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Bet999 is without a doubt a great casino with all the features and deals that will make your time there one you’ll never forget. Thankfully, the VIP club, however, has much more to offer you. 

With the VIP program, you’re open to more games, more perks, and endless fun. Read on to learn how to become a VIP on Bet999 and the different fun packages that come with it.

What is Bet999?

Bet999 is an online platform for placing bets and carrying out other gaming activities. It’s no secret that people enjoy playing at online casinos. With only a few online casinos available at present, Bet999 stands out among the best. 

Bet999 digital hub features your all-time favorite activities and improved speed and ease of depositing and withdrawing funds. Gamers are more open to exploring new areas. Everyone would certainly appreciate the enhanced and user-friendly gameplay experience. 

The platform frees up their customers to devote more attention to the games themselves, and the gambling experience. With Bet999, they don’t need to worry about the money they are risking; they are barely risking anything!

What is VIP on Bet999?

Bet999 VIP Club is a place where members of all tiers of the gaming community can enjoy exclusive benefits and social opportunities. With the Bet999 VIP system, players can move up in ranks and earn points to get more and more valuable benefits.

You will have access to special benefits, such as cashback incentives, tokens, and even free cryptocurrency! If you make it to the very top, you should keep climbing the levels and become a Super VIP. With this premium membership, you’ll have access to exclusive events and excursions that most people can only fantasize about.

How to Become a VIP on Bet999?

It’s easy to operate on the VIP level at Bet999. All you need to do is log in to the platform from their website. The platform offers a simplified login system that allows you to get on board without any hassle. 

On signing up, you would be on the lowest level of gameplay, as it should supposedly be. At this point, your goal should be to rank higher in your VIP status. You’ll have a choice of how to bet on a sports game or a gambling game. Every bet you make at Bet999 earns you experience points, which you can use to get access to new features and levels.

Bet999 will provide the best gaming experience with a high level of service. Hence, as a newbie, you wouldn’t find the process of leveling up boring and tiring. Every game provides a unique experience that makes you wish to move on to the next step.

The points that players earn with each wager vary, as arranged by Bet999. If you want to move up the ranks more quickly, wager the required amount for as long as you need to.

On registering, you will be on the “Newcomer” level. The next level after this is the “Gambler” level, and unlocking it will require you to wager up to 600 USD. You can keep going up these levels until the massive level 20, where you become the “King.” Below is a more comprehensive breakdown of these levels and what you stand to gain.

Bet999 VIP Levels System

Bet999 VIP Levels

As earlier stated, the Bet999 VIP casino features up to 20 levels, from Newcomer to King, with their own different perks. 

Go through the headings below for details on the leveling system:


Every new registrant in the Bet999 VIP club is a newcomer automatically. For newcomers, your total wager is 0 USD with a rank bonus of 0 USDT. However, you’ll get a rakeback of 10% and a B9C Unlock of 10% as well.


To move up to the gambler level, you are required to wager a total of 600 USD. There is no rank bonus, but you’ll also get a rakeback and B9C unlock of 10%. There are no exclusive promotions or access to the premium VIP club.

High Roller

At the third level, the game begins to get more interesting. You’ll need to wager a total of 4000 USD to unlock this level. There is a rank bonus of 6 USDT. There is also a rakeback and B9C unlock of 12%. However, there is still no access to exclusive promotions or the premium VIP club. 


This level will require you to wager 10,000 USD to unlock it. As a coach, you will get a rank bonus of 9 USDT. You’ll also enjoy the previous rakeback and B9C bonus of 12%. There is still no access to exclusives.


The Master level will require much more effort, as you’ll wager double what you did for the Coach level. After wagering 20,000 USD, you will get a rank bonus of 15 USDT. You’ll also get a rakeback and B9C unlock of an increased 14%. You’ll still have no access to the exclusives.

Master II

The Master level continues in an advanced state where you have to wager 50,000 USD for an upgrade. At this level, you will get a massive rank bonus of 37 USDT. However, your rakeback and B9C unlock will remain at 14%. 

The most interesting part, however, is that you will get access to exclusive promotions. Your exclusive promotional journey begins here.

Master III

The Master level continues to the third level, rakeback, where your bonuses become even more massive. You will enjoy a rank bonus of 75 USDT after you wager 100,000 USD. You will also get a rakeback and B9C unlock of 16%. You’ll also keep enjoying your access to exclusive promotions.


You graduate into the Professor levels afterward. The first professor level would be opened when you wager 200,000 USD. You will enjoy a rank bonus of 150 USDT and a Rakeback and B9C Unlock of 16% like earlier. Finally, you’ll also have your exclusive promotions to enjoy.

Professor II

With 400,000 USD, you can unlock the next level of Professor II. You will enjoy a rank bonus of 300 USDT and a rakeback and B9C unlock of 18%. Your exclusive promotion access also continues.

