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Keno is a game that has gained a lot of popularity recently, in both online and offline formats. But since the whole point is to choose patterns and combinations of numbers, participants are usually curious about the best ways to choose them.

Naturally, it’s crucial to note that random number generators (RNGs) are used in keno to choose the numbers. This implies that the keno game cannot be rigged or have its results altered in any way. As a result, victories may happen even though they have little bearing on one another. In the long run, though, there will undoubtedly be noticeable trends.

In this Bet999 piece, we’ll examine the principles of keno in addition to which possible patterns may be superior than others. So continue reading to learn more about keno and tips to make you a winner.

What is Keno?

The popular casino game keno, which has its origins in China, hardly needs an introduction. This game is somewhat like bingo in that it uses a layout with numbers on it, typically ranging from 1 to 80. It is your responsibility as the player to choose a maximum of twenty numbers, then check to see if they match the numbers that are drawn during the game. The draw operates in a manner reminiscent of a lottery.

The amount you get paid will vary according on the amount of numbers you have selected. Choosing multiple numbers and selecting them correctly will result in a higher payoff than selecting just one or two.

You might be thinking now what distinction exists between bingo and keno. This can be explained simply by pointing out that the house is your opponent when playing keno. The aim is to align the maximum number of your selected numbers with the ones the house selects. To win, it’s not even necessary for you to match every number you choose.

How do Keno patterns work?

Keno patterns

To start, let me be straightforward. Since keno is a chance-based game (that is, it uses random number generators), there doesn’t seem to be any pattern. Still, regular gamers undoubtedly have their preferences and know for a fact that certain patterns do appear more frequently than others. However, is this a true story, or is this just happenstance? Keno patterns merely provide the game with a feeling of consistency. To a certain extent, they can help you monitor the numbers you are playing.

Keno Math: The Real Data That Drives the Game

Since keno is one of the most popular games of chance in the entire world, it seems to reason that the casino would have a considerably better chance of keeping the winnings. In casino games, the house always has the upper hand to prevent players from having any chances of winning or taking home significant wins. But Keno elevates it to a new level.

Keno statistics will help you understand why so many players don’t succeed when it comes to earning money with this game. You’ll likewise discover why it’s among the highest paying casino games available online as well as among the world’s biggest gambling games.

The odds of Predicting a Number

In keno, your odds of properly identifying a number are 1 in 80. That implies that the chances are always heavily stacked against you while playing a classic game of keno with 80 values to select from.

To win money, you will need to continue having exponentially more luck—that is, a lot of luck if you could correctly predict 15 among the 20 numbers. Though the odds of that happening are quite low, you can win the jackpot if you accurately predict 15 numbers.

RTP and Keno House Edge

The house edge in Keno typically ranges from 40% to 70%, although it might vary based on the specific game regulations. Because of this, its RTP is among the lowest of any online casino game in the market! The house edge at Keno typically stands at an astounding 43%.

Since keno games have some of the worst RTP rates in the business—between 30% and 60%—this helps to explain why victors of these games typically take home large winnings.

Is There a Trick to Winning Keno?

Although there isn’t a clear-cut method to ensure victory in this game of chance, there are still several tactics you might use.

  • Select Middle Position Keno Games: The best odds of winning are usually found in 4/5/6 spot games. Restricting the number of spot games you play might frequently be a wise move (see below).

  • Greatest Odds: Selecting a casino that has the most favorable odds can be crucial when playing online Keno.

  • Purchase numerous draws Ahead of Time: In Keno, purchasing multi-race cards is sometimes referred to as selecting numerous draws. All you have to do is pre-pay for the games.

  • Avoid Changing Your Numbers: It’s usually a good idea to remain with your numbers, regardless of how you arrived at them. Avoid making the common error of switching your picks. When your initial statistics do hit, you don’t want to be kicking yourself for a switch!

  • Be Progressive: Adding extra drama to your Keno game can be achieved by playing Progressive Keno, which can be a highly thrilling game. In these kinds of games, the rewards can be really remarkable if you get the perfect combination of numbers.

Selecting the Winning Keno Patterns

Selecting the Winning Keno Patterns

The most enjoyable aspect of playing keno is undoubtedly selecting which pattern to play. It does imply that you should examine the numbers carefully and decide on your particular strategy for playing. As previously noted, you can play numbers that are recurring, but there’s no actual assurance that this will benefit you in the long run. However, we’ll examine some of the more prevalent patterns that may be seen in various keno games here.

Multi Card Keno Patterns

Your likelihood of succeeding are balanced when you play with many cards; even though the odds are lower, you can still pave the way for bigger wins.

