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Are you trying to find a trustworthy cryptocurrency gambling site? The Bet999 online casino ought to be first on your list in that case as there are varieties of supported currencies to choose from. A few number of digital currencies are accepted by the casino operator, making it simple for casino players to deposit and withdrawal their money.

Thanks to Bet999’s wide selection of payment methods, you may choose the most convenient one with ease. Particularly for online gaming, cryptocurrencies have consistently shown to be excellent substitutes to FIAT. When using virtual currencies for gaming, transactions are quicker, less expensive, and safer than when using standard banking methods.

At Bet999, similar to making deposits and withdrawals, you might take full advantage of these perks and others. Learn about the many payment options the online gambling site offers below.

Each gamer’s wish is to have a seamless, trouble-free, and rapid deposit and withdrawal process into their account. At Bet999, we consider this carefully and have created a process that is really simple and handy for our gamers. You might find it a little complicated at first if you’re a beginner, but keep reading to learn how it works.

Making Deposits into your Bet999 crypto wallet

Deposits and Withdrawals at Bet999 - complete guide

Here is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to deposit funds into your Bet999 crypto wallet from your wallet. For the first time users, we’ve also listed a couple wallet names that work best with the relevant currency.

Step by Step Deposit Process

  • To access your Bet999 wallet, click the ‘wallet’ button next to your balance in the top right corner.
  • Now pick the cryptocurrency to which you’d like to add money to your Bet999 wallet. (For the purpose of this illustration, let’s make use of the common crypto currency; BTC.)
  • Your screen will display an interface with your wallet address for the associated coin.
  • Copy the address above. This is the wallet address for the coin you selected in Bet999.
  • Select the same coin in your crypto wallet or exchange by opening it. (Just like we mentioned earlier. In this case, select BTC)
  • Now select “Send”
  • You’ll be prompted to provide both the recipient’s address and the desired amount.
  • Enter the address you duplicated from your Bet999 crypto wallet here, along with the amount you wish to add to your Bet999 game account.
  • Now select “Send”
  • The transaction is going to begin.
Wallet Address for Deposit into your Bet999 casino or sports betting account

Your deposit funds first travel to the Blockchain for confirmations after which they arrive in your Bet999 account. Currently, these blockchain confirmations can occasionally take longer, which causes a delay in deposit. Unfortunately, we are powerless to stop this process because it is out of our hands.

Nevertheless, as soon as the necessary blockchain confirmations are made, your money is transmitted to your Bet999 crypto wallet address, and it is immediately acknowledged by our incredibly quick process and then made readily available for usage.

Also, in the process of making your deposit, you can find a list of available deposit bonuses that you will enjoy when you conclude the transaction. These deposit bonuses are available when you put-in the minimum required deposit fee into your game account.

Making Withdrawals from your Bet999 crypto wallet

Bet999, Fast and Secure Payouts

Now that you’ve played some of your preferred slots or table games, you’ve got some good victories. Or perhaps you achieved great success in the live casino area of the gaming site and want to transfer the money to your own account! However, you are unable to accomplish that? Read on to learn about Bet999’s incredibly simple and quick withdrawal process works:

Step by Step Withdrawal process

  • Visit the crypto wallet where you want to transfer the withdrawal amount.
  • Choose the coin.
  • Copy the chosen coin’s wallet address from the display.
  • Then access your Bet999 wallet and choose the coin you want to withdraw.
  • Now select “withdraw”
  • Afterward, paste the cryptocurrency wallet address you previously copied.
  • Specify the desired withdrawal sum. (Note that every currency has a minimum withdrawal limits and transaction fees, which are always provided below.)
  • Then click “confirm.”
  • Your screen will now display a pop-up seeking for your withdrawal password and Two-factor authentication code.
  • Provide the necessary information and press “confirm”
  • The withdrawal process has started, and contingent upon how quickly the blockchain confirms it, it could take 5-45 mins to reach your wallet.
Withdrawal Process at Bet999 including minimum amount and transaction fees

Bet999 Sport Withdrawal Options and Transaction Times

The majority of Bet999 payment options enable payouts. As a consequence, from the extensive list, you can pick one that’s right for you. Making cash withdrawals in the exact same currency as your deposit is encouraged, nevertheless. Therefore, before choosing a deposit method, make sure that it permits cashouts.

Withdrawal options at Bet999

The minimal requirements are based on the cryptocurrency you wish to receive as payment. The smallest withdrawal amounts differ from one form of payment to the next since each currency has a unique value. For precise limits, see the coin selections on the withdrawal page.

The crypto bookmaker and casino handle withdrawals under a day. The length of time depends on how much money you are removing. For significant settlements, additional verification may be required, which could result in an additional several hours of wait.

Depending on the cashout option used, the amount of time required for funds to show varies. Every crypto operation must go through several verification cycles in order to be verified as part of the record. Validation can range from ten minutes to just a few hours, depending on the blockchain and fee.

