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Online casino gaming has gone so viral in our modern age that it is slowly taking over traditional casinos. Today, over a billion people gamble worldwide with a good number of them playing at some of the best online casinos such as Bet999. That’s a huge number, and a random number that proves that the industry has much to offer.

However, with such terrific expansion also comes different misconceptions about online casinos and such casino games. Many say they are not profitable, some feel they’re not good enough and some others believe they are a rigged online casino or casinos are not even real! One such misconception that needs to be addressed as immediately as possible is the notion that an online casino is rigged.

This is quite a deep accusation that has discouraged a lot of players from visiting online casinos. However, with a simple run-through of the evidence that proves this wrong, you should be able to get a clearer picture. In this article, we’ll discuss the situations where we have online casinos rigged and when they’re online casinos rigged or not. Ensure you examine each fact with a close look to clear out your thoughts.

Is Online Gaming Rigged?

Rigged Online Games

As it is with every other business, online casinos are simply after making money as well. The ultimate goal is to turn a profit while maintaining enough player interest to encourage repeat visits and purchases. Hence, online casinos have to find the balance between their own personal profit and the gain of their players. The equation is quite easy – to make even more money, customers need to as well, make a profit to keep coming back.

Online casinos need to guarantee the safety of all players if they want spectators to enjoy the event. As a result, rules and guidelines will be in place to guarantee that everything operates smoothly according to the law. This alone shows that these online casinos should operate under the umbrella of the law and that is only the beginning of this argument.

Now, since these casinos rig games are designed to make money, many simply speculate that they have been using rigged games. Also, no one person can hope to win all the time they play, adding fuel to the flames of this accusation.

Accusers bank on the frequency of bad beats as an excuse that makes online casinos rigged. There is also the notion that winning is intended to keep folks playing for a longer period of time. If lower-quality players win a few games, the idea of casino has is that they will stick around longer in hope of winning again.

Lastly, there is the theory that hands are dealt with to increase the size of the pots. The objective is to attract gamers and increase the casino’s profitability. These are common examples of these accusations but there are even more. How are these accusations addressed?

What Proves that Online Casinos are not Rigged?

The prevalent belief that casinos intentionally make their games unwinnable is unfounded. True, the house must have an advantage in any game it offers. The leverage that the platform has is known as the “house edge.”

The fact that online casino has a percentage tendency of winning doesn’t make it an unfair game. The intrinsic randomness of the online casino title is only part of what players have to deal with. They can also go on bad streaks of fate or bad timing. The online casino game is not rigged even if the cards are not distributed randomly.

Accusations of rigged casino games are frequently levelled against card clubs. The odds at poker tables are biased in favour of the house as it is widely thought. One such speculated situation is when inexperienced players are given higher-than-average hand values. Also, they could give the underdog an advantage to help them win all-in scenarios.

Imagine having the odds improved from 78:22 to 80:20 as many fantasize. Such a hoax would be too obvious to fall for. If that occurred, the individual who called the all-in would have a better chance of winning than the bettor. It’s likely that this is also overly obvious. The individual who called the bet could also have their non-all-in hand modified to their benefit.

Everybody understands the consequences of this. That way, one can learn things that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them. Assuming they are conversant with the norms of the game and the betting patterns, observant players will be able to spot any attempts at trickery.

In blackjack, the casino has a mathematical advantage, even though the payout proportion varies depending on the player’s skill. RNGs ensure that the odds and payouts of internet games are consistent with those of land-based casinos. An average monthly bill was calculated using statistical modelling.

Can an Online Casino be actually Rigged?

Now, this is a different angle of observation for this discussion. We have established that online casinos, in general, are not really rigged casinos. However, there are exceptional cases of fraudulent rigged online casinos. As it is with every establishment and industry, there are crooked individuals who are out to scam others.

Indeed, there have been instances of predetermined outcomes throughout history. In January 2013, it was found that two different online gaming casino were running deceptive coin-flip games. These casino titles were popularly regarded as Hi Lo Gambler and Reel Deal.

In these online casinos, the customers were told they would have 100% returns on their player’s bet. This simply meant that the casino advertised no house advantage of cut for itself. However, sadly, as it worked out, the casino’ real payout was 96%.

Using false information to obtain something is considered illegal. A user discovered the trickery while playing the game at will in the free-play option. After making the change to a monetary game, she began maintaining track. She logged thousands of hands of Hi/Lo Gambler play and gave her brother or sister the data. According to his logic, she was being treated unfairly by the game.