To get a better picture of the keno table, decide to divide it into fictitious sections. Try your hardest to stay focused on each and every card.

4 Card Keno Patterns

The object of the game is to play two to ten numbers at one time, however these numbers will be selected simultaneously from four distinct tables or cards. The likelihood that you will win increases as you play more cards. To basically win a decent jackpot, you have to correctly guess seven numbers on half of the cards. It is preferable to overlap numbers on the cards rather than selecting brand-new ones for each one if you want to increase your chances of winning.

To see whether you can increase your chances of getting some right on the different cards, you can separate numbers that appear quickly consecutively. Alternatively, you may decide to just play only a single horizontal row of numbers. Playing two 10-number rows in succession is also a smart move. Or you could opt to choose a pair of columns for two cards, and then for the other two, play random numbers that overlap.

20 Card Keno Patterns

This is actually quite comparable to 4-card keno, as you might expect. Although it is a little more difficult to develop a strategy in this edition of the game, it still boasts superior statistics than other keno games. However, there are still several widely used patterns available.

Initially, you might spread your wagers across various cards. This implies that you have the option to play some cards with hot numbers and others with cold numbers. As an alternative, you might choose to wager on lines, such as selecting 1 to 15 for one card and 16 to 30 for the second. This pattern can be repeated with every card. Lastly, even if you lose a few games, you should continue with the approach you have selected. You truly will affect any long-term strategy you put in place if you make frequent changes to things.


Instead of playing single-card keno, using cluster patterns can be useful for multi-card games. When forming a cluster on the sixth place, for example, by placing a wager on 1 to 6 for the first card, 21 to 26 for the second, and and so on, you can potentially win with any of the most favorable cluster patterns.

Another choice is to use line clustering. You wager on two complete lines on each card in this sequence. As a result, each card will now have a set of 10 numbers on it. The last option is corner clusters, which entails placing a wager on five digits in one of the four corners on the card. If you’re just utilizing one card in a game, this is an excellent strategy to incorporate.

Consecutive Numbers against Random Numbers

Consecutive Numbers against Random Numbers

It’s a widely held belief amid keno players that betting on consecutive numbers is never a good idea. To be honest, there are others who believe it is quite improbable to receive consecutive numbers. That is, however, as distant from the reality as it gets. Since there is an equal chance of drawing any number, you have an equal chance of winning at Keno using either of the following two spotting examples:

  • SET 1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. or

  • SET 2: 77, 67, 23, 46, 29, 33, 37, 2, 19, 22, 5, 69, 22, 11, 9, 71, 14, 52, 57, 38.

In both of those keno numbers set listed above, the odds of hitting 15 out of 20 numbers are exactly the same. In the long run, it all boils down to your likelihood of believing in secret keno patterns and the gambler’s fallacy. Some like to play numbers one after the other because it gives them the impression that they have the first quarter of the board covered.

Reasons for Using Keno Strategies in Your Play

Since you’ve come here, you are aware that keno tactics are common. If they don’t even slightly improve your odds of winning the game, you could be asking yourself why you should utilize them. We like to play using these techniques rather than playing keno with irrelevant areas and random numbers for a few reasons, even if they won’t increase your odds.

While these tactics won’t increase your chances in any way, we do want you to remember that they will increase your likelihood that you will have fun while playing online keno and help you get the most out of your investment!

  • They Increase the Fun of the Game: Unlike random bets, they provide you with a goal or an outcome to anticipate. They greatly increase the enjoyment of the game compared to the scenario when you use no strategy at all.

  • Strategies Offers Your Game a Personality: Another excellent method of giving your game an identity is to use strategies. As you create your own methods or apply some of the ones we’ve given in this post, you’ll begin to mold your own unique keno playstyle. Because players of keno typically lose money when playing the game, creating a gaming persona before playing is one of the greatest strategies to make sure you won’t become discouraged or burned out when you don’t win all the time.

  • It Prevents You from The loss of Interest: If all you have money for is buying one or two cards per round, we all know how boring a game of keno can be. This renders it simple for the game to get boring. More than you could imagine, strategies are going to have you eager for your next round. Even though you’re not continuously winning money when playing keno, they make you question whether the strategies you’re putting into practice will be successful or not, which will guarantee that you feel more concentrated.

Considerations for Successful Patterns and Techniques

Considerations for Successful Keno Pattern and Techniques

Although using a keno pattern and strategies can be a lot of fun, there are a few basic things you should understand before entering a keno game in the hopes of winning a ton of money. We’ve put up four pointers to make sure you never regret using whichever keno pattern you choose.

Additionally, never forget that, even when scratch cards and slots are taken into account, playing keno has a considerably higher chances of losing money than any of the other casino games. Online casinos let you play keno with free money for a reason.

