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When you’re mentioning UFC greats, you’re certain to make mention of Conor McGregor amongst some of the legends of mixed martial arts. He was born in Dublin to Tony and Margaret McGregor and began fighting professionally in 2008. After a career filled with triumphs, scandals, enormous paychecks (that includes becoming the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2021), and retirement, Conor looks to return to the UFC sometime in 2024 to square off against Michael Chandler.

This anticipated clash features two top instructors from the reality TV show “The Ultimate Fighter,” providing fans of the sport with an inspiring story of perseverance and rebirth. The day’s main event is scheduled for a high-profile ESPN+ pay-per-view broadcast as the precise time and location of the fight are being awaited by fans of the sport in general. This will surely be a breathtaking fight between McGregor’s counterstrike abilities and Chandler’s wrestling prowess.

In this Bet999 article, we provide you with a thoughtful analysis of Conor McGregor’s career, touching on both his boxing and mixed martial arts triumphs as well as the scandals that have dogged his journey through the sport. Additionally, we also highlight the role of USADA’s drug testing in this high-stakes fight as we spotlight his expected return. Before going into details, we must give a quick review of Conor.

Conor McGregor: Who Is He? 

Dublin-born Conor McGregor had his impressive MMA amateur debut in 2007 before turning pro career in 2008. He recorded quick success as a Cage Warriors fighter through the early days of his career, winning titles in two different categories. Owing to his accomplishments, he caught the eyes of UFC directors and was able to sign a contract with the company in 2013. He then went on to make history as the first athlete in the company to simultaneously hold titles in two different weight categories.

McGregor is well-known for his southpaw stance, coupled with his left-hand counter is frequently likened to the vocally present and mental assault icons such as Muhammad Ali. Also, he has the ability to draw large pay-per-view audiences, as evident in his 2017 boxing matchup against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

His journey has been characterized by comebacks, retirements, and some controversy outside of the ring, particularly taking a coaching role at “The Ultimate Fighter” in 2023. He has established himself as a key player in contemporary combative athletics through a journey that combines career triumphs with personal accomplishments and controversial moments.

McGregor’s sway extended to the elite world of finance and was noticed by all as he was named the highest-paid professional athlete in the world by Forbes in 2021. It was recorded that he earned a staggering $180 million salary within the year under review, which is evidence of his appeal both inside and outside of the cage.

The story behind McGregor’s final fight prior to taking a brief exit or, rather, retirement from the ring is one filled with intense drama. In January 2021, at UFC 257, he faced off against Dustin Poirier and lost via a technical knockout during the second round. Although their rematch at UFC 264 on the 10th of July 2021 offered McGregor an avenue for redemption, the opposite was the outcome. It ultimately left him devastated as the fight ended abruptly with a first-round technical knockout after he suffered a broken tibia, and the ringside doctor had to call the match.

Overview of McGregor’s last fight in 2021


Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor can be called rivals after squaring off for the third time in July of 2021 at the T-Mobile Arena. Their first encounter took place in September 2014 at UFC 178, where McGregor won quickly courtesy of an impressive first-round TKO.

When they spard for the second time at UFC 257 in January 2021, the result was reversed, with Poirier winning via a second-round knockout. Therefore, excitement was high for their third encounter.

At UFC 264, the trilogy bout got off to a fast start as McGregor rained kicks and used his powerful left hand as Poirier countered with a similar tactic. The fight took an unexpected turn after McGregor tried a left-handed punch, breaking his left leg as he made a backward step, instantly screaming in pain.

As this happened, Poirier kept on attacking until the conclusion of the round despite Conor’s injuries. After the ringside physician had a look at the injury, he concluded that Conor could not continue with the fight and ended the match. Despite the loss, it was reported that Conor earned a staggering $23million from the UFC 264 main event loss​​.

His rapid recovery served as an inspiration in the MMA world as he was extensively dedicated to his rehabilitation. Shortly after his surgery in July, he was seen working out in the gym and gradually progressing from basic activities such as walking and biking to carrying out weighted squats. 

During his recovery stage, McGregor stayed active in the public eye, often found getting into disputes with fellow fighters like Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov online. Also, he ventured into acting, and he’ll be staring in the upcoming action flick “Road House,” which is a reimagining of the same-titled 1989 picture. 

The motion picture features the likes of  Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniela Melchior, and Billy Magnussen. Doug Liman directed it, and it will eventually be distributed by Amazon MGM Studios Distribution.

Conor McGregor’s UFC Comeback

The return of Conor to the USADA testing pool on the 8th of October, 2023, comes after a period of over two years of absence. Getting into the testing pool of the USADA is mandatory for athletes who aspire to compete in UFC fights. This is to ensure that everyone competes safely and without doping.

