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Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time at Bet999 online casino is a cash wheel idea developed around Dream Catcher that offers the opportunity to add multipliers from the Top Slot in each game round and four incredible bonus games. The degree of interaction and enthusiasm in this game has increased significantly. Due to the inventive Random Number Generator (RNG) system, which allows players to get mixed multipliers of up to 25,000x in two of the four bonus games.

Get ready to explore one of the funnest online wild casino game ever made. Crazy Time is a genuine game show that is enjoyable to play as well as watch, featuring big bonus games and multiple multipliers. Additionally, the studio where this casino game is played is large, vibrant, and entertaining. It has four amusing bonus games, including Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Crazy Time and Coin Flip in addition to a main money wheel, and a Top Slot located atop the money wheel.

The four extra rounds and the primary game are what propel the players’ crazy, action-packed game play. The game is simple to play because what every participant need to do is place their wagers on digits (1, 2, 5, and 10), bonus games, or both. Those participating in two of the extra games get to choose thrilling outcomes in which they no longer always win the same reward.

How to Play Crazy Time Game

Playing Crazy Time

The Crazy Time game show is broadcast from a single centralized location. No matter which online casino they prefer for playing it from, everyone will take part in the same game. The same turn of the wheel will determine what happens to them all.

You can bet on the number you think the wheel flapper will stop on when playing Crazy Time’s lucky wheel. The wheel is fractioned into 54 sections with each section having the numbers; 1, 2, 5, or 10 including a bonus game. A Top Slot rotates above the lucky wheel at the start of every new round just like you have when you play slots at a casino lobby, giving one of the numbers or triggering a bonus game with a random multiplier.

In order to participate in the game, participants must stake money on the number or bonus game they believe the flapper will finish on. If it lands on your chosen number, you win right away; if it lands on your bonus game, you move on to the game, that comes with its own unique terms.

The activity on the wheel of Crazy Time is nonstop. It is brightly colored, and each color stands for a specific type of accomplishment. There are four separate sections: a pink 5x category, a purple 10x group, a blue 1x category, and a yellow 2x sector. These money tiles are divided up into groups by unique feature segments which players can land on to trigger bonuses.

The concept of Crazy Time is that you bet on what number you anticipate the wheel will land on, and if you’re correct, you win cash rewards. The four different special feature tiles are an additional betting option to the money tiles. You need to stake money on every single one of the special feature tiles in order to be eligible for that specific bonus game.

A bonus game will be initiated roughly every sixth turn of the wheel, as stated by Evolution Gaming, giving players many opportunities to win.

Crazy Time Stats – Why tracking results history won’t work – And what you should do instead

The most well-known live game show currently available amongst many Evolution productions is Crazy Time. To improve their gameplay, several players employ Crazy Time statistic analysis tools like outcomes trackers.

In order to calculate the possibilities of the next outcomes, players examine the combined outcomes of past spins to view the game statistics. One common technique is to count how many spins have passed since a specific outcome last happened. A chronological list of prior spin outcomes is also included, with the most recent one at the top. A player will attempt to determine the optimum timing to put a wager based on all of that information.

Why do players look at previous Crazy Time results

There is a common notion among bettors that if a specific outcome hasn’t occurred recently, it will do so shortly. Or the occurrence of the event is more probable than a recent outcome.

If in Crazy Time bonus rounds, for instance, are supposed to appear at once in every six rounds but haven’t appeared for 15 rounds, you could assume that a bonus round is imminent.

The erroneous notion of the ripeness of opportunities, sometimes known as the “gambler’s fallacy”, is the moniker given to this misconception.

Whatever happens in the game, this is the underlying principle of every outcomes tracker. They are designed to assist the player in placing a wager on an event that is far more probable to take place according to what has already occurred.

The money wheel doesn’t actually remember prior outcomes. Each fresh spin will have a unique result that is unrelated to any other.

It is incorrect to presume that any adjustment is due to occur on one of the subsequent spins despite the fact that the rule of huge numbers states that the outcomes will eventually even out. The Crazy Time Bonus Round could be activated twice consecutively; this could also occur after 150 spins. It is totally random.

Probability, statistics, and math are all useful. However, complications arise when an incorrect conclusion is reached.

Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

Evolution Crazy Time Bonus Rounds & Best Playing Strategy

The Top Slot and the primary money wheel will both spin at the beginning of each gaming round in the main game’s sequence. The Top Slot delivers one spontaneously generated multiplier for each randomly generated bet slot, which may be either an integer or a free game. A multiplier is included to this bet position if the multiplier and bet place in the Top Slot line up horizontally as a match.

Contingent on if the main wheel also stops at this wager position, the resulting multiplier will possibly multiply the number being bet or the multipliers in a free game. Everyone who participates can see the bonus games, but just those who have already wagered on the matching bet zone are eligible to play and win.

Therefore, these are the Crazy Time casino game’s recognized bonus rounds:

Coin Flip/Toss

It’s the traditional “Heads or Tails” game. The multiplier to earned will be determined by a coin flip. The portion of the coin that ends up facing upwards when a coin with red and blue faces lands wins. Two multipliers; each for either sides, will first be created before the coin is automatically tossed.


A huge Pachinko board that contains multiple physical pegs is included within the Pachinko free game. The contestants who land the puck after the game’s host drops it wins the multiplier. Sixteen arbitrary multipliers are located at the board’s base.

The multipliers at the base of the board are all doubled if the puck lands on a “DOUBLE” value, and the puck is dropped again until another multiplier is earned. Continually dropping the puck will increase the multipliers until they reach a maximum of 10,000x.

Cash Hunt

108 randomized multipliers are shown on a sizable screen in the game’s interactive Cash Hunt bonus round. Prior to the player positioning their aim, the multipliers are hidden by arbitrary symbols and mixed when the countdown period starts.

