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Home » How To Play Crazy Time At Bet999 is home to the thrilling and entertaining online game Crazy Time. Evolution Gaming, one of the most trusted software providers for online casinos, created this game. It’s a game of chance with a big, multicolored wheel and four thrilling bonus rounds called Crazy Time. The game aims to predict where the pointer will end on the wheel. Below we’ll examine the ins and outs of’s Crazy Time game in further detail.

So, What Is Crazy Time?

Evolution Gaming, a premier producer of live dealer casino games, created Crazy Time for the online gambling market. You may spin a gigantic, colorful wheel in this game and play four bonus rounds to win enormous jackpots.

In Crazy Time, you have to guess where the pointer will stop on the wheel. The wheel is segmented, and each segment represents a distinct color and numerical value. The features range in color from pink to blue to yellow to green, and each has a unique payout percentage.

It’s not only the usual segments of the wheel that make Crazy Time fun; there are also four thrilling bonus games. The bonus round will begin if the pointer arrives in a bonus area. Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time are the four different crypto games, each providing unique winning possibilities.

Playing Crazy Time, a game of luck, is an exciting and entertaining method to win a substantial sum of money. It’s a game that may provide hours of fun and the possibility to win enormous thanks to its vibrant visuals, straightforward gameplay, and thrilling bonus rounds.

How To Play Crazy Time At

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Now that you know about the game Crazy Time, here are the steps you should follow to play Crazy Time at

Step 1: Register at

To start playing Crazy Time on, sign up for an account first. The registration procedure is quick and only takes a few pieces of data. After logging in, go to the games menu and look for Crazy Time among the options.

Step 2: Place Your Bets

As you enter Crazy Time, a giant, the multicolored wheel will appear before you. Values for individual segments on this wheel vary, and pink, blue, yellow, and green are used to differentiate the elements. Your mission is to guess where the cursor will stop on the wheel correctly.

Make your wagers before the dealer spins the wheel. Any of the four segments or the bonus rounds may be wagered on. Choose the number of chips you want to use, and then click on the numbered section of the roulette wheel where you want to put your money. Several bets on separate portions are permitted.

Step 3: Spin the Wheel

The next step is to spin the wheel once all wagers have been made. The host spins the wheel, and the player focuses on one of the spaces. You would get a reward according to the value of the segment and your wager if the part on which the pointer falls were the one you anticipated.

Step 4: Bonus Rounds

It’s not only the four standard segments on the wheel that make Crazy Time entertaining; there are also four bonus games. The bonus round will begin if the pointer arrives in a bonus area. These are the extras you may win:

  • Cash Hunt: In the Cash Hunt bonus game, you’ll randomly be presented with 108 different multipliers on a vast screen. You’ll need to choose a symbol to uncover a multiplier, which will then disclose your payout.
  • Coin Flip: To win this extra round, you must correctly guess whether the coin will fall on heads or tails when flipped. You will get the payment if your forecast is successful.
  • Pachinko: In this bonus round, you will play Pachinko, where a giant Pachinko board will be shown to you, and a ball will be placed upon it from above. The multiplier will be chosen at random when the ball bounces around, and the multiplier value on which the ball stops determines your payment.
  • Crazy Time: The Crazy Time bonus round is the game’s most exciting feature. You’ll spin a massive wheel with three flappers for a prize. Choose a flapper, which is all labeled with different multipliers. The host will spin the enormous wheel, and if the pointer stops in the numbered section that corresponds to the flapper you choose, you will earn a reward according to the value of that section and the size of your wager.

Step 5: Collect Your Winnings

Your account balance will be updated immediately if you get a payout. You may either keep playing with your wins or cash them out using one of the options provided.

About Evolution Gaming

Regarding live dealer casino games, nothing compares to Evolution Gaming. This European studio was founded in 2006, but its rapid expansion and success have propelled it to the top in its field. More and more people are trying out its games every day at different online casinos all around the globe because of the excellent quality and uniqueness of those games.

There is a wide variety of games from Evolution Gaming, from traditional table games like blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette to more unique offerings like casino game shows at 

Most games on these episodes are either entirely made up or new takes on classics. You may play games like Mega Ball, Crazy Time, Lightning Roulette, and Dream Catcher in real-time and any of Evolution Gaming’s games whenever you choose.

Tips And Strategy For Crazy Time

Crazy Time, like all other casino games, is just a game of chance. Even though this post is filled with helpful advice and methods for playing Crazy Time, you should go into it knowing that the game relies heavily on luck. This advice is meant to help you improve your game strategy. There is no sure way to win every time, and no method can promise it. You can use these three strategies for success:

  • Strategy For Low Volatility

The objective is to keep your losses to a minimum and play for as long as possible. For instance, it is often used in the context of a bet. Now I’ll show you the ropes. You place wagers on the 10-5-2 and four bonus outcomes. If you want your money back when a number comes up, you should spread it among many boxes.

  • Strategy For Medium Volatility

The goal here is to take more chances than in the earlier plan. Here are some suggestions about how to proceed. Minigames and the number 2 are both available for wagering. And why only 2, and not 5 or 10? Because of the 2’s, the disproportionately high frequency on the wheel, it has a higher chance of being dropped.

  • Strategy For High Volatility 

You should have a solid notion of what to anticipate from this strategy if you fully understand the first two. The idea behind this risky tactic is to place your money on a coin flip and cross your fingers for a quick payoff. The goal is to place bets on just the minigames consistently. Play minigames that come rapidly and hit high multipliers to maximize your reward.

It is essential to modify your bet size based on your bankroll if you want your session to run as long as feasible. Employing a high-volatility approach with a small amount of capital would be very dangerous. In an instant, it may all be gone.

You must know the rules of Crazy Time and the various betting possibilities before you begin playing the game. To avoid losing more money or making bad financial decisions, you should make and adhere to a spending plan. You may play Crazy Time at on your computer or mobile device, and there are various betting limits to select from. As hosts, the dealers set the tone for a good time and keep everything running smoothly.

Conclusion is home to the thrilling and entertaining online casino game Crazy Time. The game’s wheel has four standard parts and four exciting bonus rounds, and it’s simple to pick up and play. Anyone interested in playing Crazy Time must sign up for an account at, make some wagers, spin the wheel, and perhaps win some money. Further opportunities to win enormous sums of money may be found in the game’s bonus rounds, increasing the stakes.

Check out Crazy Time to play a thrilling and entertaining online casino game. The game may provide hours of fun and the possibility to earn high prizes because of its visually appealing design, straightforward gameplay, and thrilling bonus rounds. Visit now, sign up for an account, and play Crazy Time right now!

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