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Although there are countless resources online that can teach you how to play casino games like Crash, blackjack, roulette, poker, Plinko, and lots more, they can’t offer you the fundamental training you will need to venture into the casino industry as a professional. The good news is that many gambling schools around the world are dedicated to tutoring aspiring croupiers and dealers to become professionals in the field. Read more about these schools below.

What Is Casino Management?

Casino and gaming management deals with handling the customer service and legal sides of casino gaming. This is handled by the casino manager. 

A casino manager needs to have at least an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. The responsibilities of a casino manager include:

He Ensures all rules and regulations are obeyed

He Manages all the staff in the casino

He Ensures quality customer service

Where Do Casino Managers Work?

Casino managers can work in all types of gambling facilities including racetracks and casino resorts. Casino managers oversee all the staff in a casino including dealers, the food and drinks service workers, the security team, and maintenance workers on all electronic gambling devices. The manager oversees everyone because they have to ensure that there is no cheating at the casino as these workers have access to the inside.  

Casino managers use a wide range of software called Casino management systems to help make their jobs easier. This software includes programs like Ensico, CasinoTrac, Bally Casino management system, etc. 

Get certified at gambling academies

Most local gambling schools offer courses that cover all aspects of dealing and gambling like how to handle cards, betting systems, game mechanics, and equipment needed for games. 

Below are some of the best gambling schools you can study at if you want to be certified as a casino professional croupier; 

PCI Dealer’s School

Owned by Jesse Lauer, a consultant for many casino establishments in Las Vegas, PCI dealer’s school is one of the oldest casino schools in Las Vegas, Nevada. The school has served many aspiring casino managers and professionals for over 30 years. 

PCI Dealer’s School offers the following course packages for casino games including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, crash, carnival games, and poker. 

After their program, all students of the gambling institution earn a certificate of completion. Plus PCI dealer’s school has a huge network of Casino establishments, and they help their students get work as croupiers and dealers in their various casinos by setting up interviews and auditions for them through their Placement programs. 

The Casino Institute

The Casino institute specializes in table game dealer training and casino security consulting. It’s the go-to gambling/casino school in San Diego California. They offer courses generally on Proper casino techniques, table game fundamentals, dealer mannerisms, and proper casino techniques. 

The Casino institute also offers specific training programs depending on your choice of casino game. They offer courses on table games like blackjack pitch, roulette, craps, different variations of poker, blackjack shoes and gaming management.

If you complete the course requirements of The Casino Institute, you will be issued a certificate of graduation that you can present at any casino establishment you wish to work at. 

Ace Academy

Ace Academy stands out from other casino institutes because apart from dealership and croupier skills, they teach their students the necessary skills on leadership, health and safety, hospitality management, and business principles a future casino employee needs. 

Ace Academy is one of the leading casino course providers (online and offline) in the UK, plus their instructors are licensed by the gambling commission. 

The gambling institution offers courses ranging from specific dealing standards and procedures imposed by the government of the UK to table game dealer courses. The ace academy offers courses suitable for all levels of expertise, therefore you can enroll at the academy with or without casino experience. 

Cerus Casino Academy

Focused mainly on training croupiers and dealers, the Cerus Casino Academy has eight branches in major European cities including Paris, Bordeaux, Mulhouse, Marseille, Brussels, and Lyon. With over 300 casino establishments as their partners, the gambling institution boasts of employment guarantee for their best students. 

The courses available at this institute include basic table game rules and hands-on practices on dealer mannerisms. This will help you enhance your skills and prepare you for your casino career. 

Cerus Casino Academy accepts applicants regardless of their academic qualifications, as long as they are dedicated to pursuing a casino career. 

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Las Vegas known as the Entertainment Capital of the World is famous for its numerous casino establishments. It’s fitting that the University of Nevada offers both undergraduate and graduate programs on gaming management due to the high demand for casino-related jobs and services in the city of Las Vegas. 

