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When it comes to developing innovative casino games, there’s only one firm that can compare to Evolution Gaming. A cross between roulette and a wheel of fate, the new live show goes by the name Crazy Time. Since this is a fresh new release, we provide you with all the information you’ll need to get started.

Inspired by our wildly popular Dream Catcher money wheel, “Crazy Time” is a one-of-a-kind, live, interactive live show. With the option to add multipliers to each bonus round, the interaction, fun, and excitement have reached insane new heights. 

Two of the four bonus games are interactive and use cutting-edge technology to give players the chance to win different multipliers. Crazy Time is unlike any other live show since it combines live entertainment with cutting-edge RNG gaming. Also, players may win up to 25,000 times their initial bet in the bonus rounds, taking the excitement to an all-time high.

How to Play Crazy Time Live Casino

Crazy Time is the perfect casino game for you if you’re the type of player who likes bonus rounds. Live casino games are conducted behind a screen. 

Crazy Time by Evolution

The dealer on the show is a real person who is sitting in a studio. The live show is 100% authentic because it is streamed in real-time.

In Crazy Time, the focus is on a person standing close to a massive, rapidly rotating wheel. The 1, 2, 5, and 10 make up the vast bulk of the spindles on the wheel. Each group of 5 numbers is followed by a bonus spin on the wheel. 

There are always more ones and twos than fives and tens in a series of numbers on the wheel. This is because your bet will determine the outcome, which is based on your prediction of the number the wheel will stop on. Your bet will be doubled by the number you pick if you win. 

Given that the majority of the wheel spokes are numbered one and two, bets on these numbers have a better chance of paying off. There is less of a chance of winning if you bet on 5, or even 10. However, the payoffs will be far greater if you do.

Playing Crazy Time is simple, and the excitement never stops, thanks to the bonus wheel. This game is perfect for fans of roulette since it offers a similar feel with the bonus wheel.

What is the Big Appeal of the Crazy Time Game?

Crazy Time Live Casino has a lot going for it from a variety of different perspectives, and that’s why people enjoy playing it. The fact that this is a “live” casino game with a real-life presenter and players already sets it apart significantly. It does a good job of making you feel like you’re taking part in a real game show on television. 

While it is similar to other famous live game show titles, it also stands out in its own way. The four bonus rounds, as well as the slots and multipliers that correlate to them, give Crazy Time an edge over its forerunners.

Special Game Features

There are four different Crazy Time bonus rounds, and that’s what really sets this game apart. Each game, from Cash Hunt and Pachinko to Coin Flip and Crazy Time, has its own set of rules and entertaining chances to win big.

➥ Cash Hunt bonus game

The Cash Hunt shooting range has a wide screen and 108 different random multipliers to choose from. Before the countdown timer starts, the symbols covering the multipliers in the Cash Hunt are switched, so the player can’t change their aim. Players choose where they think the biggest multiplier is lurking and shoot there. 

The winning multiplier will be shown as soon as the cannon hits the target and the timer runs out. Due to the player-driven nature of the Cash Hunt bonus round, each participant will receive a unique multiplier based on the goal they choose.

➥ Coin Flip bonus game

A coin toss will determine the winning multiplier. The winner is determined by flipping a coin with a blue and a red side and seeing which one comes up when it falls. A pair of multipliers, one for a red side victory and one for a blue side victory, will be produced before the coin is flipped.

➥ Pachinko bonus game

The Pachinko bonus game is played against a big Pachinko wall with many physical pegs. Wherever the puck falls after being dropped by the game host is where the players’ multiplier will be determined. 

When the puck hits a “DOUBLE” value, all the multipliers at the base of the wall are multiplied by two, and the play continues until a multiplier is won. You can keep dropping the puck until you reach 10,000x.

H➥ Crazy Time bonus

Go through the bright red door into a wild and entertaining virtual world, complete with a massive virtual money wheel. When the bonus game begins, participants choose whether their flapper will be blue, green, or yellow. The bonus wheel begins spinning once the host of the game presses a large red button.

Crazy. Time bonus

If the flapper is positioned over an increased value when the wheel stops, that value is awarded to the player. Once a flapper lands on a “double” or “triple” value, all multipliers are increased by that amount, and the wheel spins once again. 

In this bonus round, participation is restricted to those who selected this flapper. You can keep spinning the wheel until you get a multiplier of 20,000x.

How Much You Can Bet and What You Might Win When You Play

The main game and bonus games in Crazy Time Live Casino have different minimum and maximum bet limits. The minimum and maximum bet limits in the main game are $0.10 and $15,000, respectively. However, with the exception of the Crazy Time Bonus (which allows a maximum bet of $1000) the bonus games have bet limits of $0.10 and $2000.

Where to Find Crazy Time at Bet999 Casino

Finding the Crazy Time game on Bet999 is quite easy. Once you are logged in to your account, head over to the Game Show section. There, you can either find the Crazy Time game or use the search options to find it quickly.

Play Crazy Time For Free

Similar to live casino games, you can’t play Crazy Time for free. This is true because there is no demo game to try out. While you learn the game through a demo, Bet999 still lets you view the gameplay while it’s going on.

Cryptocurrencies You Can Use to Play Crazy Time at Bet999 crypto casino accepts cryptocurrency from its players, meaning you can use it to play Crazy Time. While it may show a fiat currency in-game, players can nonetheless use crypto like Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Tron, USDC, and USDT.

Crazy Time Mobile Availability

Incredibly, Crazy Time casino game is optimized for use on any mobile device. You can enjoy it on your desktop computer or sign in and play live from any of your mobile devices running Android or iOS.

Crazy Time Winning Strategies

As this is a genuine gambling game, a great deal of luck is important. Given the wheel’s resemblance to a roulette wheel, some players use the same methods they would in roulette.

Due to the high degree of chance involved, this might be considered a gambling game in the truest sense of the word. Some players use the same roulette methods they do in the real game.

Whilst winning by betting on the numbers is possible, the Crazy Time bonus features are what truly attract players in. They are the most reliable options, so you should use them if you’re planning on playing.

Top 10 Crazy Time Big Wins

Here are the top 10 Crazy Time Big Wins:

  1. Boulder – €2,001
  2. Bil – £800.50
  3. Jandy_Rackson – $20,020
  4. Slotspinner – €6,012
  5. Trippw – €1,002
  6. Daskelelele – €10,025
  7. Kongebonus – kr 175 500
  8. Rocknrolla – £12,550
  9. TeamSunShane – €4,016
  10. LetsGiveItASpin – €8,040

What Bet999 Think of Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live is an amazing casino game where players can enjoy the thrill of a real-life wheel game show. It’s available at Bet999 Casino, where players can play with fiat and cryptocurrency. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Crazy Time

What is the minimum bid?

The minimum bid in Crazy Time is $0.10.

Is there a chat in the online game?

Yes, there is a live chat option where players can interact with each other.

What do statistics mean in the game interface?

The statistics in Crazy Time include Spin History, Latest Top Multipliers, and Top Slot Matched Wheel Result.

What is the game number?

The game number depends on what number the wheel stops at (1, 2, 5, and 10).

What is Crazy Time multiplayer mode?

Aside from the live chat, there is no multiplayer mode in Crazy Time.

Does Crazy Time have an autoplay mode?

Unfortunately, Crazy Time doesn’t have an autoplay mode.

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