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Various blockchain gaming projects and online casinos embrace cryptocurrencies for transactions. Some even develop in-house tokens for their platforms to ease payments, acquisitions, etc. How about a coin that can function across the regulated gaming industry, giving players and operators the perks of cryptocurrencies?

Casino Coin (CSC) is solely developed to bridge the gap in the regulated gaming industry as a digital currency. It expands into the metaverse with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gift cards, etc., with plans for fiat integrations. What began as a back office for casino operators is now the digital currency of choice for casino and NFT gaming.

It is worth paying attention to this rising cryptocurrency for casino operators and users. Here’s a look at Casino Coin, what it entails, its benefits over other cryptocurrencies, and its features.

What is Casino Coin?

Casino Coin is no different from other digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, it is focused on the regulated gaming industry, unlike others that can be used for mainstream transactions. It uses Ripple’s ledger technology (XRPL), a revolutionary ledger designed to optimize the financial sector.

 XRPL offers fast, efficient, and reliable transactions. That provides Casino Coin a launchpad with several benefits over traditional currencies.

Despite its blockchain-decentralized nature, this digital currency rests on compliance and consumer protection. It has qualities compatible with the top-regulated gaming jurisdictions worldwide.

Casino Coin has no investment capabilities and should not be considered a security. Instead, it is meant for online gamers and regulators. The currency does not provide profit or equity through appreciation to the holder.

Eminence Ltd. maintains the network and ensures the expansion and adoption of this cryptocurrency in the online gaming market. It does not have any economic or other interests in the coin.

The target market for this coin is the KYC-verified players in the regulated gaming industry. Operators can easily access them and transact without complications. Hence, casinos and sportsbooks will have increased revenue, visibility, and security.

Casino Coin launched in 2017, developing its operator back-office and Lobby XApp in the second quarter of 2021. Since then, it has added several features, expanding into NFTs and the metaverse.

Benefits of Casino Coin

Online gaming has taken center stage over physical casinos and sports betting shops. That has pressured payment services to deliver swift transactions for players and operators. In addition, cryptocurrency payments have increased over the years, capturing new gamers.

The Casino Coin blockchain offers several advantages over traditional digital currencies in cost, security, and deposit speed.

The benefits of this cryptocurrency include the following

  • Low transaction fees
  • A broader pool of players
  • Full blockchain traceability for security
  • Zero chargebacks

This coin removes the transaction fees often associated with withdrawals. Hence, you can save that percentage or withdraw more without charges.

As of this writing, the CasinoCoin TrustLine in the XUMM Wallet has been activated for over 345,000 users. That allows them into the ecosystem.

Users and operators can quickly resolve disputes through blockchain traceability. Finally, chargebacks, which often cost operators one percent per site, are unavailable. You can set up your payment system without worrying.

Besides these advantages, CasinoCoin offers more helpful features. They include:

  • Access to multiple gaming platforms and tailored rewards. The casinos offer exclusive bonuses to the CSC community.
  • Transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals are fractions of a cent. That is almost free charges.
  • The registration process is simplified, enhancing the overall experience with better loyalty and lifetime value.
  • The XUMM Wallet offers storage over the Casino coins when you don’t use them for gameplay. There is no need to leave them in third-party wallets.

Who Can Use Casino Coin

CasinoCoin (CSC) is a virtual cash for players that is appropriate for the authorized gambling sector. The team behind the project is experienced and dedicated to the regulated gaming sector, including crypto e-gaming sites. As a result, features and tools are tailored to meet users’ and operators’ needs.

With gaming as the focal point of CSC, the following users can use the digital currency:

Players and Users

The XRP Ledger powers the CasinoCoin, giving users unmatched transaction charges, speed, and security. It offers near-instant deposits and withdrawals with small charges compared to other digital currencies. It is also a less expensive alternative to traditional fiat systems of payment.

Players and other casino users (affiliates) can use the cryptocurrency. It gives access to gaming platforms, like other payment options for real-money gameplay.


Casino operators have access to the digital currency. Moreover, the earliest project on the roadmap was the operator’s back office.

CSC brings in a new pool of potential players, which currently stands at 35,000 and is growing. Signup is simpler because you have no need for a lengthy verification procedure. Players have already completed identity checks and KYC processes in their XUMM wallets.

This simplification gives operators an easier onboarding process. They can focus more on providing industry-best gaming features than verifying their players.

Where Can You Purchase the Coin?

Again, CasinoCoin is not a security or equity you can purchase to profit at a later date. It does not represent any financial interest in Eminence or its subsidiaries. Instead, it is a means to access online gaming services.

Listings provide liquidity for users to transfer their unused CSCs or purchase more for gaming. Don’t expect profits from the digital currency.

Exchanges, where you can purchase Casino Coin, include the following:

  • Bitrue
  • Stex
  • Bitexbook
  • Whitebit

The coin is listed on several decentralized exchanges if you prefer those to centralized platforms. They include the following:

  • XRP Toolkit
  • Gatehub
  • Sologenic

The XUMM wallet is the primary wallet for this cryptocurrency. It is accessible for iOS as well as Android smartphones, providing players flexibility no matter where they are.

You can download the wallet via the official website. You are also able to download it from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Once the wallet is installed and registration is complete, you can buy CSC coins from the exchanges. Use your XUMM wallet as storage until you use the coins in an online casino. Your rewards can also be withdrawn to your own XUMM account.

The Casino Coin Lobby 

The Casino Coin Lobby

CasinoCoin’s innovative edge comes to life through the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp. The application allows users or players to register at multiple casinos. Furthermore, you can easily track your gaming expenses across numerous operators.