Professor III

The final level of being a professor will be unlocked when you wager 650,000 USD. Here, you would enjoy a rank bonus of 375 USDT and a rakeback and B9C unlock of 18%. As usual, you’ll have access to exclusive promotions, but that’s not all! 

You will also get access to the VIP club you’ve been waiting for. You’re now part of the bigger plan.


On the celebrity level, you’ll have access to all the perks you’ve previously enjoyed. You’ve also begun the second half of the journey to being king. You will enjoy a 525 USDT rank bonus and a rakeback and B9C unlock of 20%, wagering only 1,000,000 USD.

Celebrity II

With a 2,500,000 USD wager, you will unlock the next stage of the celebrity level. Here, you will enjoy a 1,111 USDT rank bonus with a rakeback and B9C unlock of 20%. You’re automatically going to keep enjoying the exclusive promotions and VIP club access.

Celebrity III

The Celebrity III level will offer you a 2,222 USDT rank bonus with a rakeback and B9C unlock of 20%. You’ll also get the usual exclusive promotions and VIP club access for a higher price. You’ll only need to wager 5,000,000 USD.


The Knight level is another level set with enticing perks and bonuses. With a wager of 10,000,000 USD, you would get a rank bonus of 3,333 USDT. You will also get a rakeback and B9C unlock of 20% and other exclusive packages that come along.

Knight II

The second Knight level is to be unlocked with a wager of 25,000,000 USD. It will offer a rank bonus of 4,444 USDT with a Rakeback and B9C Unlock of 20% among other perks.

Knight III

The third Knight level, which is the sixteenth level for gamblers to climb, is unlocked with a wager of 50,000,000 USD. It offers a rank bonus of 5,555 USDT and a rakeback and B9C unlock of 20%, among other perks.


The final set of levels for players to climb is the “Hero” set. The first hero set is unlocked by wagering 100,000,000 USD. Players will get a rank bonus of 7,777 USDT with a Rakeback and B9C Unlock of 20%

Hero II

The next hero level is unlocked with a wager of 200,000,000 USD. The beauty of the hero set is that the rank bonus increases drastically, and hence, you’ll get 9,999 USDT. You’ll get a rakeback and B9C unlock of 20%, among other perks.

Hero III

Hero III is the third stage of the Hero levels and the nineteenth level altogether. It would require a $400,000,000 wager to unlock. You’ll get a massive rank bonus of 15,555 USDT and a rakeback and B9C unlock of 20%, among other perks.


The King is the summit of the levels of the Bet999 VIP system. The King level is unlocked with a total wager of 650,000,000 USD. The king will enjoy a huge rank bonus of 33,333 USDT. The rakeback and B9C unlock remain at 20% even at this level.

Why You Should Become VIP on Bet999

At first, it might seem hard to move up the levels and get access to all the VIP benefits. However, you’ll soon find out that it’s actually quite enjoyable and satisfying. There are many advantages as well. Read on to learn about some of the perks that VIP club players receive:

Get a Premium Treatment

With Bet999 VIP, you can enjoy a high standard of gaming on Bet999. You can take advantage of tempting offers like free coins or a VIP slot welcome bonus.

You’ll be a reputable top-tier member of the Bet999 community! All-expenses-paid vacations to exotic locations and VIP events are just the beginning of the exciting opportunities that may be available to you.

You Can Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Your special VIP treatment gives you an advantage over regular punters. You can bet big on exclusive VIP slots and other great games online and show the world who’s the real VIP. Make the most of your playtime by making use of free tokens, cashback rebates, and other such incentives.

Bet Using Standard Amenities with Ease and Effectiveness

Last but not least, all of life’s little luxuries will be at your fingertips as a VIP member. The services of the entire Bet999 crew are at your disposal. With you in the VIP club, you also have other members to help you with whatever you may need.

Is VIP on Bet999 the Best for You?

For many, the choice of going into VIP depends on the sort of gambler they are. Many believe that there is no point in increasing your wagering volume in hopes of being accepted into a VIP program. There is a point in this, though: you should never wager more than you can afford to lose. However, you can be sure that Bet999 is a platform you can rely on.

For some other platforms, the benefits aren’t guaranteed, and there’s a good possibility they won’t be worth the time and effort. There might be perks that serve as a great way to show appreciation for regular wagering. However, they should be thought of more as a bonus for doing so than a goal in and of themselves.

Likewise, if you’re a problem bettor or worried that you might become one, VIP might not be for you. If you lack self-control, it’s simple to get carried away with all the perks that VIP programs offer. You should take advantage of the benefits to the fullest extent possible. Still, ensure you don’t run into debt by doing so.

Join Bet999 VIP Club Today!

As earlier said, Bet999 is your most trusted platform, reducing your risk to the barest minimum. You don’t need to wait any further; join the Bet999 VIP club today!

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