“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a popular saying that reminds people to not always focus on working but to take out time to have fun and relax. This saying supports the belief that one has to make a choice when it comes to work and play. You either spend your time working or you spend your time playing.

However, gamblers are one group of people who do not have to choose between work and play as they have combined both by placing bets on fun games while playing them. So, for gamblers, work time is also playing time. Before, playing games was solely aimed at providing fun and recreation, but now, people have come to realize that they can make money while enjoying certain pastimes like shooting dice.

The game of shooting dice is also called street craps or street dice, it traces its origin to as far back as the 1900s when dice were rolled on sidewalks for entertainment. As the name implies, it shares similar features with popular casino craps. However, it is simpler to play, and you can enjoy the game without using the regular craps table.

How to Shoot Dice - Rules

This street variant of casino craps is quicker and it requires only a pair of dice and a sturdy outside surface to play. The objective of the activity is for participants to predict the result of their dice roll or shot. The participants wager on whether the shooter, that is, the individual in charge of the dice, will first roll a specific number.

The game of throwing dice is a fantastic way to gamble and have fun with friends, but you will not find it at even the top crypto casinos. Nevertheless, it is an exciting game to play outside the regular casino setting. This piece explores everything you need to know about street craps.

Basics Of How to Shoot Dice

Shooting the dice

As noted earlier, the Shooting Dice sport shares similar features to the casino contest craps. However, knowing how to play craps does not mean that you will be good at tossing dice. That is because both games might be similar, but their gameplay and rules are slightly different.

That is why it is important to learn the basics of how to shoot dice before attempting to play. Fortunately, the rules of the game are simple, and players can master them within minutes. That said, the following are five essential things you should know about how to shoot dice.

Understand Game Basics

Taking time beforehand to do your research, gain basic knowledge about the games you want to venture into, and plan towards it is essential for every gamer, as it helps you minimize mistakes.

Learning game basics

For starters, the session of shooting dice can be played with an unlimited number of people, especially since it is an outdoor event. However, a single player shoots the two dice – this player is known as the shooter. The shooter is also the first one to place a wager.

Then, other players must match that bet amount for the game to proceed. However, if the bet amount set by the shooter is too high, the shooter must lower the bet for others to match it. The game begins with players deciding who the shooter will be, next, the other participants will then begin wagering on whether or not the shooter will pass or crap out. If the shooter rolls a seven or eleven, it is a pass, while a two, three, or twelve is crap out. When the shooter craps out, the sport is over, and the other players get paid.

Learn the Point Value

How to Play dice for beginers

The term “point value” is an important one that every player participating in shooting dice should know. This is the first number the shooter rolls if they do not crap out or pass on the very first roll. When this occurs, the point value and the number 7 are the only ones that matter.

The shooter must continue to roll the dice until either the point value or a seven appears. A “Pass” bet is one in which the bettor wagers that the shooter will roll the point value again before rolling a 7. There is also a “do not pass” bet, which is the opposite of a pass bet.

The game comes to an end and the shooter loses if the shooter rolls a 7 or the point value.

Know Your Vocabulary

Know your vocabulary

Just like many other games played on online crypto casino sites, shooting dice has its terms that you will hear and speak when playing the game. For a new player, these terms might be a little strange and confusing. Even some seasoned players might not be familiar with every word in the shooting dice language. That said, here are the important words to keep in mind when engaging in the fun activity of shooting dice.

• Come-out – the game’s initial roll

• Crap out – a come-out roll of 2, 3, or 12

• Pass – if the come-out roll is 7 or 11

• Seven-out – when a 7 is rolled before the point value

• The Point — a come-out roll of any number between 4 and 10

• Shooter – someone who throws the dice

• Bounce – barrier, such as a wall, that allows the dice to bounce before coming to rest

• Side bet — an additional wager placed at the start of a round

Start the Game

The game begins with a betting round, where every player contributes a certain amount to the pot. It is also known as the ante bet. This wager is placed, with each player hoping to be the shooter.

Once the ante bets have been placed, the next step is to determine who the shooter will be. For this, punters who have placed an ante bet will first roll the dice. Whoever gets the highest number becomes the shooter for that round. Next, the shooter will wager to either crap out or pass. The other punters, who now become participants, will match the shooter’s new bet. There are also side bets that punters can place beside the main bets.

