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Reel Kingdom, a partner of Pragmatic Play, has released an improved version of the popular slot game, Big Bass Bonanza, called Bigger Bass Bonanza. This new version takes place under the sea and features different types of fishing equipment. The game offers an attractive bonus feature that can award up to 50 free spins, making it a popular choice among players. 

The game’s maximum possible win has also gone up from 2100X the bet in the old game to 4000X. Additionally, the number of rows on the reels has increased from 3 to 4, allowing for more fish symbols to appear.

Due to the colorful graphics, fun bonus game, and big multipliers, the original game was a hit among players, prompting the development of an improved sequel. Bigger Bass Bonanza has 4×5 reels, high volatility, and an RTP of 96.71%. Join us as we examine and evaluate this thrilling game in further detail.

The Bigger Bass Bonanza slot machine’s regulations

On numerous occasions, Bigger Bass Bonanza from Pragmatic Play slots collection will be very comparable to its previous version Big Bass Bonanza, allowing players who have already played the previous version to start playing the brand-new slot right away.

The main distinction amongst both of these slots involves the fact that Bigger Bass will increase the number of rows from three to four, making it a slot machine with five reels and four rows as opposed to the previous version’s three rows.

This slot machine’s gaming mechanics are quite straightforward and simple enough for anyone to grasp. With this slot’s 12 fixed paylines, you must link a minimum of 3 symbols going from left to right for the opportunity to win.

While standard line winnings happen whenever identical symbols land from left to right on neighbouring reels starting from the leftmost reel, big winnings are achievable by accumulating scatters during free plays. The lower-value symbols are 10-A card royals, and the high-value symbols are tackle boxes, lures, fishing rods, and boats.

Although collecting a complete line of fish scatters awards the full monetary reward, collecting five of the same high payouts may give out anywhere between 50 and 200 times the wager. Additionally, there is a wild symbol that can replace conventional pay symbols and gather all visible money symbols when it appears during free spins.

Structure and Gambling Alternatives

Bigger Bass Bonanza from Pragmatic Play Slot structure

Big Bass Bonanza’s structure relies on a 5-reel, 3-row layout. Big Bass Bonanza offers gambling chances for gamblers of all budgets with a minimum wager of 0.10 credits each spin and a maximum possible stake of a staggering 250 credits!

The game possesses a fixed 10 paylines; this means that you cannot change the number of paylines that are active when you play.

Gaming controls

Big Bass Bonanza’s controls are all arranged very simply as follows:

  • The paytable appears when the “i” button is clicked. As the amount you bet changes, so do the payments in the list.
  • By clicking on the emblem with the three straight lines at the bottom, you can change the machine’s settings. You have the option to activate energy saver mode, change the audio preferences, or access your game records.
  • You can adjust your stake using the minus (-) and plus (+) signs on either axis of the spin icon. Altering the total bet is also an option, as is changing the number of coins per line and coin’s worth.
  • Underneath the spin option is the automatic playing icon. With this, punters can place a cap on winnings and losses.

Bigger Bass Bonanza RTP, Volatility, and Max win info

Big Bass Bonanza Slot RTP, and Max win. Play for Real Money Online

Big Bass Bonanza offers a return to player percentage of 96.71%. It exceeds the typical average and it is superior to a large number of video slots brand by Pragmatic Play. We remind you, though, the software supplier actually offers its titles in a variety of RTP options, so Big Bass Bonanza might be available at select online casinos with a lesser RTP compared to the one that was listed here.

Play-through Volatility Is Fair

Regarding the title’s volatility, Bigger Bass Bonanza is regarded as having moderate volatility. Obviously, it’s possible that you’ll find that the slot machine behaves in the near term more like a highly volatile machine or, on the other end of the range, like a somewhat volatile machine.

Maximum Win

The biggest win on this video slot, which features five reels, four rows, and twelve pay lines, is set at 4000 times the stake. All different types of gamers will have the opportunity to try out this video slot because the least bet size is $0.10 and the maximum allowed one is $250.

Big Bass Bonanza Bonus Features

Many slot machines offer a variety of bonus games, some of the best can be found here. Big Bass Bonanza offers only a single bonus round which is consistent with Reel Kingdom’s decision to maintain things simple, and players who are who have played Fishin’ Frenzy as well as other collection-based slot bonus features may probably recognize many of the bonus round’s elements. Check out the following for more information on the bonus round:

Bigger Bass Bonanza: Free Spins feature

Although the slot’s core game is intriguing, its free spins round is the point where the maximum pleasure is derivable and something to behold for gamers. Also, it is the point where players have the opportunity to win large, making it undoubtedly the most thrilling portion of the slot title.

A player must amass at least three scatter symbols  for the player to activate the free spins bonus. As soon as you arrive, Fisherman Ratko, the game’s protagonist, will welcome you. He captures every fish on the reels and also deputise as a Wild symbol.

