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If you have never gone to a physical casino with a number of slot machines, their bright lights could be dazzling. This is the dominant feature of physical gambling establishments which provide the intriguing decades-old casino game. But do not get alarmed by that. The easiest casino game to engage in offline as well as online is the slot machine.

Initially, table game enthusiasts looked down on slot games since you could bet less money on them. Due of this, the smaller chest players have an affinity for the slot machines. Slot enthusiasts have nothing additional to look forward to whilst the high-rollers sipped free cocktails and ate meals at the tables. Right about now, the popularity and ubiquity of slots are unmatched amongst all online casino games and sites.

Slots or pokies, as some geo location like to call it,  are among the most popular casino games. They are one of the most attractive games since they’re quite simple to grasp and call for a minimum amount of skill in contrast to Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat. Slots are among the most sought-after casino game for new players to give a shot. They’re also amusing, enjoyable, and designed with extra elements like reels, bonus rounds, etcetera.

We’ll delve deeply into the game and highlight every facet of it in our novice’s manual. We urge you to be as skilled as you can be at slots. Even though playing slots is straightforward, you are still required to comprehend the essentials. You’re going to also require a few strategies to assist you increase your earnings. All of that and more are abundantly available in our comprehensive guide.

In the world of iGaming, slots have an enticing appeal and a solid credibility. Consequently, the desire of numerous casino owners to have an even share of the pie is not a huge surprise. Therefore, finding the top online slots will be difficult for a beginner. Do not sweat! Our guide has gone above and above to suggest great arenas, including the crypto friendly Bet999 online casino.

The Brief Genesis of Slot Game

Travelling back in time to obtain this intriguing casino game’s history before learning how to play. Your gaming experience will be more interesting if you are aware of the game’s past. The first slot game was created in the city of New York by the Sittman & Pitt firm in the year 1891. A total of 5 drums and 50 playing cards were in the machine.

You might be wondering why there are cards in the slots. This is why; In the past, video poker-like machines were employed for slots. Therefore, 50 cards were utilised in slots as opposed to a 52-card deck.

The Jack of hearts and 10 spade are the cards which were absent. They were eliminated, thereby reducing the likelihood of getting a Royal Flush by half and ultimately improve the house edge.

A punter needed to put coins into the machine and draw the a lever in order to play the slots. You would receive rewards that are not monetary in the form of beverages and cigarettes if your reels aligned up with poker hands. Nevertheless, the inaugural automated slot machine was invented in the year 1895 by Charles Fey, popularly known as “Father of Slots.”

The invented machine comprised of Five (5) symbols and three (3) reels. They took the place of the playing cards on the automated slot machine. The first video slot was produced in 1976 by the Fortune Coin Company before the company was later acquired by the renowned IGT.

Slots: The Modernism Revolution

The online gambling sector has experienced rapid growth since the inception of the internet’s. In that area, slots are in the forefront. The transition from manual to automated machines, and ultimately to the contemporary era of online slots, has proven exhilarating. Slots games presently take up a large portion of online casinos’ lobby.

The original internet slot game sites primarily offered traditional slots, which were similar to those found in land-based casinos. There were many more fascinating slot game varieties in the twinkling of an eye. Jackpot slots and Video slots with numerous reels and larger rewards were among them. The domination of slots in the online gambling industry is unparalleled and many software companies are creating innovative products as often as possible.

The most well-known slot software companies in the industry include; IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, and RTG. The Random Number Generator, RNG is an advanced tool that determines the results of slots. A digital chip called the RNG is used in slot machines to guarantee fairness and randomness of spin outcomes.

Additionally, you don’t need to go to a physical casino to engage in your preferred slots. You are able to play anywhere the desire takes you, including at your place of residence. You may play online casino games at online casinos using browsers that have an embedded HTML-5 structure. Additionally, if you have a connection to the internet, you can instantly enjoy yourself by engaging in slots on a variety of gadgets, including tablets, smartphones, and computers.

How To Play Slots: Overview

How to Play Slots

Within the casino, you’ll find many various kinds of slot machines, and not every one of them possess identical regulations or winning chances.

