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If you play Spribe’s Hilo card game, you don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to win big money by just selecting high or low. By utilizing cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum) to wager, you might win up to 10,000 USD by correctly predicting whether the next card would be higher or lower.
Are you new to Hi-lo? This article explains all you need to know about the high-low game. If you’re not a new player, you are welcome here too. You’re about to learn some fantastic tips and tricks that will aid in your upcoming victory. Let’s dive in!

All about the Hi-lo game

The words high and low are the origin of the Hi-lo game, often known as the High-Low game. In this card game, players must decide whether the face-up card will be higher or lower than the face-down card. It is a lovely casino game that gives each player a strong sense of suspense and thrill. Till now, no one is aware of the location or date of the Hi-lo game’s inception. But it’s a well-liked game at casinos, particularly on Bet999. The good news about this card game is that you can win up to 10,000 USD when you place a bet using cryptocurrencies by simply selecting high or low.

Game types in Hi-lo

Ace is the lowest while King is the highest in common Hi lo card games. Players benefit from this since they know to pick high while the Ace is up and every other card is low when the King is up. While some Hi lo games variations focus on the card numbers (2–10), others place wagers on Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. Another Hi-lo game focuses on the shapes of the cards; the Diamond, the Hearts, the Spades, and the Clubs.

How to play Hi-lo

Unlike some crypto casino games, the mechanics of the Hi-Lo games are simple and straight to the point. The first thing that happens in a Hilo game is that a player places a bet. Then the dealer shuffled the deck of cards. After shuffling, a card is placed face up and another, face down. The player guesses if the card face-down is higher or lower. If the prediction is correct, the player wins the round and can move to the next for higher amounts of rewards. However, if the player doesn’t wish to continue, he can cash out and receive his rewards. In the case of losing a round, the player loses the pot. When a card is shuffled and Aces or Kings are faces up, it’s a sure win for the player as he knows that the prediction is low or high respectively. Another way to play Hilo is betting on the “same” instead of the usual higher or lower prediction (if the card face up is the same or equal to the card face down). In this case, if a player predicts correctly, it’s a win. In this High low ( and same) game, it’s all about a player’s ability to make a choice, predict correctly and win. The games may seem easy to play, however, don’t forget that it’s a guessing game, and the probability to win is equal to that of losing a round.

Card Skipping

Card Skipping in a card game is an awesome method for players to avoid the risk of losing a round. It happens when a player is offered the ability to skip a card that he finds difficult to predict if the card face down is higher or lower. However, there’s a limit to card skipping in the Hilo card game. Nevertheless, it’s a cool way to ensure you stay back in the game. Next up, we’ll be talking about the tricks you need to play and win a Hi-lo game.

Tips for playing Hilo for Beginning Players

Know the rules: Hilo rules are easy, there’s no doubt, But every player should know all these card rules. Let’s assume a player doesn’t know about the “same” rule in cards, he will lose the chance of applying it to save himself from losing a round. Therefore, a player needs to know all the cards rule. Play for free: Before you place a bet with your cryptocurrency, play card game for free to learn and get familiar with the game. Play responsibly: Choose a budget and stick to it. If you decide to play more after the budget is used up, consider taking a bonus offer.

Choose the Bet999 Hilo cards game: Bet999 is one of the best online casinos where you can play. You stand a higher chance of winning when you bet with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale is a popular betting strategy that is applied to casino games. Here’s how it works:

Place your first bet with the lowest stake. If you win that round, do another betting with the same stake. Keep doing it for every round until you lose. Once you lose the odd, double the stake of the heart.

If you lose another round, keep doubling the stake and continue that way for every round until you win. If you win after those losing rounds, you will regain your previous loss and gain some profit in this process. Continue this betting strategy again.

Advantages of Playing Hilo with Cryptocurrency on online casino sites

There are so many advantages of betting in casinos and playing Hilo games with cryptocurrencies. Take a peek at them. Anonymity: If you are a crypto holder who wants to play the Hilo game, you never have to worry about privacy. No casino site will ask for your personal information. You remain anonymous as you play, and so is your cryptocurrency amount.

Genuineness: There are licensed and certified casino sites to play from. These sites are not dubious and they provide provably fair and random number-generated outcomes. You don’t have to bother about being cheated.

Stakes: The best part of that is you stake with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Which is way easier and faster than using your credit card.

Play Spribe’s High low on Bet999

Begin by placing a bet ( $0.10- $100). Click ” Bet ” When the dealer shuffles the cards and places the face-up card, predict the next card by clicking higher or lower on their respective buttons and the results will appear immediately. If you win, your bet will be multiplied by the coefficient shown in the top right corner of the screen. The more you win, the more your prediction is correct and you stand more chances of winning when you continue to win.

When you’ve exhausted your odds, click on the “cash out” to get your rewards.


Should a newbie play hi-lo games?

Yes. Absolutely. The game is easy to play, and simple to learn with straightforward rules. It is not difficult to win. Scroll up for beginners’ tips.

What is an online High low card game?

Hilo card game is a betting game on online crypto casinos where players choose and bet if the cards facing down are higher or lower than the cards facing up.

How do I win bonuses on the Hilo card game?

You win bonuses on the Hilo card game when you win the odds and give a prediction of the card facing down.

What are Hi Lo Blackjack games?

Hilo Blackjack is a combination of hi-lo and Blackjack bets. The major difference between these bets is that a player wagers on whether his second hole card will be higher or lower compared to the first. In Hi lo Blackjack, the player aims to hit 21 slots or a number close to it. For a player to win the bet; the second card should not be an ace if the first card is, the player wins the blackjack rules and guesses the High low correctly, and win bonuses.

Do Hi lo bets have varying RTP rates and volatility?

Yes, hi-lo has varying volatility and RTP. Your kind of betting would determine the kind of RTP rates and volatility you would get. Hi-lo games with high volatility go well with a player who wants massive rewards. However, if you want low volatility, go for the low wins.

What cryptocurrency do I need to play Hilo on Bet999?

You can only place a bet on Bet999 using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Which card is the highest and lowest?

The Ace is the lowest card in the hi-lo game and other cards are higher than it while the King is the highest card in the game.

Why should I choose to play High low?

Hilo is a game worth playing. It is a fast-betting game, so you should not bother about getting bored. The rules are easy to learn, and simple to play and the bonuses are very rewarding. And if you want a quick and massive cash out, you should always consider the High low game.

What strategies should I use in playing High low?

According to the Martingale Strategy, * place bets with low stakes even as you win. When you lose, stake a larger amount and continue doing it until you win. It is also very important to practice Hilo for free before betting to learn and master the game.

What other sites can I use instead of Bet999?

There are many online bitcoin casino sites where you can play High low and other casino games like Blackjack, poker, and others. They include Wolf. bet, Justbit.com, Stake.com, sportsbet.io, Jacksclub.io, and and Betplay.io amongst many others.

The bottom line.

There you have it. With the knowledge this article just revealed to you, you’re ready for your next High low game. Hilo is one of the simplest casino games owing to its straightforward mechanics and Bet999 makes sure you enjoy your game with the VIP benefits and bonuses they offer their members. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to win big this season. Place a bet today using the tips we provided here to increase your chances of winning and play your heart away. Did you love our article, let’s know what’s stopping you from playing High low. Tell us in the comment section. We’ll love to engage with you.

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