Also, in 2007, during an Absolute Poker game had another case of online casinos rigged. Knowledgable players observed strange behaviour from the tournament’s winner and initiated an investigation. It ultimately revealed a scheme in which online casino players were robbed of as much as $1 million.

Lowering the RTP

When an online casino has been tampered with, some of the features that make it random for players are changed. One such feature is the Return to Player (RTP) proportion. In most cases, it has been reduced as a result of code changes.

An internet casino is rigged a casino that can reduce your odds of winning by reducing the RTP. A solitary percentage margin of difference can mean the disparity between victory and defeat. In many instances, the RTP of online casino games is so poor that the games are not enjoyable to play.

Security and Preventing Rigged Games

Verify casino safety and security

The fact that some games are not rigged online casinos doesn’t mean all games are rigged. There are factors to look out for to help you stay clear of the rigged games in online casinos. Here are some tips to prevent such rigged games:

Audited by government authorities

At the outset, it’s important to note that any publicly listed online casino is subject to extensive inspection. They have regular audits by both government agencies and independent auditors.

These inspectors make sure their online gambling games are equitable and random number generators are truly a random number one. Any legit casino would do what to maintain its status as a “white-listed” casino. Hence, they are constantly communicating with various government bodies.

Excellent Integrity

You can learn a lot about casinos with a poor image and those with a proven track record by conducting a little research. Today, there are comments everywhere on these platforms. You can also question your friends and family who participate. Choose only from those who have been recommended by reliable sources.

Good PR

Players are becoming wiser every day. Nobody would like to play at a platform with a horrible reputation.

Finally, it is essential to recognize that large wins are in the best interests of online casinos. Their public relations and customer ratings will improve greatly as a result of the publicity that comes after such wins.

Independent Testing

Reliable casinos are tested independently. The random number generator and the fairness of the game are treated individually.

Documented Rigging Examples

To further prove facts and give you an in-depth understanding, here are some real-life scenarios of online casinos and rigged casinos:

Video Gambling Machine Rigging

Video slot, poker, and other casino games and bar gaming devices can be manipulated in a number of ways. This ensures that the casino games help the controlling business rather than the players.

The Near Miss Strategy

Online Casinos Have Independent Testing To Ensure Fairness

The first manipulation instance is well-known and includes multiple managing businesses. It’s a scenario that at first glance might not appear unlawful and could even be reasonably anticipated. The “Near Miss” describes such a situation.

A computer is set up to simulate a close call and display the event for the participant. A total of three sevens may appear. Two on the pay line, with the third appearing either below or above the pay line. The expectation of a large payment is often raised when this outcome occurs. Thus, they keep feeding the system money.

An examination was carried out on some of these vending machines. It showed the “near miss” situation was returned up to a thousand times more frequently than the payment scenario. This wouldn’t take place on a genuinely random number computer system.

The “Near Miss” situation only served to keep players engaged for longer at the beginning of things. However, it is now unlawful in Nevada for game developers to implement it on purpose.

Influence of Odds of Victory

An additional recorded instance of cheating involved influencing a player’s odds of victory. Some slot machines and other video gaming devices in Nevada’s casinos and nightclubs caused a commotion in the 1980s. This was due to their alleged idiosyncrasies.

This situation was termed “the American Coin Scandal” as it involved a brand referred to as “American Coin.” This controversy involves Nevada’s biggest known coordinated act of deception. By all accounts, American Coin tampered with their machines’ tokens. Due to this, players could no longer win the top Keno or poker jackpots, as evidenced by the games’ histories.

With this manipulation, participants were unfairly deprived of winnings. Consequently, more than a thousand devices were confiscated, and the firm was fined more than a million dollars.

These and many other cases of manipulation or meddling have warranted action from the government. The Gaming Control Board of Nevada has enacted stringent rules for all video gaming devices in the state. Every game has been extensively tested. Before a chip can be used, it must be validated.

Top-paying devices in casinos are typically tamper-proofed with constant video surveillance. For security reasons, many certified processors are soldered onto the circuitry of a computer forever. These precautions have led to increased regulation of video gaming devices, which should make them a safer option for bettors.

Fraud and Rigging Online

Rigged casinos, rigged online casinos, how did they begin?

As the new millennium began, internet gambling was experiencing explosive growth. Poker players from all over the world increasingly turned to online halls. Major brands such as AbsolutePoker have generated considerable revenue. Many punter play regularly at the platform and participate in regular tournaments.