Assuming you’re just starting out, you may want to stay with the traditional machines that just have 3 reels as they are the most basic machines to train on. 

Lacking the full complement of scatter and wild symbols found on other kinds of machines, classic machines are going to include only the most fundamental symbols, such as cherries and bells.

Additionally, there shall also be lesser paylines, which means that the reward will be greater if you hit compared to that which has numerous paylines.

We anticipate that you are now familiar with the game’s fundamental components. Slot playing is simple, as was previously said. The steps below even simplify it in our novice’s guide:

  • Register and add money to your casino gaming account.
  • Choose your favorite slot machine at the casino of your choice.
  • Look at the worth of every symbol as displayed in the paytable for the game.
  • Select the paylines you want to use. Click the ‘Max Bet’ option to activate every one of the paylines.
  • Hit the “Spin” option to start the reels whirling. If you win, your winnings will be shown to you on the monitor.

Symbols on Slot Games

Slot symbols & Illustrations

So playing slot games must be really straightforward, correct? However, we are yet to discuss what each symbol means. The common symbols are those which you have most likely seen at some point in your life previously, perhaps it was on tv show or in a video game.

They constitute the standard fruit symbols, while certain slot machines favor using card symbols in their place.

You have to aline these standard symbols in a specific order to be awarded the reward. What of the rest of the symbols though? Let’s quickly examine them.

Scatter symbols

Frequently, scatter symbols are connected to extra spins that are very advantageous to the player. They typically come with certain restrictions and criteria that must be fulfilled before you can take use of them, and they are typically pretty difficult to land on. A player’s closest companion is frequently a scatter symbol, though.

Wild symbols

Consider the wild symbol to be the joker in a game of cards. If this particular symbol appears in any of your combo, it can replace every other symbol within the combo to create a winner. Therefore, possessing a wild symbol will significantly increase your chances of succeeding.

Multiplier symbols

The multiplier symbol is yet another uncommon symbol that boosts your wins if you locate it. The degree to which they raise the money you win depends on the specific game, but it may be 3x, 6x, or as much as 8x. They are highly desirable and extremely valuable, as you could expect. Sadly, they aren’t found in many of the slot machines.

Stacked symbols

It is possible for regular symbols to occupy more than one spot on a reel through the aid of stacked symbols. The likelihood of matching the symbols altogether is increased as a result. Additionally, you can occasionally have the chance for landing on a wild symbol that is stacked, which significantly improves your odds of winning.

Sticky symbols

The reel stays in position for multiple spins if you touch on a sticky symbol. This indicates that all it takes to win is for you to match two symbols. They are frequently difficult to land on since the makers put them near the conclusion of the reels where there is less possibility that you will see them.

Bonus symbols

Just like a scatter symbol, a bonus symbol removes you from the subsequent spin and enables you to participate in a free game. This game will frequently be related to the concept of the machine, such as poker or a stack of cards. You can’t do much to improve your chances of winning bonus games because they frequently rely more on chance rather than upon strategy.

The likelihood of succeeding at a slot machine

What is the likelihood that you will succeed with your machine? Sadly, it’s not as easy as simply understanding the probabilities, given that there is frequently a varied chance of succeeding every time you visit a slot machine.

Types of Online Slots

Types of Slot Games

Slots are frequently classified according to how many reels they have. Regarding that, there are three primary groups of online slots, which will be addressed beneath.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Your money has the potential to grow astronomically thanks to these slots. Have you ever witnessed a slot machine’s jackpot grow by the minute? This is due to the fact that a portion of each wager made by you together with other participants goes toward increasing the jackpot. This is why majority of the internet sites, or perhaps all, constantly offer it.

However, the chances of earning the jackpot are slim, if you accomplish it though, you’re going to possess a balance which even the casino would envy. Nevertheless, you must be betting the maximum amount in order to be eligible for the prize. The jackpot pools frequently top millions dollars.

These type represents the notable slot game varieties that are frequently played at casinos on the internet. Although, you may learn how to play and relish different kinds of online slots also.

