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To Casino players, luck in Gambling is a very important concept. Most players especially card gamers have specific rituals they perform each time they want to play, while others have good luck charms which they carry to help them win the game

To win a game of chance like gambling, you will need to be lucky, more than you need your gambling skills.

Despite knowing that there is no way to prove how lucky a player is, most pros and newbies hope for luck when they play.

The good news is, there are some things you can do as a player to increase your chances of winning the game and improve your luck.

From trusting your instincts to reciting gambling spells, this article provides you with the latest tips to increase your winning chances and improve your luck in casinos (both online and offline).

How to be lucky in gambling – Best Lucky Charms for Gambling in 2023

Most casino players believe in the myth of lucky charms for gambling. These charms are seen as objects of good luck and good fortune.

A lot of us have heard about it, and like most casino players believe the concept even though there is no scientific backing to confirm if these so-called lucky charms influence gambling efforts.

In this article, is a list of the most popular lucky charms of 2022, that can help your gambling adventure, whether online or offline. These lucky charms might be the bridge between you and winning the game.

How to increase your luck in gambling

Most times as a casino player, your game tactics, odds, and skill set may fail you, giving you no option but to rely on your luck.

Even though most people don’t believe in it, being lucky works for some people. Here are some to your luck in Gambling:

  • Trust your instinct
  • Gamble only when you are happy
  • Don’t let fellow gamblers see your mone
  • Remain positive
  • Carry your lucky charm when you gambling

20 Popular gambling superstitions and rituals that might bring you good luck

When it comes to gambling rituals and superstition that brings luck, there are so many of them.

Most of these rituals are performed by many gamblers before they play a game in an top online crypto casino

Below are some of the most practiced superstitions and rituals by gamblers:

Hanging a horseshoe upward

According to most people, finding a horseshoe is a sign that you will be protected against bad luck, or that you have good fortune

But the actual belief that hanging a horseshoe upwards (in a U shape) draws positive energy to you was first believed by Saint Dunstan in the middle age.

Saint Dunstan, the patron saint of jewelers, was a great blacksmith. Legend has it that one day, the Devil asked him to nail the horseshoes on his horse. Saint Dunstan pretended to be doing so, but instead, he nailed the horseshoe on the Devil’s hoof.


The Devil was in great pain and begged the saint to remove the horseshoe, the saint agreed but under the condition that the devil never entered any house if a horseshoe was hanging by the door.

Ever since then, it’s believed that a horseshoe keeps evil from entering a place. Most people believe that the best way to hang a horseshoe is upwards, so it can catch all the luck. But if turned upside down, all the good luck will run out.

A Four Leaf Clover

Four leaf clover

For most Westerners, the cloverleaf is one of the first things they associate with good luck because the clover has a strong history in Irish tradition.

Initially, the three-leaf clover was commonly associated with St. Patrick’s day. The three-leaf clover represents the Christian’s holy trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the holy spirit. The leaf that makes the clover four-leaved represents God’s grace.

Anyone who finds a four-leaf clover is seen as very fortunate because it’s very rare. The chances of finding one are about 1 in 5076.

Apart from being rare, each lead of the four-leaved clover has its special meaning according to popular belief. The first leaf represents hope, the second leaf faith, the third leaf love, and the last leaf represents luck.

Generally, the cloverleaf is a very popular theme in online gambling games. It doesn’t matter if the leaves are 3 or four.

A Rabbit’s Foot

Many regions in the world such as China, Africa, Europe, and some parts of South and North America believe that a rabbit’s foot brings good luck.

No one knows the origin of this belief, as different cultures and regions have different reasons why the rabbit’s foot is considered a lucky charm.

Even though a rabbit’s foot brings luck, not just any rabbit’s foot. Most times, the foot is acquired through a certain ritual, or it will be of no use. The rabbit’s foot is one of the weirdest lucky charms in the world.

Lucky Number

Many people associate the number 7 with luck due to its mathematical importance and religious significance (especially in the Christian religion). The number 7 is linked with a lot of wonderful events and occurrences like the Seven wonders of the world, seven continents in the world, seven musical notes, seven days of the week, and so on.

Lucky Number seven

When gambling, getting the (777) combination brings the biggest winnings. Although lots of players(gamblers) bet with the number 7, other players have their lucky numbers.

Rituals That Are Truly Believed by Players

In addition to using charms and lucky numbers, some gamblers perform some rituals before placing their bets, to increase the chances of winning, and winning big.

Here are some of the most popular rituals among gamblers:

Crossing Fingers

Although the origin of this ritual is unknown, there are a few theories that try to explain its origin: the middle age practice of Christians making the sign of the cross to protect them from witches and evil forces that bring ill luck.

Crossing Fingers

Another theory according to legends is that in the pagan ritual, the symbol of the cross helps make their wishes come true through the help of good spirits.

Food fortune

Certain special dishes are considered lucky dishes. Gamblers who believe in this ritual make this kind of meal for themselves before staking their bets to increase their chances of winning.

