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A lot of people consider Bitcoin dice to be the purest form of crypto casino gambling. These casino games have simple rules that are easy to pick up on yet challenging to master. If you wish to improve your winning chances of playing Bitcoin dice, you’ll need to formulate a strategy. 

Strategies for Bitcoin Dice are identical to the traditional variant. They both place an emphasis on the choices made and the amount wagered on those choices. Our article will cover the four best Bitcoin dice approaches as well as other related topics. So, we advise you to take your time reading this piece all the way through.

4 Bitcoin Dice Strategies

Bitcoin dice games are crypto games that require a bit of critical thinking. Many of these tactics might be recognizable to you if you’ve participated in conventional dice games. However, if you’re not, don’t worry, they’re quite easy to understand. Without wasting more time, let’s dive in:

  1. Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is a common progressive betting system used in several casino games, including roulette and blackjack. It has a straightforward concept; if you lose a bet, you place another one equal to the original to make up for it. After that, you can begin with a little bet and double it when you have a loss. 

For example, you place a bet and lose 10m฿ to roll under 40. The next step to take is to double your initial bet, meaning you stake 20m฿ to roll under 40.

If you end up losing again, you increase your wager to 40m฿. Keep doing this until you win, and the instant you do, start from the beginning with 10m฿.

  1. Reverse Martingale Strategy

The Reverse Martingale strategy follows a few different approaches to the martingale. It involves you staking half of the winnings in addition to your initial bet amount on your wager. 

Let’s assume for reference’s sake: you make a wager of 10m฿ and win 20m฿. On your next wager, you will stake 20m฿ and if you win, you keep following the same approach. However, if you lose, it’s best to start again with the initial bet. 

  1. The Paroli Strategy

Another common tactic for improving your gameplay when playing Bitcoin dice is the Paroli strategy. It’s an excellent strategy that involves maximizing gains and limiting losses. 

The first step to this strategy is choosing your starting wager. Following that, you’ll double your bet after every win. Keep in mind that with the Paroli strategy, you can’t keep increasing your wager indefinitely. After a streak of three wins, you stop doubling your bet, and when you lose, you must return to your initial bet. 

  1. The D’Alembert Strategy

D’Alembert strategy is a pretty straightforward approach. You must first decide how much cash you want to risk. When you win a wager, you have to double your initial amount for the following wager. 

Tips for Playing Bitcoin Dice 

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Now that we’ve taken you through the various Bitcoin dice strategies, here are some tips you should remember:

Be familiar with the game’s regulations

Although the Bitcoin dice principles are straightforward, if you don’t completely comprehend them, it’s possible for you to commit errors. There are different Bitcoin dice variants at online crypto casinos, each with its own rules. If you’re having any issues understanding them, you can seek advice from the dealer or consult the game’s rules section. 

Know the payout amounts

Every Bitcoin dice game requires a player to correctly guess the outcome of a dice roll. Some games may involve betting on whether the dice will land on a number greater or less than the given number. On the other hand, it can be a bet that the outcome of the throw will be an exact number. 

Whether it’s the former or the latter, your chances of winning depend on your understanding of the payout amount. When you go for a more risky prediction, the payout will decrease. However, if you operate with a limited budget, going for less risky bets with small but higher chances of payout is best. 

Explore better Bitcoin casino sites

Many new Bitcoin dice gambling sites have recently emerged, so players have plenty of options. When selecting a new crypto casino, ensure you do your due diligence. Some casinos also offer signature titles. With Dice from Bet999, you can play using Bitcoin or other acceptable cryptocurrencies that the operator permits.

Pick up on probability

Many players tend to make the rookie mistake of attributing the result of dice throws to unseen, supernatural influences. Although success ultimately depends on chance, following the simple rules of probability might help you avoid some common failures. 

If you’d like to have a better winning chance at Bitcoin dice, you should know the number of possible outcomes. Keep in mind that the total amount of results is contingent upon how many dice are rolled. Having this knowledge gives you an upper hand when playing Bitcoin dice games. 

Know when to stop

Gambling, when done in moderation, can be a good way to pass the time. However, it can quickly spiral out of control if you aren’t careful. It’s why you should change your perception of betting so you don’t end up gambling your way into debt. 

Setting and adhering to a budget is usually an excellent decision when you want to bet. Whether you win or lose, don’t try to go over your budget. Betting more than you can lose can be a terrible decision. 

The Best Bitcoin Dice Game

Best Bitcoin Dice Strategies

It’s possible to win a small, medium, or large sum of money, depending on the size of your wager. What is needed is finding a suitable Bitcoin dice game and predicting the right outcome. 

If you are unsure about where to start, we have you sorted. Here are the best Bitcoin dice variants available to play at reputable online casinos such as Bet999:

Standard Hi/Lo Bitcoin Dice

Hi/Lo is the most basic form of the Bitcoin dice game. It entails participants guessing how a die roll will turn out. They have to decide whether the number on the dice roll will be greater or less than the given number. 

Players can place different bets in Hi/Lo within a limited amount of time. If you’re looking to try out a Bitcoin dive game, we suggest you give this a try. 