The 2007 AbsolutePoker Hold ’em Tournament had a prize pool of $30,000. The business was based just outside of Montreal, Quebec. It was a competition much like those conducted at venues all over the globe. At least, that was how it seemed so.

However, Las Vegas card player Marco Johnson, 21, observed an abnormally high frequency of odd cards and unusual gameplay at the final table. We can all anticipate the occasional bizarre hand or surprising move, but Johnson saw more here than he could explain. After finishing second in the event, he decided to get a copy of his hand information from AbsolutePoker. The yield was much greater than he had anticipated.

Unveiling the Absolute Poker Rigged Casino

As opposed to a basic copy of Johnson’s hands, he was given a worksheet detailing every hand played. It also had the table configurations and the players registered into each table. Johnson started investigating the data further after receiving far more details than he had asked. It was startling to see what he had discovered.

The ultimate competition winner, who took home $30,000, exhibited a pattern of irrational play that raised red flags. According to expert poker player and poker casino administrator, Serge Ravitch demonstrated a path of just poor play. This suspicious player had played under the name Potripper.

The paper, which contained users’ email names and computer IP addresses, eventually led to a more sinister discovery. Potripper’s luck at each table seemed to correlate with the appearance of a player with ID #363. It looked that #363 could see the cards in everyone’s hands, even though the other participants could not. The presence of player #363 at the table caused Potripper to stop folding before the turn, a strategy he used frequently before.

A lookup of the origin of the IP address 363 led us to the computers of the Kahnawak Gaming Commission. Here’s what stunned everyone – this address also happens to house AbsolutePoker.

Digging deeper, they discovered it was linked to the computer of AbsolutePoker co-owner Scott Tom. They also saw that AJ Ripper, formerly of AbsolutePoker’s operations department, was linked to the player ID for Potripper. Somewhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000 was likely taken from players by the business due to internal manipulation at AbsolutePoker.

How Can You Make Sure the Online Casino is Legit?

Launch Wheel of Fortune Online Casino

From hints you’ve gotten earlier, you should understand that it’s not difficult to spot a rigged online casino. Here’s how to know the casino is rigged:

Ensuring Secure and Fair Play Online

When searching for an online casino to play poker online, it’s important to find a reliable online casino. You should search for a platform with an excellent track record of ensuring its customers safety. In order to guarantee equitable play, the best online casinos must have their registered badges. Also, you can practice poker on your own to brush up your skills.

These standards place a heavy emphasis on the development of RNGs and other forms of security technology. Before the first game is dealt with, the online casino should have all of these safeguards and security steps in place. Online gambling sites’ security policies should be prominently displayed on the main online casino itself.

They will flaunt the insignia of third-party inspectors who have checked their programs. Take notice of any e-Gaming accolades or other acknowledgements the online casino may have gotten from authoritative sources.

Ensuring Fairness and Randomness of the Deal

Check for Fairness

Now, you are done with your research and have decided that the casino’s security measures are adequate. At this point, you should make sure the site’s software is configured for fair play before you play any games there.

Perform your due diligence and ensure that the casino’s safety procedures are sufficient. If you’ve chosen to play for real money, you should verify that the site’s software has been configured for equitable play.

Are Online Casinos Rigged FAQ:

Are online casinos looking to rip you off?

No, it’s wrong to have a general conception that online casinos rigged in all instances. There are reputable casino games you can enjoy and play fairly without any external influence. Likewise, there are instances of casinos rigged and online casinos rigged as well. You simply need to be cautious when selecting one.

How can I tell if an online casino game has been tampered with?

The signs of a rigged casino are quite obvious but you would need to have a deeper look. A rigged casino will always present itself as the real deal to lure players. Still, simply make your research, ask questions and try the free mode first. Sites with no history or badges from authorities stand as a red flag.

Are the rigged online casinos on a list?

There is no apparent list of online casino rigged, so you might not find one There may be commentaries from people who have had their experiences with such online casino rigged games. This information can go a long way in fishing out a manipulated online casino rigged one.

How a casino can be rigged?

The most common way a casino can be rigged is by tampering with the RTP. If a casino is rigged or has a low or fluctuating RTP, it passes as a rigged platform most time. Casinos rigged also have issues with their Random Number Generators. They rig games in the casino by manipulating the system of casino games meant to initially generate numbers randomly.

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