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Betting On March Madness

It’s March, and another month of madness is just about to begin! Sadly, not everyone is usually carried along in the thrilling and exciting March Madness trend. Many bettors miss out on the fantastic sensation that comes from wagering on these basketball games.

The great news is that here’s your perfect chance to learn more about March Madness and how the games work. Furthermore, even as a regular bettor, you’ll get to learn some simple tricks to make more money from March Madness bets. These tricks would cover upsets, longshots, and other related terms you need to understand. Also, remember that when you gamble, only do so at trusted platforms with verified accreditations.

It pledges to be a thrilling read from start to finish. Continue through until the conclusion of the article to avoid missing any significant facts.

What is March Madness?

Do you find pleasure in watching sports? Then there are undoubtedly a lot of opportunities to relax before your TV and take in a game or two. Irrespective of your sport choice, whether American football, softball, or soccer, there’s always a game for you.

However, we can only hope you love basketball just as much because this is for basketball fans the most. 

The time of year has arrived when sports fans can’t go five minutes without hearing someone discuss bubble teams, pools, or goal-beaters. Can you guess what moment this is? It’s March Madness, of course!

Every year, the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball finals, also called “March Madness,” are played. It begins from about the middle of March to the beginning of April.

It’s absolutely insane. The excitement that permeates the sports community whenever a significant event is approaching is aptly captured by that word. In the weeks prior to the “Big Dance,” hundreds of collegiate basketball teams from all over the USA participate.

How Does March Madness Work?

Over the course of three Saturdays, 68 teams will participate in single-elimination tournament games. This first round is to determine which teams will represent their conference and region in the NCAA Final Four. 

The NCAA had been responsible for expanding the field from 64 to 68 teams. They simply added four teams that must win “play-in” games in order to qualify for the tournament proper.

The “Sweet Sixteen” are the final 16 teams standing after the first weekend. The competition is cut in half over the following weekend, with the “Elite Eight” and “Final Four” being the remaining contestants. Four candidates will be featured over the concluding weekend. In the national title contest, the two advancing teams will face each other.

How Did the Madness All Begin?

Harold Olsen, a coach at Ohio State University, is commonly credited with conceptualizing the event in 1939. He previously worked with the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

The 68-team field is bolstered by the default qualifiers of 32 conference champions. The NCAA tournament bids for the remaining 36 teams are chosen via the at-large method.

Once the teams have been selected, they are split into four groups. These teams usually represent America’s southwest, Midwestern, Southeast, and Northeast regions. They are then put into a bracket that outlines each team’s route to the championship round. The teams are ranked from 1 to 16 within their respective conference.

In the early rounds, the higher seeds typically face the lesser seeds. To give you an illustration, in the first round, the top-seeded squad always faces the team with the lowest overall seed. Once unexpectedly strong teams begin to make a run in the competition, however, it becomes difficult to forecast the brackets’ outcomes. These surprise teams are usually referred to as “Cinderella teams.”

How Does Betting on March Madness Work?

Now that we’ve seen the definition of this event, it should be easier to go into betting. Millions of people worldwide fill out brackets at the beginning of the tournament season in an effort to predict the outcomes of each game.

However, there are always surprises, so picking a flawless bracket is virtually impossible. Your chances of correctly forecasting the outcome of every game are fewer than one in 9.2 quintillions (9,223,372,036,854,775,808).

A huge audience of sports lovers tunes in to watch the games on television during the course of the three-week championship. These games are performed concurrently at neutral sites across the nation. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) holds the record for the most national championships, with a total of 11 titles.

Wagering on March Madness – Upsets and LongShots

Wagering on March Madness is rather easy. Most times, it depends on the platform you’re using. Some offer freebies while others don’t. You should, therefore, ensure you pick the best sportsbook to place your bet on. Before you begin your betting, you should take note of two terms that will go a long way for you. These terms are upsets and long shots. We’ll begin with covering the term longshots


In the context of gaming, a longshot is a hand, stake, or competitor with a low probability of success. In a sporting contest, such as a horse race, a long shot is an underdog. In most circles, the longshot wager is looked down upon because of the low probability of success. 

Bets on long shots, however, can pay off handsomely. Due to the low probability of success associated with such wagers, any payouts incurred would be substantial.

Putting your money on a long shot is like taking your chances at gambling. The potential for accomplishment is slim, however anything is possible. However, there are bettors who put in the time and effort to study competitors or teams. They employ a wide range of strategies in an effort to identify the longshots with the highest potential returns.

