In a Blackjack betting card game, also known as ‘vingt-un’ (which means ‘twenty-one’ in the French language), the players aim to compete against the dealer instead of competing amongst themselves by comparing the value of their cards at hand to that of the dealer.

For a player to win the bet at this live casino game, such a player must create a hand of cards whose total value is higher than that of the dealer, but, the value of that hand must not exceed twenty-one.

The Blackjack betting game used to be played only in land-based casinos and online casinos. However, a new option for playing blackjack has been birthed from the online casino preference, this alternative is called ‘Live Dealer Blackjack’ and it has the favourable elements of both land-based casinos and online casinos.


Live Dealer Blackjack has various elements that are promising to its players. The first is the opportunity to play with a real person instead of playing blackjack with a robot on your computer. 

Another benefit of live blackjack is that it is easily accessible. Since the game is commonly installed on mobile devices, users of these mobile devices can now play live casino games at their convenience. The players are also able to trust the authenticity of the live casino game since they can see the shuffling of cards as it is happening live.

bet behind blackjack

Although it has its perks, there are some problems with the live blackjack game. Firstly, because the game is played online, it is susceptible to technical malfunctions and these malfunctions could affect the outcome of the live casino game. Also, this option is not beneficial to players with a betting limit, as the minimum bets are higher than regular.

However, the minor drawbacks of the live blackjack game should not be enough reason to discard this alternative altogether, rather, players should focus on the potential of using the strategy and also, endeavour to avoid falling prey to setbacks.


In simple words, ‘Bet Behind’ means placing bets on the value of the hand of another player, that is, staking on the skill of a seated player at a live casino table to win a bet. It is trusting that the choices and actions of another player will favour you. 

When playing the game, it often happens that the seats at blackjack tables where the game is played are all taken, so some players who are not seated would have to wait for their turn to get a seat at the table. But, instead of just observing the live casino game, these players can place a side bet by betting behind a designated player who is at the table, so that they don’t miss out on both the fun and fortune. As a seated player, you can also decide to blackjack bet behind other seated players.


The bet behind strategy is employed when you place a bet on the value of another player’s hand. Rather than participate in the game directly, this strategy helps you play the live casino game by proxy.

The remarkable trait of the betting behind strategy is that you do not have to be excellent at playing the live casino game, you can just rely on the ability of another player. That is, you can win by utilizing this method despite being ignorant as to the mastery of the game, you just need to place a bet behind a seated player who knows their onions.


The distinguishing feature of the betting behind strategy is that whether you are a seated player or not, the option to place a side bet by betting behind a chosen player will always be open to you.


Some benefits of betting behind are discussed below. 

There is No Need to Worry About Finding a Seat:

This strategy does not require you to have a seat at the live blackjack tables, since it can be difficult to get a seat, especially during rush hours. All you have to do is observe the players, pick a player of your choice, and then bet behind that player. The skill and luck of the player you are betting behind determine the result of the live blackjack game for you. If the player wins, you win but if the player loses, then you lose the bet. 

There may not be sufficient time to ascertain the expertise of the player before you make your choice, nevertheless, you can watch to see if the player has the basic knowledge about the live blackjack game; whether the player follows instructions; and whether the player exercises self-control. 

It Allows You to Play at Your Favorite Dealer’s Table:

If you have played live dealer blackjack a couple of times, you should have about one or two favourite dealers. So, whenever you want to play blackjack, you should sit at your favourite dealer’s table.

Like you, other people might fancy a seat at your favourite dealer’s table and this can cause the seats to be taken before you even get a seat. If this happens, there is no need for you to panic or feel downcast as the betting behind strategy allows you to play at blackjack tables by proxy and be a part of the game. 

You Get Double the Action:

Using the blackjack bet behind strategy as a seated player gives you extra action as your bet is both on the live blackjack game you are playing and the game the other active player you picked to bet behind is playing. 

By betting behind another active player asides from yourself, you get to pay more attention to the game you are playing.

It Serves As A Learning Tool:

Whether you are new to the blackjack bet or not, you can learn how to play from your favourite dealer while you are betting behind them. 

It Provides Various Opportunities:

A player who uses the betting behind strategy has a wider range of opportunities available. You can play in the live casino game and still bet behind a seated player, or you can decide to just bet behind a player only. You can bet a higher amount on your game and a lesser amount on the seated player and vice versa.