3-Reel or Classic slots

Three-reel slots is another name for these versions. Additionally, you might notice people referring to this group as “one-arm bandits.” The term originates from older slot machines where a player had to pull a lever to start spinning the reels.

These are the greatest options to start with if you’re a newbie. That is as a result of their simplicity, speed, and ease of learning. When you hit three identical matching symbols on a conventional slot machine, you win the jackpot. Traditional or classic slots give the largest payouts, despite the fact that having fewer reels decreases a player’s probability of winning.

Video Slots

Video slots, also referred to as 5-reel slots, are an improvement over the traditional slots. They come with enjoyable gaming tunes and top-notch in-game visuals. Any individual could be seduced by that. They were the forerunners to contemporary slots and are also among the most popular slots in online casinos.

Five-reel slots by default include additional paylines. As a result, you have much greater winning odds than with traditional slots. Free spins and other extra features seen in video slots add to the game’s intriguing gameplay.

Recommendations For Successful Slot Machine Gaming

How to Win at Slots – Best Tips and Tricks to Win More Money

We’ve got a few more newbie slot betting recommendations to help get you prepared ahead of sending you off to try your hand at the slots. Slot games are intended to make gambling pleasant, therefore if you are not sure that you’ll be capable of taking pleasure even in your losses, maybe they’re not suited for you.

Therefore, familiarise yourself with these tips which will definitely aid you in your pursuit as a successful slot games player. These tip will help you wether you chose to engage in progressive jackpot slots, classic machines, or video slots.

Slot machines are totally arbitrary

The fact that casino slot machines are totally random in the creation of their symbols, free spins and bonus games, is probably one of the most important aspects to keep in mind.

Just keep in mind that neither the machine nor the casino employees are to blame, and nobody is making fun of you among the other customers.

Understand that it could just be that it’s not your lucky day and try your best to handle defeats with grace.

Recall that engaging in gambling ought to be pleasurable and enjoyable; therefore, you ought to stop playing immediately you begin to experience anything aside from pleasure.

Many pieces of writing on the web speculate that slot machines may not be randomly generated, but this is demonstrably untrue. The symbols and numbers are chosen by the machines that operate using random number generators.

Progressive slots represent the only slots which cannot be considered random, and even then, the one aspect that is not random about these kind of slot is the moment that the prize will be paid out. The jackpot prize itself is chosen at random! With earlier machines, it might have been possible to calculate the probabilities of succeeding, but it has become practically difficult with the more recent models.

Recognise that you’ll hardly profit at slots!

Understanding the reality that you are never going to win while playing slots is going to render it much simpler for you to move on from the unit once your stake allocation has been exhausted. This is identical to every other tip in this article.

In addition, you’re bound to be more joyful than you would have been had you assumed you are likely to come out on top in the very initial spin if it appears that you’re not playing to win but eventually do with the ideal mix of the right symbols.

On the internet, you’ll find a ton of posts that claim embracing defeat is the key to improving at everything.

You might get more proficient at planning out your subsequent actions while using luck to your advantage at slots.

You are able to function meticulously and thoroughly rather than hurriedly. Therefore, resist the urge to become arrogant and realise that you will never gain a dime.

Familiarise yourself with the paylines

Each machine is going to possess a unique payline configuration and a varied number of paylines. The CROSS – NOUGHT – CROSS, and JACKPOT – JACKPOT- JACKPOT are examples of winning symbol combinations.

Your chance of striking the jackpot payline increases with the amount of paylines.

Because some paylines are significantly more frequent than others, they have smaller potential winnings.

Nonetheless, there is a possibility that you could strike it rich! It’s important to remember, though, that not all machines have the same paylines.

Imagine moving to a new machine without first checking the paylines, making a bet, and pressing the spin button. As soon as the spinning reels halt on BELL, GOLD BAR, and BELL, you begin to celebrate the victory by shouting and bouncing around.

That is, till you notice that there’s no sounds or blinking lights, and nobody else is joining you in the celebration. You only just realized that this machine’s paylines are totally distinct from the one you had been playing on previously.