After this, the shooter rolls the come-out. As mentioned earlier, the come-out is the first game roll. If it is a pass or crap out, the competition ends, and players get their bets accordingly. However, if the come-out is a point, all crap out bets change to bets that the shooter will seven out. On the other hand, pass bets become point wagers.

Learn Dice Control

Rolling dice

Dice control simply means throwing dice with accuracy. You need to know how to exercise dice control if you are the shooter or plan to be an excellent one. Remember that you will be playing with a group of people, and no one likes to be delayed in a fast-paced game like street craps.

Plus, the quicker you are to shoot dice, the more exciting the event. A common practice for dice control when learning how to shoot dice is to have the number three on each of the two dice. Of course, that is not a rule that has been set in stone. However, it has become a standard principle in street craps.

Aside from the numbers you choose to show, you can also place the dice in diagonal lines so that the three spots are all facing the same way, thereby giving you dice control. Getting dice control takes some practice, so it is best to try it out a lot at home instead of learning how to do it well when you are gambling to avoid making mistakes caused by either inexperience or anxiety.

You should hold the dice between your thumb and forefinger when throwing them. Then swing your arm back and forth like a pendulum before you first roll the dice. It is preferable to shoot the two dice in as small an arc as possible so that it makes the fewest possible rotations. With that in mind, it is best not to add any more spins to the dice.

When you roll the dice, both cubes should be close. Note that if they are far from each other, they are more likely to bounce in different directions when they land. The dice should not have several bounces. Plus, a flawless shooter with dice control will ensure that the dice hit the wall, bounce once on the table, and stop without a hitch.

Shooting Dice Etiquette

Many contests have certain formalities and conduct that are peculiar to them. In hurling the dice, the shooter always chooses their bet amount and has two wagering options, namely pass and crap-out. Moreover, if the other players are unable to cover the bet, the shooter has the option to reduce the amount of the wager. Once the shooter has rolled the dice, all betting must instantly cease.

Shooting Dice Tricks and Tips

The hand of street dice is a game of luck, that is, they have a 50/50 chance because there is no way to predict what number will turn up after the dice are thrown. However, with a few tricks which will be discussed shortly, you can tip the odds in your favor.

Trying every trick

Learning The Probability Of Rolling A Specific Number

When you learn the art of throwing dice, you will come to realize that certain numbers appear more frequently than others. There is a 17% probability that you will roll a seven out of all the possible number combinations. 6 and 8 are the next most often rolled numbers, with five possible combinations for each number. Surprisingly, 2 and 12 are the least likely numbers to come up.

Roll The Dice Correctly

Sum Dice

We already covered how to roll the dice correctly. This plays a huge role in the contest, as the wrong throw could lead the dice to bounce off in different directions. Consequently, the contest could become boring and unbearably lengthy for other participants since you will have to spend some time going after the die that bounced far from home. That is why it is important to practice how to shoot dice correctly before actually playing the game.

Shooters Must Bet Big

This game typically involves the shooter betting on a pass and the other players betting on a crap out. Since we have talked about how likely it is to land on certain numbers, a pass bet is best if you think you will land on 7. So, it makes sense for the shooter to put a big bet on a pass bet, which is more likely to hit.

The Difference Between Shooting Dice and Casino Craps

roll the dice

Although shooting dice and casino craps are played similarly, there are a few differences. When you play casino craps, you place your bets at a table on the casino floor. There is a banker or dealer who keeps track of all the bets and runs the sport.

In the event of throwing crypto dice, there is no banker or dealer in street craps to keep track of the bets or the game. Also, there is no casino table because this entertainment is played outside on the street or sidewalk against a wall.


Freqeuntly Questions

What skills are necessary for shooting dice?

The only skill you need in this activity is learning how to shoot the dice correctly.

What happens when you roll a 7 in dice?

When you wager on a pass bet, you win if the come-out roll is a 7.

What are the rules for shooting dice?

Players place an ante bet and decide on the shooter. Then, the dice are rolled, and the number rolled decides whether players win or lose.

Is shooting dice illegal?

Tossing dice itself is not illegal, however, It could be depending on the laws in your location, because in some countries, gambling outside of a regulated and licensed casino is illegal.

Does shooting dice have any demerits?

The shooting dice game may or may not be unfavorable to you, as the demerits could arise due to the nature of your situation.

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