  • After all is said and done, everything remains random: Keno techniques may provide you with a sense of consistency or safety when betting, but you should be aware of the fact that they are based on gambling patterns and lend more weight to the Gambler’s Fallacy than any other type of gambling strategy. No matter how you choose to spot, your odds are going to remain the same and won’t change.

  • Keno strategies are intended to be enjoyable: Never forget that the primary goal of keno strategies is to increase your enjoyment of the game. Some purported specialists may try to offer you winning keno numbers and approaches which will “ensure” you make a profit in a particular manner or another, but their goal isn’t to boost your odds of winning. The truth is, this is simply not going to happen.

  • Strategies for winning are an illusion: Everything in a game of Keno that looks like a winning strategy is only a coincidence. Therefore, be careful not to make your personal standards too high if you wish to allow yourself to be directed by a gut feeling.

  • Both hot and cold bets are illogical: As we’ve already mentioned, you could encounter some cold or hot numbers in keno. Even though these numbers appear to be rather likely, placing a wager on cold numbers will have the same probability of success as placing wagers on hot numbers. No matter how many occasions a number is drawn, the odds remain exactly the same.

Best Keno Patterns to Play

Best Keno Pattern to Play

The best zero risk strategy for succeeding in Keno is to stick with proven numbers that are considered “hot” numbers, or you can simply play with dates that you enjoy or use frequently.

A computer algorithm is also a superior choice because it can perform accurate calculations and increases the likelihood of winning significant prizes.

It is up to you to determine which Keno game option best meets your needs and stick with it over time. Additionally, remember to enjoy yourself since, at the end of the day, Keno helps you to relax.

Conclusion about Keno patterns

Although Keno may appear to be a straightforward number-picking game, there is actually a lot of complexity to it, particularly when you take into account how your strategy may impact possible payouts. Discovering a successful Keno pattern is always crucial, even though it won’t necessarily affect your likelihood of winning because it raises your possibilities of playing several games in a row. You may think about a variety of patterns, depending on whether you like orderly, fortunate or even hot numbers.

Finding the appropriate balance is crucial since the quantity of numbers you select—up to 20—will have an impact on your possible reward. While it would be amazing to win seven figures for hitting a perfect 20, the likelihood of that occurring is astronomically low—just one in 3.5 quintillion. To put it briefly, you must devise your own strategy for this straightforward yet intricate casino classic.


Can winning patterns and methods be used to keno games?

It’s not the case. To be honest, you can’t really use any particular tactics or patterns to improve your odds of winning at keno. Strategies merely serve to increase the enjoyment you gain from the game.

Is playing keno worthwhile?

Indeed it is. It’s difficult, of course, but if you do succeed, you may achieve a fairly huge one. In addition, playing with other people makes it even more social. It’s certainly quite a bit of fun.

How likely is it to win at keno?

The quantity of cards and numbers you picked out to play with will determine how likely it is that you will win at keno. The odds are one in four if you choose just one number. The odds are 1 in 326 if you select four numbers and anticipate that they will all land. It is advised that you review the paytable for each keno game before beginning to get a better idea of your possibilities of winning.

Which numbers are the best keno numbers to play?

No, the best keno numbers to play don’t exist. Furthermore, there are no strategies that will assure you of success. Keno is best played by setting a budget, selecting some numbers, relaxing, and having fun.

Keno was created by who?

In order to help the emperor fund his army, keno was created in China more than two thousand years ago.

How is keno 3-6-9 played?

By installing the app to your tablet or phone, you can engage in Keno 369. Some online casinos might also let you play the game for free.

Tips for forecasting Keno numbers

Although you could be able to forecast Keno numbers based on probability with the use of strategies and algorithms, it is ultimately not possible to foresee what would happen.

How old do I have to be to play keno online?

This could range from 18 to 21 years old or older, depending on the nation in which you are a citizen or lawful resident. To find out what age is permitted to play Keno, visit official and legitimate websites.

How can I increase my chances of winning in Keno?

Since keno is a game of chance, the only way to win is by luck. Keno players employ a variety of tactics to spread out their wagers. One tactic is to increase your wagers during winning streaks and decrease them during losing ones.

Where can I play online casino keno at the best odds?

There are several casinos where you can play online keno, but Bet999 is especially great for crypto Keno and offers amazing odds. Some titles to play include; Hallowen Keno by Caleta, Book of Keno by Evoplay, and Keno by Bet999.

Are keno games played online fair?

Yes, a random number generator powers the keno program, just like it does other games. This implies that each number called is a result of chance. Playing at keno casinos that are highly regarded and regularly audited by other organizations is highly recommended.

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