The objective is for the player to predict the target that he or she believes to have the biggest multiplier. Upon expiration of the countdown, the cannon will fire at the intended target and display the multiplier for the prize.

Each player selects their choice target during this engaging bonus round, resulting in a variety of multipliers.

Wild Time

The main Crazy Time extra game is an expanded version of the fortunate wheel from the base game, except this one has three flappers as opposed to only one in the original game. To get into a turbulent and fascinating virtual world with a huge virtual money wheel, open the red door.

Each participant selects one of the three flappers (yellow, blue, or green) prior to the start of the game. The host or moderator of the game presses a big red button to start the wheel. The player receives the multiplier represented by the flapper once the wheel gets to a halt.

In the event when a flapper is pointing at a “DOUBLE” or “TRIPLE” value on the wheel, all multipliers are either doubled or tripled, and the wheel rotates  yet again. Only those players who selected this flapper are eligible for this round. Up until a maximum multiplication of 20,000x, the multipliers can be raised continuously.

Crazy Time trackers

Crazy Time, which lives up to its moniker, is a very well-liked online crazy game among online gamblers. The Crazy Time tracker, one of its key features, aids participants in navigating their gambling adventure by explaining the Crazy Time metrics. A lot of players make use of Crazy Time stats trackers to keep track of their Crazy Time results in order to improve their online gambling skills.

Casino Crazy Time is rather easy for players to follow. To determine Crazy Time stats and the possibility of the next Crazy Time results, they can look at the overview of the results of the Crazy Time last spins. One common method is to calculate the amount of spins that have passed since a particular outcome last occurred.

There is also a list of previous Crazy Time scores, with the latest score appearing at the top of the list. The player will try to make a calculated forecast about when it would be best to put a wager based on this data points.

What are the benefits of stats trackers?

There is a use for Crazy Time stats trackers that gamers can take advantage of. Taking a look at the past results can help you get a sense of just how the game is turning out. Over the course of time, they typically support the game data, but in short-term situations, they might be very different.

Although Crazy Time is perhaps the most lucrative bonus round and gets activated least often, Coin Flip rewards the lowest but is the most frequently activated bonus round. Pachinko and Cash Hunt ought to be comparable.

Although this information is useful, don’t use it to predict the outcome of the next spin.

Crazy Time History Trackers

There are many Crazy Time statistics trackers available, and each of them displays some or all of the data below.

  • average prize won in each bonus rounds
  • contrast between the theoretical and real occurrence frequency historical list of last
  • Newest highest multipliers
  • largest victories throughout history
  • Top victories
  • spin history
  • How frequently did the outcome occur over the past 24 hours?
  • results of each bonus round win
  • how many consecutive spins the result hasn’t occurred

How to Benefit from Crazy Time Stats

Crazy Time statistics are extremely useful since they highlight the variance between expected performance and actual results. Though there are numerous variations around expected values in actual draws, manufacturers disclose the average likelihood value for each area or characteristic.

It makes logical sense to anticipate extractions that will restore the estimated likelihood if any values are abnormally far from their mean. Despite the fact there is no statistical correlation between one wheel spin and the one that comes next, this suggests that you can use the data that is provided to improve your bets in accordance with the dynamics of the game and be optimistic about a nice win by using a bet on the number or Crazy Time bonus.

For instance, you should think about switching your stake to the Cash Hunt if you are making a wager on the Pachinko Bonus and see that it has appeared with the right frequency but hasn’t been pulled in a few spins. The most alluring possibilities for perhaps giving a budget recovery can be numbers or features, like the Coin Flip Bonus, but bear in your mind that no strategy is entirely effective.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The last and last bonus round you can play is known as Crazy Time. You can expect to find a large wheel flanked by floating octopus, balloons, trains, and much more in a whimsical setting.

The flappers on the wheel might be either yellow, green, or blue. You must decide which flapper you wish to utilize at the start of the round. Then, the wheel that shows a variety of multipliers will be spun. Your award will depend on the colour flapper you selected when the wheel first started spinning.

Closing Remarks

You can still make your Crazy Time adventure better. Using the free bets from the live casino is one example. Furthermore, you must never minimize the importance of live casino financial management. For all forms of online gaming, managing your cash properly is essential.

Finally, make sure to find the best casinos for Evolution games like Crazy Time Live.

FAQs: The Most Common Crazy Time Tracker Questions

How many slots are there in Crazy Time?

There are 54 sections or slots on the main wheel. Crazy Time, however, improves playability by utilizing numerous slot mechanics. There are up to eight different multipliers available in the Top Slot function. Sixteen spots are available in the Pachinko free game at the bottom.

What motivated Evolution to produce Crazy Time?

Evolution Gaming developed Crazy Time to suit the growing number of players that wish to play the game. Crazy Time has become much more popular, and the studio makes it possible for more gamers to access it and have an exhilarating experience.

How can I access Crazy Time?

The live casino lobby of your favourite online casino is where you may find Crazy Time. To get the same exhilarating experience, just start playing Crazy Time when you find it among the available games.

How do you earn big on Crazy Time?

In Crazy Time, the Bonus Rounds are where players can earn the greatest payouts. There are four of these in all, and each one is connected to a particular wager. In Crazy Time, place all four free bets in each round if you’re interested in the highest winnings.

What is Crazy Time’s maximum multiplier?

The Pachinko and Coin Flip free games have maximum multipliers of 5,000x and 10,000x, respectively, while the Top slot feature has a maximum multiplier of 50x. Although highly rare, the Crazy Time free game theoretically has no maximum multiplier and could go on indefinitely. Nevertheless, the maximum amount that may be won in Crazy Time is €500,000.

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