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Although there are many more poker games available, if you have played poker for some time, you undoubtedly know of the more well-known versions, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud.

In fact, going to the majority of casinos worldwide will provide you the opportunity to play some entertaining poker games versus the house, but they are games of chance in which you can’t actually win over time.

Ultimately, there are some original poker variants that you can play with your pals for free or for real money, and these are going to render your home games much more enjoyable.

Rather than simply engaging in No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha every other week, discover some of the following crazy poker variants and play them alongside other players.

We’ll go over the fundamentals of 15 different good poker games with you so you may explore them further and possibly include them into your home game the following time you are playing to make your poker nights really special.

1. Blind man’s bluff

Blind man's bluff

One of the weirdest poker variant to play is this one and it’s among our good poker games to play at home. Everybody holds out their cards by placing it on their forehead! Each participant sees other players’ cards with the exception of their own! Imagine how enjoyable that could be. Let us offer you an instance to illustrate this:

A while back, while playing this particular variety of poker with some pals, and I saw that everyone had incredibly weak hands; I can’t recall the exact cards, but they probably included 72o, 34o, and 62o. I reasoned that I was most likely holding the strongest hand. Others also shared the same thought! With completely rubbish hands, four individuals went all-in before the flop! It ended up being my 85o hand that was the finest.

2. Red River Hold’em

This poker variant is conducted just like Texas Hold’em or Omaha but with a single exception: in the event the river card is a red card, an extra river card is going to be dealt and it’s a good home game. If the corresponding card is also red, an additional one is dealt till a black card eventually shows up.

In comparison to other variations, this one offers suck-outs that you couldn’t possibly imagine! Amazing, huh? Consider the possibility that four rivers were dealt (a minor probability, but not negligible one), and your weak hand managed to draw a truly powerful hand. Just a little insider knowledge for this style: since there is a good chance that a spade or club flush draw will be completed, joining the pot with “black” suited hands will be much more rewarding!

3. Countdown Hold’em

After several years of only engaging in No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha, this incredible format started to gain popularity in my neighborhood poker club. The rules of this Texas Hold’em variant are straightforward: each player receives 5 cards. Everybody must discard one card from their hand after the flop, turn, and river are delivered. Participants may choose to create their hand using all, one, or neither of their hole cards, just like in No Limit Hold’em.

You can even incorporate more unique variations of poker games into the above structure, such as playing with 4, 6, or perhaps 7 cards or beginning to remove cards prior to the flop. You can play this with a pot limit or no limit.

Many amusing scenarios at the tables may arise as a result of this fantastic game. I’ve had AAK35 in my hands before. In a preflop wager against one player, I decided to go all-in. I flashed 35s for a made flush on the river, and he revealed 84s for a higher flush. The stunned other players at the table questioned, “How could you possibly go completely in preflop using this rubbish?” hilarious

4. Tic-Tac-Toe


Four playing cards are given out to each participant in one of the classic poker games, which is a combination of the well-known tic-tac-toe game. On the playing surface, nine cards are laid out in three rows comprising three cards each. Each betting round, three arbitrary cards are displayed. Participants must select exactly two hole cards and three cards from each of the three vertical rows, three horizontal rows, or one of the two diagonal rows. The style is quite entertaining, offers simple poker games, is very active, produces a lot of very powerful hands, and it’s a good home game. There are so many cards available for making your hand!

5. Anaconda Poker

One of those enjoyable poker games that isn’t played very frequently but merits praise for being innovative is anaconda.

The game takes place with every player receiving seven face-down cards, which is obviously a basic borrowing from Seven Card Stud.

Following the distribution of these cards, each participant has one gambling round before being required to pass three cards to their neighbour.

Then comes a further phase of wagering, two more rounds of transferring cards to the others, one more session of wagering, and one more session of transferring cards.

Lastly, participants will select the five cards for the showdown, reveal it one at a time, and engage in a gambling round following each one.

As you can see, quite a bit goes into a hand of Anaconda, therefore it will take you some time to master this thrilling poker variation.

We firmly advise you and your buddies to play Anaconda at least once because it can truly be one of the best games to liven up the excitement and produce a genuinely funny home game.