How to deposit with Supported FIAT Currencies

FIAT Deposit at Bet999 casino

Making a deposit via FIAT at the platform is rather easy. Although Bet999 is a crypto based gaming and sports betting one, it allows players who prefer to wager using conventional currencies to also deposit money into their account. You can also claim a deposit bonus when you deposit or make payments via FIAT.

To fund your account using fiat currencies, follow the steps below:

Setp by Step FIAT funding method

Every step involved
  • Step 1: Visit the “My wallet” page, choose the page for deposits.
  • Step 2: Select “Fiat.” A list of accepted fiat currencies and payment methods will be provided on your screen.
  • Step 3: Select the one that’s most convinient for you and ensure to check the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount and the deposit fees.
  • Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts t complete the deposit.

How many approvals must be made on my deposit before I may withdraw?

For the whole deposit, you require no fewer than three approvals. There must be numerous verification rounds for each transfer. The blockchain and the fee determine how long the verification takes. Contact help via the live chat feature if you have additional queries concerning crypto verification.

Bet999 SWAP

B9Swap Interface

With cryptocurrency, you may conveniently trade one coin for another, just as you would when exchanging dollars for euros. The operator’s switching service called B9Swap. Customers can trade cryptocurrencies there to use their favourite coins for gambling. It saves time because B9Swap is accessible on the gaming platform.

To swap your cryptocurrency and deposit it in the casino, you do not need to visit a third-party website. The absence of reviews is another way you can save time. Before starting a transaction, you do not need to wait for your exchange request to be reviewed. B9Swap provides you with sufficient possibilities for your online casino gaming with over 13 coin pairs.

The anti-money laundering (AML) rules are strictly enforced by Bet999 online casino to prevent the abuse of B9Swap. You can therefore feel secured when trading digital currencies on the website. Additionally, the Crypto Gambling Foundation verified the authenticity of Bet999 crypto casino.

Will I Be Able to Use My Wallet for Both the Bet999 Casino and Sports Betting?

Yes, you may place bets on sports and play casino games using your Bet999 gaming account. Which product you can access depends on the first deposit bonus account that you claim. You can register on the casino’s main website.

Is it possible to modify my registered email address or username?

Similar to other online bookies and casinos, this is not feasible. You should make sure the information is accurate because the username and email you enter in the registration form are permanent. If you cannot utilize the account, delete it and open a new one. Activate 2FA during account registration for security.

Can I Use Different Cryptocurrencies for Withdrawals and Deposits?

Yes, Bet999 recommends employing the same payment options for both withdrawals and deposits. If you are unable to, you may withdraw using a different coin from the one you used for deposits. You can make use of the live chat options or email for assistance with any problems.

How Do I Withdraw Winnings From My Bet999Account?

It’s just as simple to move money from your betting account as it is to make a deposit. Your cashout order shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes to send. Open the cash withdrawal page first. This is located under My Wallet under your profile. You should fill out the form with the wallet address that you desire to send the money to.

Since cryptocurrency payments are unchangeable, use caution when entering the address. Repeatedly verify the address on your wallet. The sum you wish to withdraw should then be entered. Beware of the cost, which varies depending on the manner of payment. To authorize the transaction, click the “Confirm” button. Then, await the money to appear in your wallet.

How Long Does a Withdrawal Take?

The processing of withdrawal via Bet999 may require up to 24 hours. The time it takes for the money to become available depends on the payment method employed. Each confirmation cycle for a blockchain transaction takes between 5 and 10 minutes. The verification and withdrawal process takes longer as the requested amount becomes larger.

What Is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

Due to the fact that various cryptocurrencies possess varying values, the crypto casino has no minimum withdrawal requirement. Before submitting an application for a cashout, you ought to confirm the minimum amount for every single payment type, especially the one you wish to use.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

You are required to wait a couple of minutes before making a deposit because blockchain transactions must be validated. Up to five confirmations are needed for a payment; the larger the payment, greater the amount of time it takes. To verify the status of the verification, simply click the deposit link. Withdrawals could take a day or longer.

You must wait for the operator to approve the payout in addition to the blockchain verification, which may involve additional KYC steps.

What is Bet999 currency?

BET999 unique currency

B9C is the unique stable currency that Bet999 introduced specifically for gaming purposes. Players can use it at their favorite slots, table, or live casino titles. Each B9C token is equivalent to 1 USD, allowing users to participate in various games using this digital currency.

To acquire B9C, players can take advantage of specific bonuses, such as the deposit bonus, bonuses and lucky spins. The process of unlocking B9C is similar to calculating rakeback. By multiplying the total wagered amount by 1.5% and then taking 10% of that sum, one can calculate the unlocked amount. This unlocking mechanism applies to games like the casino, B9 Original games, and sports betting on the platform.

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