Holders of CSC that sign up at casinos through the Lobby xApp enjoy the digital currency’s comprehensive benefits, utilities, and functionality. 

This onboarding process assists online gaming operators with regulatory compliance. Moreover, the registration process has zero charges.

The CasinoCoin Lobby xApp assists in the following:

  • Anti-money laundering regulations (AML)
  • Know your customer regulations (KYC)

Hence, you don’t need to process these verifications when registering with a new gaming operator. The Lobby xApp passes on your registration details, giving you quick and safe access to casinos or sports betting sites.

Roadmap and Developments

CasinoCoin has come a long way since its inception, integrating several helpful features. Still, it has more lined up to expand the capabilities of its holders. Here’s a look at its achievements over the years:

  • Backoffice for operators: This platform was unveiled in June 2021. It gave operators the means to regulate transactions in their casinos. Also, it was the earliest feature integrated into the digital currency.
  • The CasinoCoin Lobby xApp: This feature was a significant milestone for the creators of this cryptocurrency. It embodied the goals of the project, as it allowed players to access casinos for their favorite games, whether poker, slots, or sportsbooks.
  • Joining the Flare Finance family: This milestone represented the coin’s first walk into the decentralized exchange industry. It was added to the list of assets on Flare Finance, making it available for purchases.
  • Launch of Lobby xApp on XUMM: This digital currency closed 2021 with a bang. It had a soft launch of its popular Lobby xApp on the XUMM wallet. Consequently, it streamlined the process for users, making navigation easier.
  • Development of new features: 2022 began with the development of new features. That includes XUMM SSO, Your Way to Play, Lobby Fiat on/off Rampling, Lobby Pass, Lobby gift cards, etc. When live, these features will bring capabilities like purchases through credit cards, use of gift cards, the deposit of other tokens in CSC, etc.
  • Integration with CoinsPaid: This was one of the year 2022 most noteworthy accomplishments. Integration with CoinsPaid meant users could use the payment gateway for transactions.
  • Listing on Bittrex Global: The project expanded to Bittrex Global, further cementing its foothold in the crypto exchanges sector. That opened up Casino Coin to more trading opportunities.

The project made some significant achievements in 2022, including expanding its list of casinos. 

Casino Coin Lobby: NFT Integration

CasinoCoin expanded its features and capabilities into NFTs for its CasinoCoin Lobby. RocknRolla is the pilot casino for this integration. Consequently, users can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as digital assets and unlock the avatar section of the application/

Users with specific NFTs can unlock bonuses and other rewards in the Lobby application. That ranges from Eminece-issued NFTs to those resulting from future collaborations.

You can use these non-fungible tokens across several exclusive features, expanding excitement and engagement. The features include lottery tickets, bonuses, vanity accounts, exclusive merchandise, etc.

NFT integration is the latest in the long line of steps Casino Coin has taken to remain innovative in the gaming space. Also, its focus on online crypto casinos and sportsbooks give it an advantage over other payment-focused cryptocurrencies.

Users can interact with their favorite casino games with NFTS, building enthusiasm as they rock their avatars. Indeed, CasinoCoin came prepared to take the gaming industry by storm.

Besides the gaming benefits, NFTs can also double as proof of ownership on the platform. That makes the interaction more engaging and the gaming experience more exciting.

CSC’s tap into NFTs places it in an emerging market beyond the conventional gameplay of online casinos. Players will interact with games in ways never seen before. The NFTs will play vital roles in these interactions.

Casino Coin and the Metaverse

The metaverse is not left out of CasinoCoin’s effort to expand its capabilities. The digital currency announced its partnership with XRP Junkies, bringing casino games to the Junkiverse Lobby. Soon, players will use CSC to play games in the Web 3.0 metaverse.

The Junkiverse is a metaverse housed within a transcontinental railway network. It is a play-to-earn MMO metaverse, meaning it has a storyline for more intrigue and fun. The worlds span multiple universes for players to gather resources, hone their craft, and interact socially on the blockchain.

You can coordinate with or partner with other players to rebuild society. That involves scavenging primitive technologies and repurposing them to fit into the ever-expanding Undercity. Furthermore, the Undercity is strategically placed under modern-day San Francisco.

Characters in the Junkiverse are associated with (linked) NFTs, giving them unique identification. These IDs include attributes, personalities, mutations, and anomalies.

The genesis collection contains 300 unique DNAs and traits to establish the first generation. You’ll find unique skill sets, avatars, and personalities. So, how does Casino Coin come in?

Games in the Junkiverse are free to play or money-based (adding casino games). You can begin gameplay on one game and be in the queue for another.

The partnership between Casino Coin and Junkiverse is significant for digital currency. It opens the door to Web 3.0 gaming, expanding beyond mainstream casino games.

The XUMM Wallet

XUMM is non-custodial and has had over 130,000 active monthly users since its launch. It is central to CasinoCoin’s ecosystem, providing storage and other features.

The ecosystem consists of the following:

  • Developers
  • XRPL users
  • Retail

Features of the XUMM wallet include the following:

  • Non-custodial: The user has complete control of the wallet. You can unlock it through fingerprint or face ID.
  • Multiple Accounts: This wallet allows users to generate new XRPL accounts or import existing ledgers. You can manage all your accounts on the wallet without compromising security.
  • Tokens and transaction speeds: The consensus algorithm processes transitions in four to five seconds. It is capable of handling up to 1500 deals per second.

Third-party tools and app integrations: You can boost your functionalities by interacting with tools and apps from other developers. The application has a robust collection of 3rd-party tools to give you more command.

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