Craps is a popular dice game among casino players around the world. Since it’s so popular in traditional casinos, it should come as no surprise that it’s widely available in the best Bitcoin casinos. Craps is played using two dice, and there are dozens of bets you can make, each with its own outcome. Some of these bets include pass bets, come bets, and many more. 

This Bitcoin dice variant has multiple playable rounds. Each round has numbers that decide if you proceed to the next round or lose that round. Predicting the right number is the only way to proceed to the next level. 

Sic Bo Dice

Sic Bo is a dice variant with origins tied to China. The game is very much like a Hi/Lo dice game but with more betting options and payouts. It relies on the simultaneous roll of three dice. 

As we mentioned earlier, the betting options available in this dice variant are extensive. Players can place small and large bets, which cover any dice sum from 4 to 10 and 11 to 17, respectively. They can also place single, double, and triple bets.

Scratch Dice

Scratch Dice is a game that involves scratching off tickets and dice. When you scratch a ticket, it discloses some hidden combination for three dice faces. A die has six faces, with dots indicating the number of faces. It’s up to you to make a wager and create a winning combination.  

Live Bitcoin Dice

Live Bitcoin dice is a dice variant played with real human dealers. It’s a great way to go if you’re looking for real-time gameplay without having to leave your home. 

Predicting the result of the dice toss is the game’s objective. Gamers place their bets, and the dealer rolls the dice. You can also play with real-life gamers across the world. 


Chuck-A-Luck isn’t as popular as the other dice games on the list. But it’s still a game that is fun to play. There are Bitcoin casinos that offer these dice variants, and the payouts are quite generous. The game has a number of intriguing characters, such as a marked table, a wire cage with a revolving mechanism, and three dice. 

To get started with this game, players are required to wager on any number between 1 and 6. Following that, the dealer rolls the dice, and the outcome of the throw determines which players will win. 

Why Should You Play Bitcoin Dice Games?

Naturally, crypto betting is a great form of betting that offers better advantages than traditional betting. These benefits are what you’ll enjoy when you play Bitcoin dice games. Here are some of the interesting benefits that Bitcoin dice games have to offer: 

Fair games 

When it comes to Bitcoin dice games, players can relax and enjoy the action because these games undergo stringent testing. To prevent fraud, it’s also an excellent choice to only play at recognized casinos. 


With no disclosing any details about yourself, you are able to play Bitcoin dice games online. All you need to do is sign up at a Bitcoin casino, fund your crypto wallet, and place your bets. 

Quick transaction times

Instantaneous payments are a sure thing when Bitcoin games, especially BTC dice, are concerned. Your gains are hassle-free to pay out at any time. 

Is Bitcoin Dice Safe to Play?

It’s safe to say Bitcoin dice is one of the fairest and safest casino gaming options online. A provably fair component in the Bitcoin game enables players to independently verify the game’s outcome. Being able to confirm the validity of a result indicates how fair the game is. 

The most reliable crypto casinos make use of industry-standard protection tools like SSL to keep personal information safe. Furthermore, they have been licensed by respected gambling authorities that oversee gambling activities. Hence, you shouldn’t fret over your personal security. 

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Dice Sites

The best Bitcoin casino has defining characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd. Some of the most well-respected brands are licensed and regulated to guarantee that they deliver the highest quality of service. 

Here are some features you need to consider before choosing from the list of Bitcoin casinos to play your favorite Bitcoin dice. Also, if you’re a beginner, follow these tips to win at online casinos

License and Security

Unlicensed Bitcoin casinos should be avoided at all costs by online casino players. The reason is that unlicensed casinos aren’t answerable to any gambling authorities. Hence, there is no assured protection for players who use them. 

In addition to licensing, a good Bitcoin casino should make use of the best security tools. There wouldn’t be any need for concern if an online crypto casino employed software like SSL and HTTPS. With these programs, your personal information is well-protected.  

Game Variety

The kind of Bitcoin-based games offered is another factor to consider when choosing a crypto casino. Given that this article focuses on Bitcoin dice, it’s best to look for Bitcoin casinos that offer different variants. You wouldn’t want to be constantly jumping between websites to play your preferred dice games. 

Payment Methods

Without the appropriate payment methods, playing Bitcoin dice games would be challenging. It’s crucial to remember that specific payment methods are restricted in certain countries. So, when picking a Bitcoin casino, go for the ones that have a good number of banking options that are available in your country. Furthermore, a good crypto casino should support a wide range of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. 

Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions

Every casino player enjoys playing their favorite games with bonus money. This saves them the cost of using their own money to fund the bet. Moreover, they get to keep the cash prize when they win the bet. 

This is why it’s a good idea to consider promotions offered by a Bitcoin casino before signing up with them. Some of the bonus offers a good casino should have to include cashback, free spins, deposit bonuses, and many more. 


The bitcoin dice game is an entertaining casino game, especially when you understand the rules of the game. If you’re having fewer wins, try out some of the approaches we discuss in this article. They will improve your odds of winning, provided you follow them properly.

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