Extremely unbearable is the humiliation that is experienced. So stop being that player who ignores the paylines.

Avoid convincing yourself that you are playing a lucky game

A slot game player should avoid becoming overconfident.

Since the likelihood of you prevailing is utterly arbitrary, as we have already discussed, persuading yourself that you’re playing a lucky game is probably simply going to make you feel embarrassed.

Particularly if you have been flaunting your good luck and likelihood of winning big money throughout the casino. The throng that gathers to see you play as a result will only increase the pressure on you to deliver.

This will make you even less effective because you’ll experience a wave of unfavorable feelings including anxiety, wrath, and disappointment.

You can end up placing more bets than you intended to if you manage to convince yourself that you really are playing a lucky game.

It’s quite simple to put away more money than you have available on the slots. This is due to the fact that winning the big rewards is far more difficult, but we still believe that somebody will eventually succeed! We continue to wager because we think that should we not, another person will take control of the slot machine and collect the profits after only a few spins.

Ensure you have a good time

Slot machines are used in gambling establishments as a form of entertainment and to give clients a location to punts wager without feeling the same level of strain as they would at a table game.

You may enjoy slots by yourselves, wagering for as little as you have, without a crowd of people watching you place large bets.

Why do people place a lot of strain on themselves to succeed when slots are designed to be enjoyable?

Casino gambling ought to be enjoyable, thus you ought to stop playing right away whenever you notice it is no longer entertaining you.

There are a few ways to ensure you’re maintaining the fun whilst betting, including knowing your boundaries and not pushing them, taking rests within bets, and playing more for enjoyment than for financial gain.

Slot Game Strategies

Successful Slots Strategies

The simplest thing in the casino to engage in is the slots; simply spin the wheels and try your luck. There is no way for gamers to predict which combos will appear or whether a jackpot will be hit. There are, nevertheless, some dangers. It’s critical to study the machine’s screen or use the help menu to determine what kind of device it is. The buy-a-pay, multiplier, and progressive machine game categories are the three most common ones.

The multiplier symbols

Rewards on a multiplier are based on the number of coins wagered, with the exception of the top jackpot, which is typically not the case. If you input one credit and the machine allows you to play a maximum of three credits, three bars will return 10. With two credits, three bars will return 20, and for three credits, it will return 30. Three sevens, on the other hand, could yield 500 for a single credit, 1,000 for two, and could hop to about 10,000 for all three credits when played. Check the screen to see if that is the case prior to engaging with fewer than the permitted amount of coins on this kind of machine.

The buy-a-pay

Never place a stake lower than the maximum on a buy-a-pay machine where each credit “buys” a payout line or a group of symbols. The punter may be limited to winning on cherries combinations with the first coin, bars with the subsequent coin, and sevens with the final coin. When a player plays just one coin on a buy-a-pay and strikes three jackpot characters, the punter gets absolutely nothing in return. A machine that has many payout lines that each need a distinct credit to activate is considered a variation. When playing with one or two credits, every symbol are active, but if a combo that wins appears on the third-credit payment line, the amount paid out will be zero.

The progressive jackpot slots

Additionally, there is no justification to play fewer coins on these machines than the optimum amount. Every coin bet includes a payout for the player who eventually lines up the jackpot symbols. The jackpot on the earliest self-contained progressive machines depended on how frequently the specific machine had been engaged following a large win. The majority of progressive slots in use today are automatically connected to similar other machines, and all coins wagered on such machines contribute to a single jackpot.

The largest slot amount ever won on a $1 progressive jackpot at a Las Vegas casino was $39,710,826.26. These progressive jackpots can be very large. The downside is that other payments tend to occur less frequently and in lower amounts. You won’t win the huge reward if you fail to utilise all of the available credits.