6. Wild Poker

Would you like to play the variant of the game that has the most chance and unpredictability involved? You ought to play wild poker! Furthermore, there are other varieties; in them, a few of the cards are known as “wild,” indicating that they can be used to stand in for any other type of playing card. For instance, you could decide to make all the deuces jokers! Consequently, the best hand you can get in these kinds of games is “five of a kind”!

Five Card Draw Poker with Joker is one of the “mainstream” wild card poker variations. Doyle Brunson’s Super System contains a few details on it, and you may occasionally encounter this game being played in casinos. The only joker in the deck is the wild card, but it only has a little bit of strength. In most situations, it can only be used as an ace, to finish straights, flushes, or straight flushes, and to finish off other hands. Five aces are the best conceivable hand. There is no other way to get five of a kind.

7.Crazy Pineapple

Crazy Pineapple

A spicier variation of Texas Hold’em is played in Crazy Pineapple. Each participant gets dealt three hole cards in a Crazy Pineapple hand rather than the customary two in a Texas Hold’em hand.

The dealer announces the flop after the first round of gambling. On the other hand, every individual who remains in the hand eliminates one of their hole cards prior to the subsequent betting round.

The game then proceeds just like Hold’em. Employing any assortment of hole cards and community cards, the person with the strongest five-card hand (as determined by the traditional poker hand rankings) at the conclusion of the ultimate betting round triumphs.

You can add any of the many varieties of this type of game to your collection of house games. If you remove the word “Crazy” from the title, you can engage in basic Pineapple as usual. Prior to the start of the preflop betting round, every participant in that variation of the game trash one card.

Another variation of this game called Lazy Pineapple which permits participants to delay discarding until after the river has been dealt and it’s a good home game.

8.Squid Game

This variant of the Squid Game may have appeared on Doug Polk’s vlog, who is a co-founder of Upswing Poker. Doug found himself in one of these games where you get the opportunity to select for an orbit, participants were permitted to call any game in a live-streamed mixed game at the Lodge Poker Club.

With three distinct boards of communal cards, the poker Squid Game is played as Omaha-Hi. Every hand proceeds just as it would in a typical game of Omaha Hi, with the exception that the poker dealer deals three flops when the time to deal the flop come, three turns in the subsequent round, and three rivers on fifth street.

The board with the smallest river cards is removed once the river is dealt. Following the conclusion of the last betting round, each player who wins a board is awarded half of the prize. You take home the full prize if you prevail on both boards.

9.Irish Poker

The Irish Game

The adage “luck of the Irish” has probably crossed your ears at some point in your life, and engaging in Irish poker will undoubtedly require lots of it. There may be certain poker sites where you can locate it if you want to give it a shot and it’s a good home game.

With every participant beginning with four hole cards, this variant of poker is much more enjoyable than Texas Hold’em since it plays like a cross between No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha.

After the preflop gambling round is over, the flop gets dealt, and another round of betting follows. Prior to the turn being dealt to begin another round, every participant must give away two of their hole cards.

When decisions need to be taken, the game becomes genuinely exciting. In the end, you want to be certain that the cards you throw away are not going to make you look foolish by the river.

Players frequently feel upset after discarding certain cards that might have created strong hands on the turn and river in Irish Poker.

One of the more entertaining poker variants you can play at home with your friends is Irish Poker, which you can also play as a genuine poker game because it’s not simply a cliché.

Similar to Pot Limit Omaha, this game can have pretty significant variance, thus it’s usually best to play it in a pot-limit setting.


Cincinnati Variant

Yet another variant of the game with an American city as its name, Cincinnati, undoubtedly got its start in this historic city and has been popular in the United States for quite a while.

The fact that individuals can create their poker hand using any set of their five hole cards and five community cards renders this variant amongst the most distinctive variations. You won’t be limited to using only two hole cards, like in Omaha or Omaha 5, to form your hand.

Trips or quads are highly strong holdings when they are dealt to you. It will likely be one of the most thrilling sessions you have ever experienced if you decide to play Cincinnati at home, but be ready for some really large pots and enormous poker hands.