Long-shot wagers are a good option for those with some financial flexibility. The gaming industry is one of the few where a small investment can yield big returns (hundreds to thousands of dollars). However, putting a lot of money on a long shot is risky business. In the case of a defeat, the ramifications will be extreme.


The word “upset” is typically used to characterize a game where an underdog scored an unexpected victory over a heavily favored team. The underdog in sports betting is the team or player who is not anticipated to win the match or event. They are typically given a lower probability of doing so by the oddsmakers and the betting public. 

The point differential and moneyline will both show which team is the underdog. To recognize the underdog, simply look for the symbol.

To win a wager with a point spread of +3.5, the underdog must win or fall by three points or fewer. That means the favored team is down 3.5 points to the underdog. 

With a moneyline opponent of +180, a $100 wager would return $180 in winnings should the outsider prevail. When wagering on the moneyline, it makes no difference how much a squad wins or loses.

Bet on Longshots that Involve Only One Team for the Highest Payouts

Skilled gamblers enjoy making game-by-game predictions throughout the competition, shifting their wagering strategies quickly after each elimination. However, in March Madness, the chances of an individual team advancing to the next round are typically much greater than in other contests. This is simply a natural response to the excitement surrounding the show.

An easy loser in a bet on a tournament could be the underdog. Bets on early outright, however, may offer the optimal balance of risk, profit, and excitement.

Tips to Employ in Betting on March Madness

Below are some extra tips to take note of when betting on March Madness:

Bet on Seasoned Trainers and Players

You should go for a team that has a strong nucleus of upperclassmen and tournament expertise. You can rely on them when the stakes are high in the NCAA playoffs.

There’s a good reason why the same managers tend to make it through to the second weekend of the championship every year. The ability to handle teams and make adjustments from game to game is invaluable.

Use Fishy Lines

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” as the saying goes. This will serve you well in the world of sports wagering. Consider leaning on lines that don’t make logical sense at first glance.

Look for Inflated Lines

Bet on the day’s most disliked “dogs” (underdogs) because they usually offer the best value. Try to spot bloated price tags, too. This means that the crowd is concentrated on one side, causing the line to shift. It will provide an opportunity to purchase a dog cheaply while earning bonus points.

Know the Cinderella Team

The quickest way to make money wagering on March Madness is to find a legitimate Cinderella squad. These can be schools from lower-tier conferences that have mastered a deceptive pace. They can also be top-tier teams that were defeated by lower-tier teams in the regular season.

It’s also possible for a team with a lesser seed to pull off a Cinderella upset if they’re from a “major conference.” They may have been playing at a high level all season and are just now hitting their stride in the tournament.

Keep Tabs on Newer Developments

For a complete picture of the cash flow, it is essential to follow the path taken by the lines. The largest bets from sharps and the highest limits at bookmakers mean that late movements often carry the most weight. The last half hour or so before tip-off is when you should expect to see line changes.

Where to Bet on March Madness

Among the sites where you may put a March Madness wager are Bet999, FanDuel, BetMGM, PointsBet, and BetRivers. The only requirements are that you download the sportsbook software and geographically be in a place where betting is legal. 

Create an account at the bookmaker of your choice, input your personal information, and then activate the March Madness bonus if there is any. You’ll then be prepared to wager on the NCAA Championship.


This casino is famous for the MGM name, which is widely known among folks. However, customers quickly learn that there is much more to explore. 

All collegiate basketball contests will have competitive odds and lines. There will also be many different wagers available as the championship progresses. BetMGM is currently available only in a certain number of jurisdictions.


The advanced features and user-friendly interface of Bett999’s website have made it a success with players. Bettors interested in college hoops will discover an easy-to-navigate interface. Like the former, Bet999 is available on web and mobile to all players, especially those who love to play with crypto


The FanDuel interface is minimalistic and intuitive without sacrificing functionality. March Madness offers possibilities like same-game parlays that make it simple to create wagers with many legs. It is available in many states, including Indiana, Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, West Virginia, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York. You can also use it in Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, and Wyoming.


BetRivers provides a trustworthy service with an attractive interface and straightforward navigation. In addition to offering a reliable betting platform, the business also provides a rewarding loyalty program. 

You can download this platform in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, New Mexico, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio.


PointsBet was a relatively obscure brand before it made its American debut in 2019. It’s gained a lot of popularity among gamblers from different states. The game stands out due to its exclusive PointsBetting feature and the minute care put into the line art. It is currently available to residents of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York. 


This year, like every other year, is another opportunity to get the most out of March Madness. Indeed, you may not win as you expect—no one hardly ever wins as expected. Still, you can rest assured that you will enjoy every bit of your gaming. Also, remember to follow responsible gambling at all times.

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