For you to be eligible to compete in the UFC, professional fighters are expected to spend a minimum of six months in this testing pool. The USADA conducts drug testing, educates athletes about the anti-doping rules, and enforces anti-doping regulations to ensure fair competition and to keep the integrity of sports.

Since McGregor joined the pool in October 2023 and based on the minimum six-month stay, he can only be eligible to fight until April 2024. Sometimes, the USADA might make a fighter stay in the testing pool longer than six months. This is decided based on the fighter’s history with illegal substances or revelations from new test results. This means that McGregor might have to wait even longer before he can be eligible to fight again.

In an unexpected twist, the UFC announced in 2023 that their arrangement with the USADA would cease to exist after the year. What this implies is that beginning in January 2024, the USADA will stop being involved in conducting drug tests on UFC athletes. What does this then mean for this sport we all love? How does this news affect the fairness and cleanliness of the sport? What will be the stance and regulation of doping in the UFC? How will drug testing be carried out? We all await news clarifying all these from the UFC. 

This news has raised a lot of concerns for McGregor and other athletes gearing up to compete in the UFC. The company is yet to ascertain if it will stick with the current 6-month regulation or alter it beginning in 2024. We all await news to clarify this from the UFC.

Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent: Michael Chandler

Conor McGregor: Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler is scheduled to face Conor McGregor when he makes his eagerly awaited UFC comeback. Given that both combatants are instructors for season 31 of “The Ultimate Fighter,” this clash is especially important.

Michael is currently aged 37 and grew up in the Heartland of America. In the world of combat sports, Chandler has left a lasting legacy thanks to a career filled with his show of tenacity and skill. He is a living example of the perseverance of a warrior. 

Chandler started his journey to the UFC in the sacred arena of Bellator MMA in 2010 and persevered with incredible grace and dedication through ten years of fierce battle. At Bellator,  within an intensely competitive environment, he reached the highest point of accomplishment, winning the prestigious Lightweight Championship three times in a row. His impressive triumph in the Bellator Season Four Lightweight Tournament cemented his place in MMA history and stands as one of his greatest achievements.

Through unwavering dedication to perfection, Chandler secured the fifth position in the UFC lightweight rankings by mid-2023 after only making his UFC debut at UFC 257 in January of 2021. He faced and defeated Dan Hooker via a technical knockout in the first round. For this, he was awarded the “Performance of the Night” accolade. As he progressed through the ranks of the UFC, he quickly got a title shot as early as May 2021, where he squared against Charles Oliveira for the UFC Lightweight Championship.

Chandler got off to a terrific start, but he could not match the ferocity of Oliveira and was ultimately defeated in the second round. His next noteworthy match was at UFC 268 in November of 2021, where he was to face Justin Gaethje. Despite showing resiliency, Justin ultimately prevailed  via unanimous decision from the officials. In defeat, Chander ensured he didn’t leave any stone unturned in the cage and matched Justin blood-for-blood, which is evident in the accolades the clash received for being the Fight of the Year.

As he progressed through the ladder, Chandler defeated Tony Ferguson via a spectacular knockout at UFC 274 in May of 2022, taking home the “Performance of the Night” title once more. But prior to the McGregor news, he fought one of McGregor’s fearsome rivals, Dustin Poirier, in his most recent UFC bout. This battle took place at UFC 281 in November of 2022, where he submitted and lost in the third round.

In selecting Chandler as McGregor’s opponent, a lot of consideration was made aside from his fighting prowess. One such is the rivalry they bring from their reality TV show “The Ultimate Fighter.” Currently, both athletes have taken the role of coaches in the thirty-first season of the reality TV program. This is a show where young athletes compete while receiving tutoring from experienced UFC fighters. 

McGregor, a former two-division UFC champion, is expected to make a strong return when he fights Chandler in the welterweight category. His first participation in the UFC since sustaining a leg fracture in his trilogy clash against Dustin Poirier in 2021 signifies a major return to the 170-pound weight class.

It promises to be an epic battle, filled with drama and highly intense. Owing to the fact that McGregor and Chandler have both recently navigated difficult challenges in their fighting careers, this clash is an important opportunity for them both to show atonement and rise back to their glory days. Two warriors, each possessing his own legacy and a genuine desire to reclaim what they believe is traditionally theirs, square off in this spectacular match. 

As McGregor and Chandler are set to take center stage at the UFC once again, the tension accumulates and is set to explode for a clash that will be more about each fighter trying to reclaim lost glory than it will be about their physical prowess.

Details Of The Anticipated Fight

Audiences all around the world are poised in eager anticipation as “The Notorious” makes his anticipated comeback to the octagon. This clash, which is scheduled for sometime in 2024, promises to be an exciting show. The potential for a remarkable match-up looms ahead of us all, promising an enthralling experience for lovers of combat sports and newbies alike.