Cincinnati is a variant where straight flushes and quads are rather prevalent, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your complete house doesn’t look great by the moment the final community card is revealed.


As a standard of the World Series of Poker, Razz may already be recognizable to you. It is a lowball version of Seven-Card Stud. One of the more interesting and occasionally nasty variations that can be added to your home gaming collection by including Razz in your game night.

Razz follows the same principles as Seven-Card Stud but uses lowball rules from ace to five. The winning five-card hand is the lowest one; the most favorable low hand is 5-4-3-2-A.

While pairs, three-of-a-kind, full houses, and four-of-a-kind aren’t considered against low hands, straights and flushes do. Typically, a fixed-limit gambling structure is used when playing razz.

Razz can also be played with lowball deuce-to-seven rules. There are numerous different variations of this traditional stud poker game.



This is a split pot variant of the game which is a fraction Omaha Hi and the other fraction Five Card Draw. Each participant is handed five hole cards at the start of this entertaining game.

Every hand goes as it should in an Omaha Hi game, starting with a preflop gambling round and ending with the dealer placing three face-up cards on the playing surface, signifying the flop. After the flop, there is one more round of gambling.

After that gambling round, but prior to the turn is dealt, everyone who are still in the hand can release any amount of cards and exchange them for fresh cards from the deck, which is a practice that is common in almost all draw poker games.

The player holding the best Omaha-compliant five-card poker hand and the best Five Card Draw hand at the conclusion of each hand split the pot equally.

Dramaha is a card game that comes in a variety of variations. Typically, pot-limit or fixed-limit betting rules are used to play the game.


This is a combination of elements of Omaha and Blackjack. Similar to Omaha, the game is played through a flop, turn, and river, with each player receiving five hole cards.

Nevertheless, the game switches to a split-pot game at every showdown. Employing precisely two hole cards and three community cards, every person who is still in the hand after the river must form the strongest five-card hand they can.

But you’ll need to create the finest blackjack hand you can with your three leftover hole cards.

Let’s imagine, for illustration, that you are dealt K-K-8-7-6 and the community cards come up K-3-3-T-7. In the Omaha portion of the hand, you have the option to use the K-K from your hole cards to create kings full, and you may utilize the 8-7-6 to create 21, the most ideal blackjack hand.

The finest Omaha hand and the greatest blackjack hand divide each Omajack pot. The aforementioned example hand would have a great probability of taking home both pots.



Draw poker games can be a ton of entertainment, but they can also be really irritating because you can’t see what cards the other players are using.

A example of this is Badugi, in which every participant receives four cards, and the goal of the game is to collect as many cards as you can that are as low as you can get while still being of various suits.

Of course, obtaining such a hand is not simple, thus the game includes a drawing option to provide participants the chance to strengthen their beginning hands.

Despite yet, you are unlikely to create a Badugi every hand, so there will be plenty of bluffs and chances to win the pot without having the greatest hand.

As being among the more well-liked “novelty” poker games available, badugi is currently included in a number of mixed games events at the World Series of Poker. As such, it is one of those special variant of the game that can be useful not just for home games but also for casino games.



Vanunu can actually be extremely difficult to play, compared the other uncommon poker games we’ve discussed here, and is definitely not the best game for the relaxed atmosphere of a home poker game.

Vanunu might be the right choice, though, if your team is a little more intrepid and seeking a challenge that will really put their brainpower to the test.

This game gained popularity thanks to one of the top poker players; Daniel Negreanu, who frequently discussed playing it while growing up in Canada. It now has a large following worldwide.

Vanunu begins with seven down cards given to each player. Up until five cards in each hand are disclosed, each card is revealed one at a time. A gambling round takes place within each revealed card.

Players can draw a card after all five cards have been shown by paying a certain sum and placing one of their cards back in the deck while doing so.

If you choose to have the new card dealt to you face down, the wager multiplies by two and you may then place additional bets using your newly minted hand.

Vanunu has a lot of regulations, therefore we only advise playing it if all of the players are genuinely eager to experience a new poker variation, bring in your poker bankroll management skills, .

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