A degree in gaming management is important as it will help you learn more about the technical knowledge of business analytics of casinos as well as the conceptual theories on the sociology of gambling. 

University of Massachusetts

At the University of Massachusetts, you should expect to learn about the history and develop the casino gaming industry and casino operations. The university offers two casino management programs: postgraduate and undergraduate programs. 

The courses offered in the undergraduate program gives you a chance to learn more about customer service, marketing strategies of gaming products, casino statics, and management. Their undergraduate program is focused on the current trends in casino management. 

Is Casino Management Right for Me?

If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, can manage an irregular work schedule, and function under pressure, casino management is a great career path for you. A casino management job requires multitasking and communication skills, and you won’t succeed in this career path if you need to take things one at a time. 

You can succeed as a casino manager if: 

You are a people person

You can work well in a highly structured and regulated environment. 

You are a night owl and can maintain a consistent energy

Do you enjoy working in the Entertainment industry

You are okay with working on a limited number of cities that accepts gambling

Pros and Cons of Casino Management

We will be outlining the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a career in Casino Management below: 


The benefits of working as a casino manager include:

Casino managers are well paid and their salaries are impressive. 

Flexible educational requirements. Casino managers can hold a whole lot of degrees. 

The casino industry is popular and continues to grow

Casinos provide an exciting work environment

It’s easy to obtain a casino manager license. 


The downsides of working in casino management are:

You have to work mostly night shifts as a casino manager

There are limited locations you can get work as a casino manager as casinos are concentrated in specific regions b

Gambling is considered a vice by many religions and moral codes, and your beliefs might limit you. 

The regulations of the casino industry change regularly, making the job volatile.

You cannot work as a casino manager if you have a criminal record as it requires a license, which you won’t be granted with your history. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Management

In this section, we will provide answers to all your possible questions about the casino management industry. 

Casino Management

What does a casino manager do?

Generally, a casino manager is responsible for overseeing all the activities at a casino. This involves hiring and managing staff, working in customer relations, and ensuring all the casino rules are being obeyed. 

While their particular duties may vary daily, a casino manager is single-handedly responsible for everything that happens on the casino floor from security to gaming and entertainment. This is to say that they work with a large team of workers to ensure the casino operations are profitable, enjoyable, and smooth for their customers. 

Do I Need a Degree to Become a Casino manager?

Although there is no official rule that says you need a degree to get your license to work as a casino manager, most casinos will not hire you as a manager without a bachelor’s degree. Without a degree, it’s possible to work as a manager if you begin working the floor in a casino, but you will eventually hit a roadblock when you are asked for your degree to progress higher. Some high-level casinos require an MBA for some management positions.

 How much can You make as a casino manager?

Overall, casino managers earn high salaries. In 2021, the average salary (median annual salary) of casino managers was $76,910 according to reports. Bachelor’s degree holders earn even higher. 

In addition to your education, experience in the casino industry also earns you a higher amount. According to Payscale 2022, a director of operations in a casino can earn an average median annual salary of $102,490. 

Why should I get a casino management degree?

If you want to climb the corporate ladder fast in the casino industry, you should consider getting a degree (associate degree or bachelor’s degree) in casino management. It’s very difficult for amateurs to get higher positions in the casino industry because of the rules and regulations that the casinos have to obey. 

A degree in casino management prepares and empowers you for every aspect of the gambling industry. Universities that offer casino management programs offer casino-related courses like: 

Management theory

Business theories

Casino laws and regulations

Customer Service and Relations

Hotel and restaurant management(hospitality management)

Technical aspects of gambling

Human resource management skills

Promotional strategies for giveaways and rewards systems.

A degree in any of these courses can help you get a job as a gaming security officer, gaming operations manager, and casino operations specialist. To increase your experience level as a student, you can apply as an intern at prominent casinos around you or get a croupier part-time job to learn more about the trade. 



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