It Allows Casinos to Make More Money:

Live casinos embrace this strategy because it helps them make more money than they normally would in that duration of time. So, instead of just making money from the seated players, they also make money from the waiting players who blackjack bet behind the chosen players.


Using the betting behind strategy while participating in the live blackjack game can be disadvantageous in certain ways which will be discussed in this essay.

There is No Avenue To Make Strategy Decisions:

The player who you have chosen to bet behind makes all the decisions while you watch the live casino game, you cannot advise on how the game should be played, nor can you make strategic decisions to aid the outcome of the live blackjack game.

You Are At The Mercy Of The Seated Player:

When you are betting behind in blackjack, you yield to the choices of the player and judgement is passed on to the player. When you use this strategy, the degree of your mastery is irrelevant because if the player wins, you win and if he loses, you lose the bet too.

Little Point In Playing Blackjack:

Casinos try to protect their interests with the house edge and since blackjack requires strategy, you need to be very strategic at playing the live casino game so that you can reduce the house edge to 0.5% as long as the rules allow it. However, the betting behind strategy does not give you room to explore the blackjack live casino game from this angle.


The recommended tips shared below will steer your betting behind in blackjack in the right way and help you become successful at it.

Choose The Right Player Wisely:

The player you choose to bet behind can make or mar your fortune, so this is a choice you have to make carefully and wisely. To make your choice of player, you need to observe the individual statistics of the player. 

Another way you would know if the active player you have your eyes on is the right fit is if the player follows the blackjack basics to the letter. And if the player plays according to the rules of the live casino game. 

Keep A Low Profile:

When you bet behind your chosen player, there is no need to be all up in the player’s business. You need to observe the live casino game and trust that the right choices will be made, instead of doing too much and causing a terrible mess of things.

Stick To Your Betting Limits:

Having a betting limit is essential as it prevents you from getting so carried away by the live blackjack game that you spend all of your money in the live casino. When you play blackjack, you should place your bets in smaller bits so that even if you accumulate losses, it would not add up to a substantial amount. 

Control Your Emotions:

Many bettors are often overwhelmed by emotions when they play and it clouds their reasoning. Some overwrought players could even cause a scene and become an embarrassment. Whether your chosen player is winning or losing, you must be able to stay sane enough to follow the live casino game and make logical decisions for yourself after the game. 

Stay On The Lookout:

While you are betting behind a player, you should continue to look around for other players who might be exactly what you are looking for. Once you find another player who is an expert at winning the live casino game, you can bet behind that player in the next round.


Turbo games like blackjack can be played on the Bet999 website which embraces the use of the blackjack bet behind strategy.

To play, you first have to log on to the homepage and then, you go to the menu and click on the blackjack category. 

After clicking on this category, different results for the various blackjack games offered by the Bet999 site will come up, then you can play any or all of the blackjack games of your choice. 


What Happens When The Seated Player Does Something Outside the Ordinary?

The ordinary goal in blackjack is to try to get close to twenty-one before the dealer does, that way, you win. So, once you bet behind a player, you are accountable for whatever action is taken, so the player’s win is your win and the player’s loss is your loss.

What Happens if The Seated Player Split, Doubles or Surrenders?

You cannot influence the decision of the player you choose to bet behind to split, double or surrender no matter how annoying the choices taken may be. Although surrendering will make you lose half of your hand, doubling or splitting will require that you add more money. You are tied to whatever decisions are made by the player you are betting behind.

Most times, players do not have the funds to follow the seated player’s decision to split or double down, so when the established player decides to double down, you can either continue betting by adding an extra stake or you can opt out of the arrangement. 

Is This Feature Right For You?

Your purpose for playing Blackjack would determine whether applying the bet behind strategy is right for you. 

If you are playing blackjack to get better at the game, you might prefer playing the live casino game yourself and losing until you become an expert at it. However, if your primary goal is to make money from the live casinos that run the blackjack game, you would love the betting behind feature. 


As a blackjack player, you should embrace the betting behind strategy because it has so many opportunities to offer you. Although live casinos have the house edge put in place to allow them to protect their money, the betting behind strategy assists the players to scale through the obstacles that have been established by the live casino.


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