Should you have to play less than the optimum amount of credits, seek out a multiplier with a relatively tiny final-coin leap in the highest prize. Alternatively, select a machine which lets you bet with the most credits while yet staying inside your limits. Assuming you can’t spin at optimum coins of a $1 slot due to your budget, switch to a quarter slot . Switch to a two-quarter game if you don’t feel comfy playing three quarters at once. Spin a nickel slot if you are unable to engage in two quarters at once.

Video slots are distinct from other slots since they have a lot of paylines and allow you to wager numerous credits per line. Certain 20-payline penny slots accept up to 25 cents per line. The highest wager is about $5, which is definitely a nice sum! Even if they only wager one credit per payline, the majority of gamers on video slots bet below the maximum bet while still covering all the paylines. It is important you qualify for the extra rounds, which are the majority of the excitement in video slots. Jackpots with progressives can either demand maximum bets or not. Pick another machine if a maximum wager is necessary to qualify you for the jackpot and you aren’t willing to risk that much.

Quick Tips for Slot Games

Top Online Slots Tips

We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you with our article. You only need to use our helpful advice when playing any type of slot. In summary, these tips can always come handy:

  • Firstly, ensure you register and play slot machines at legitimate online casinos such as Bet999
  • Select titles with the biggest Return to Player (RTP) rate. The RTP changes for every game. Those who have about 98.2% while others have 96.5%. Selecting the best will increase your likelihood of winning, so please do so.
  • Every title has a free demo version that you may use to familiarise yourself with the mechanics and regulations. You can afterwards place real money bets.
  • Establish deposit caps to control the money you spend. Never wager more money at risk than you’re able to handle. Choose how much money you can afford to lose, and once you reach that limit, quit gambling.
  • Put money on numerous paylines as your bankroll will allow. If you wager across more paylines, your chances of winning increase.
  • And ultimately, do not forget it’s all for fun.

Ethics when playing slot machines

When playing slots, it’s common practice amongst players to play at two or more neighbouring machines at once. However, if the casino is busy and other gamers are experiencing trouble locating a spot to sit down, stick to one machine. Practically speaking, even in a small crowd, you should limit the number of machines you play to those you can readily keep an eye on.

Occasionally, gamers who need to use toilets lean a chair onto the machine, drop their clothes on the seat, or drop some other items indicating that they will be back. Pay attention to these warnings. If you engage a machine which has previously been so staked out, an ugly conflict might ensue.

Where can International Players Find and Play Slots

Looking for a legit online casino to play casino games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, and ultimately, slots for real money? Look no further. You are welcomed to register at Bet999 crypto friendly online slots casino. You can try your hands on all types of slot games such as; classic and video slots, and progressive slot machines. They are feature amazing and colourful themes, unique features, multiple symbols, and many more.


Are there any tricks to playing slots?

Hardly. Although there are several tactics you can use in spite of the dominating factors of luck.

How can you enjoy slots and earn money?

You have to play slot machines with real money to stand a chance to win. Register at a reputable casino and select from the numerous options available. Make a deposit and begin spinning. When you win, you can immediately claim your rewards at the cashier section.

What are the costs associated with playing slots?

Although you’ll find slot machines in 2-cent, 10-cent, quarter, and dollar values as well as reel spinners up to $100. Penny and nickel video games, together with quarter and dollar reel-spinning titles, remain among the most prevalent slot types.

What’s next after winning?

The credit gauge will be credited with rewards when you land a combo that wins. When you press the “Cash Out” icon on the majority of machines, a bar-coded coupon that can be claimed for money will print out, allowing you to receive the coins that are now displayed on the guage.

Do free slots have real money payouts?

No, however there are bonuses available. The reward may appear as an amount of free spins or as a “second screen” reward for the gamer.

Are slots completely random?

Players need to know that payouts from slot are random. The payout percentages on the machines are predetermined and unaffected by outside circumstances because they are set to do so throughout time. Online slot machine gaming is entirely random, and a random number generator (RNG) determines the payouts.

How are winners determined by when playing slots?

The functionality of contemporary gaming machines is controlled by computers. The result of a spin is established by a Random Number Generator (RNG), a computer software based on mathematics that chooses combinations of values to establish which icons are going to provide a positive or negative result.

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