As part of the suspense surrounding this fight, the organizers still hold the specifics as regards when and where this eagerly anticipated encounter will transpire. Could it happen in the US? Canada? Or in the Middle East? The world, as well as the fans, hold our breath as we await the official details, including the exact date and venue of certainly a “Fight of the Year” contender.

The President of UFC, Dana White, has fueled the excitement by confirming that this clash of titans will be televised on ESPN+ pay-per-view. Anticipation is high as we all await impatiently the final details of a clash that promises to be one of the most exciting UFC fights in history.

After re-entering the UFC’s drug-testing pool on the 8th of October 2023, the earliest time that McGregor will be qualified to compete once again is on the 8th of April 2024. This implies that if McGregor crosses all the hurdles, the earliest time the match can be scheduled is by April 2024. 

With worldwide attention, the impending McGregor vs. Chandler fight, which will only be available on ESPN+ pay-per-view, looks to be a major event in the mixed martial arts community.

McGregor and Chandler Fight Analysis

McGregor and Chandler Fight Analysis

The highly anticipated fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler is set to clash with contrasting styles and strengths, with both fighters bringing unique attributes to the Octagon.

Michael Chandler’s Fighting Style and Strengths

Earlier in his fighting days, Chandler was a former NCAA Division 1 wrestler. As you’ll expect of any pro-wrestler, he is well-known for his explosive strength and love of stand-up combat. He frequently calls upon his striking prowess and his capacity to switch on the pressure and control his opponent’s mobility as part of his fighting strategy. Chandler loves to apply pressure and use maneuvers against his opponents. This aggressive strategy allows him to create openings in difficult situations. Because of his fighting style, many who squared against him have found defeat. With a 23-8-0 record, Michael Chandler is a dangerous opponent anyone can face in the ring.

Attributes and Fighting Style of Conor McGregor

Unlike Chandler, Conor McGregor is well known for his ability to counterstrike and pick his shots carefully. He has the ability to regulate range and use his reach to influence the movement of his opponent. With a UFC record of 22-6-0, McGregor’s usual approach is to apply pressure upon his opponent conservatively and stay away from long combos. Rather, he chooses to concentrate on deploying precise counterstrikes to counter his opponent’s aggressive style.

Analyzing the Battle and Possible Results

It is expected that Chandler and McGregor will battle in a bout of drastically different fighting styles. Chandler may try to force McGregor to defend himself by applying relentless pressure and combining wrestling and hitting.

McGregor is anticipated to use his skill at counterstriking to find ways to take advantage of Chandler’s aggressive style. Therefore, the unique fighting techniques of these two warriors have helped create a great deal of hype around the clash.

The Public’s View and McGregor’s Present Situation

As it always is with McGregor’s matches, the thrill and anticipation are in the air. The trash-talking has already begun as “The Notorious” looks set to walk the holy grounds of the UFC arena. Likewise, experts and fans have been murmuring. Considering his prolonged absence from the sport due to his unfortunate leg injury, many are raising questions about his current physical and mental state ahead of the clash.

But we all know that Conor has his way of charming the audience and triggering public imagination. This uncertainty continues to be the fuel driving the imagination of fans as the event draws closer.

Betting Odds

If you’re planning to make money betting on the upcoming McGregor vs. Chandler fight, McGregor is the favorite fighter, with UFC betting odds of -122. This odds means that a $122 bet on him would yield a $100 profit if he wins. But according to the odds, Chandler is the outsider in this contest. If a $100 wager is placed on him and he wins, the wagerer will make $110 due to his bet odd of +110. These odds give McGregor a tiny advantage but keep in mind that conditions might alter leading up to a bout depending on fighters’ training and public opinion. Make sure you only sign up and make deposits on reliable websites. You can identify reputable betting sites in this way.

Wrap Up

Fans of combat sports and the UFC specifically are about to witness history when Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler square off in 2024. Those who love to bet on combat sports stand a chance to profit from this matchup as well by selecting their preferred fighter to win at Bet999 sportsbook. This is where you’ll find some of the best odds to wager on numerous sporting events, including the UFC. 

McGregor’s comeback from a leg injury helps increase the suspense and mystery surrounding the fight. Also, UFC President Dana White’s statement that the bout will be featured on ESPN+ pay-per-view increases the excitement, even if the precise date and location are still unknown. Both fighters’ role as coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter 31” reality show helps portray this fight as a major mixed martial arts event that will attract international attention and set the tone for the sport going forward. To guarantee that you make money from this matchup and stay away from making typical blunders, you can also implement a risk-free betting strategy.

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