyed: beer! As you can imagine, players don’t receive the best-starting hand preflop, and it’s typically a candidate for folding.

If the table is quiet or the blinds are low, some players may decide to continue and see how the hand develops after the flop. Then, following the session, they might rejoice or, more likely, share drinks and commiserate.

Three-of-a-Kind Sevens


Las Vegas-style casino games are the source of this hand’s name. When you observe three sevens in a row on a slot machine, it indicates that you have won the top prize or all the available coins for payout.


Jesse James

Legend has it that the notorious outlaw Jesse James suffered a fatal shot to the back from a colt. 45—an unfortunate turn for him but perhaps a fortunate one for you.

Chris Moneymaker

This is the identical hand that propelled Chris Moneymaker to global stardom when he clinched victory in the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event, igniting a surge in poker’s popularity.


Hunting Season

Combining the moniker for pocket twos (“Ducks”) and the nickname for pocket Aces (“Bullets”) results in this clever nickname. Combining them results in “Hunting Season!”

Ace on the River

Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein, the all-time great of the game, wrote the renowned poker book “Ace on the River.” It gives us the nickname for an ace appearing on Fifth Street. This applies to Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, or any flop game.

Ace from Space

This is another term used when a well-timed ace emerges on the river, particularly when the ace rescues a player from imminent defeat.


Every poker lover must possess knowledge of the biggest poker hands. Among the top 10 hands, in increasing order of strength from weakest to strongest are the following: high card, pair, two pair, three-of-a-kind, straight, flush, full house, four-of-a-kind, straight flush, and royal flush. However, what about other nicknames?

This article will enhance your poker knowledge if you engage in poker at a physical table or prefer online play. Experiment with these popular hand nicknames during your next game.

Moreover, there’s always room for creativity in crafting your unique nicknames. You might discover that your personalized hand nicknames impact poker tournaments. 

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