Each fish that appears on the reels carries an intrinsic worth that is represented by the fish’s emblem. Fisherman is going to gather all of the fish and get their rewards if they appear on the same spin as him and the fish.

A reactivate and an increase in the multiplier are both potential outcomes. In order to accomplish that, you must gather four fisherman, which will give you ten additional spins as well as a higher multiplier.

A ten times multiplier and up to three retriggers can be obtained in total. Free spins begin with an initial one times multiplier; the first retrigger raises it to two times; the subsequent one raises it to three times; and the final retrigger raises it to the Bigger Bass Bonanza ten times multiplier.

In a nutshell the Bigger Bass Bonanza Pragmatic Play slot’s free spins feature is incredibly thrilling and gives you an opportunity to hook a fish that might net you a maximum of 4000 times your initial wager.

Bigger Bass Bonanza: Icons from the casino game

There are a total of 12 distinct symbols on this slot game, featuring fish in various sizes and values. A boat is the most valuable item, followed by a fishing rod, a hook, and a crate for fishing gear. The lesser denomination symbols are 10, J, K, A, and Q, as you might have guessed.

Fish of all sizes and values might show up in both the main game and the free spins game, but perhaps the most fascinating symbol is a fisherman who emerges during the free spins round. Last but not least, a scatter symbol is needed to enter the free spins game.

How Similar is Big Bass Bonanza slot to Fishin’ Frenzy?

Big Bass Bonanza VS Fishin' Frenzy

The similarities between the Big Bass Bonanza and Blueprint’s Fishin’ Frenzy slot constitute a topic that many slot gamers like to talk about. They’re both extremely comparable games, with just a couple of key variances, to be candid.

The design

First off, Big Bass Bonanza clearly wins with regard to of design because Fishin’ Frenzy is a quite an old title. Both of these fishing-based titles are colorful, but Big Bass Bonanza by Pragmatic Play is much more lively and perfectly designed.

Arithmetic Models

With less variation and a bigger top reward, the math model for Fishin’ Frenzy is a little more appealing. The basic game of this slot machine is a little more engaging because it offers players a maximum win of five thousand times while giving out greater amounts of bonuses.


The free spins features in Fishin’ Frenzy and  Big Bass Bonanza slot by Pragmatic Play are remarkably similar and contain a fish collection function. The primary distinction is that Big Bass Bonanza slot has a growing multiplier function that is capable of reaching as high as 10x.

Conclusion of the slot machine review for Bigger Bass Bonanza

Since it is larger, the title is not boastful. Bigger Bass Bonanza has a broader reel configuration and a few more paylines, and the arithmetic model has been ramped up. Even the game’s setting has altered, and amid all the changes, some players could find this one to be the most contentious. The first iteration’s ukulele-led sound made one think of deep-ocean fishing off Maui or a spot comparable. However, it seemed far more calm than the synthwave music of the present day city of Miami. It’s difficult to say, but it seems like a spot where dedicated fishermen or women might wish to flee in order to find some solitude.

Or maybe it won’t matter to you considering Bigger Bass Bonanza still has a laid-back maritime ambiance and most of its initial characteristics are still present. Gamers will likely be eager to get their casts on the next adventure as well if they loved the Fishin’ Frenzy hijinks of the previous. The 2,000x potential rewards from the initial have been increased to over twice the amount at 4,000x the investment, so perhaps even more so. This is the maximum winnings. If you hit the 4,000x limit, the Bigger Bass Bonanza bonus game will terminate even though it could go on higher.

Bigger Bass Bonanza literally accomplishes little that the preceding game did not. It merely extracts a few more thrills from the well-liked genre. Bigger Bass Bonanza might be the solution if one discovered oneself enjoying either the prior iteration or a variety of Fishin’ Frenzy clones and simply needed just a bit extra.

FAQs about Bigger Bass Bonanza?

❓ Is it possible to access the Bigger Bass Bonanza DEMO game on Bet999 for free?

Yes, bigger bass bonanza demo is available to play for all players in demo version at Bet999 casino. You can use the search option to quickly navigate to the game rather than searching through the thousands of titles available in the casino library. Without an account, you can only play the demo version. Create an account with the operator to play for real money.

❓ Bigger Bass Bonanza slot machine has what amount of paylines?

The machine possesses twelve fixed paylines, four rows, and five reels.

❓ How much Return To Player does Bigger Bass Bonanza offer?

The Bigger Bass Bonanza slot machine’s return to player is 96.71%.

❓ What is the maximum win for the Bigger Bass Bonanza?

The maximum payout on the slot title is limited to 4000x.

Despite this title’s incredibly high degree of volatility, it is still achievable to score quite sizable wins. Also, you can play the Bigger Bass Bonanza slot in demo mode at Bet999 casino.

❓ What distinguishes the Bigger Bass Bonanza slot machine from others?

The Bigger Bass Bonanza slot’s free spins feature is the most thrilling aspect, despite the fact that the main game is intriguing.

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