Food fortune

In some cultures, the good luck dish is chicken wings that are made with onion rings.

If you are a believer in this ritual, and you can prepare them yourself, try making them before hitting the game table.

Blowing on dice

Although the history of this ritual is not known, there are two major origins stories of this ritual. The first group of people believes in keeping the dice clean before it is rolled in street games. While the second group believes that it originates from the act of putting a sticky element on the part of the dice, which is usually activated when it’s blown. It was a method of cheating at the casino

The ritual of blowing on dice is a very popular practice among board gamers. It’s the most common ritual in the gaming industry.

Many casino-themed movies have numerous scenes where gamers only cast their dice only after their female partners have blown on them.

Magic spells

Most gamblers and gamers try to increase their chances of winning and winning big by preparing potions and using magic spells.

Lots of gamblers, gamers, and lots of other people use a whole lot of these magical spells to improve their luck.

Some examples of these magic spells used to increase opportunities and trigger lots of prosperity and wealth are Wiccan money gold charm, lady luck, and Wiccan gambling photo potion.

Knocking on wood

This ritual practice is not only common among gamblers and gamers but also a lot of people usually knock on wood to protect themselves from negativity and to improve their luck.

This ritual started from the pagan belief that good spirits usually live in the roots of trees which makes them possess divine powers.

They believe that by touching the tree, they acknowledge the supernatural power of the tree, and in turn, the tree protects you from bad luck. Most Christians especially Catholics practice this act in reverence to Christ who was crucified on a wooden cross.

Wishing well fortune

Most times, players and gamblers perform this ritual before placing their bet with a potentially large payout. For this practice, all you need to do is go to a fountain, make a wish and throw in your coin after making these wishes.

If you can’t find a fountain, you can use any other water body like a river, sea e.t.c but not a pond and it should be close to the casino you are playing in.

Although many gamers practice this ritual, it’s not certain if it’s effective or not. Though it works for some people.

Wearing Red Cloth

The Chinese traditional belief in the red colour brought about the practice of wearing red clothes to increase a player’s chances of winning.

According to Chinese traditional society, the colour red represents joy, luck, and wealth.

Today, this concept is becoming very popular in the gambling and betting industry

Lucky Partner

Despite wearing lucky charms, performing rituals for good luck, and using lucky numbers to increase chances of winning, there is also the ancient practice of bringing a partner to the casino or gaming center for extra luck.

According to those who believe this, the combination of a human’s positive energy and other lucky charms causes the gods of gambling to bless the gambler with more positive results.

What Brings Bad Luck? – Gamblers Superstition

Apart from arming yourself with lucky charms, performing rituals, and having lucky numbers, there are certain practices you need to know of as a gambler, that you need to practice to protect yourself against ill luck.

Here are some of these practices includes:

No Front Entrance

Most people believe that their chances of winning a game are reduced if they enter the casino or action houses through the front entrance. This belief originated in the early casino years when their front entrances are sculpted as the jaw of a big lion.

During that period, most of the players entered the casino through the side rather than the main entrance. Although most Casinos have changed their entrances, most of their customers still prefer to use the side door. This gave rise to the belief that entering the casino through the front door brings ill luck.

Counting Your Money

Gamblers have this general belief that counting their money while still at the playing table brings bad luck and can make you lose in future games.

This belief comes from the popular saying that pride goes before a fall, as it may seem as if you are showing off your good fortune to other players.

Although it’s also believed that when you control the urge to count your earnings at the table makes you look good-mannered.

Crossing the Legs

Crossing the legs especially when betting is seen to have the opposite effect of crossing the fingers. Crossing the legs is believed to bring ill fortune, it’s regarded as crossing off one’s luck.

Though medically, this position helps to maintain a healthy position for a stable pelvis and straight back.

50 Bucks Bills

The 50 bucks bills according to some gamblers bring ill luck and should be avoided. Some casinos go as far as rejecting payments made with $50 bills from gamers.

This belief originated from the era when Las Vegas was ruled by the mob. It was rumored that during that period, gangsters buried their victims with $50 bills in their pockets.

Unlucky Numbers

While some numbers are considered lucky numbers, other numbers are called unlucky numbers. Numbers like 13 and 4 are avoided by gamblers because it’s believed to bring bad luck and even death.

Some people take this belief so seriously that they have developed a phobia of these numbers. Most hotels and casinos don’t include these numbers on their floor numbers, while for those that include them, people rarely bet on them.


Acorns are charms that have connections throughout the history of different cultures. The Norse culture believes the oak tree and the acorn are connected with Thor the god of lighting. They believe that keeping an acorn in your home protects it from lightning. The British people believe that acorns help protect the body against ailments that affect it.


The acorn is still seen by many as a symbol of luck and good fortune. Most people including gamblers wear this charm for luck.

Carp scales

In most European countries like Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, they have the tradition of eating carp fish as a Christmas meal.

This practice is based entirely on the tradition that Catholics then couldn’t eat red meat during lent (their fasting period). They eat carp instead because it has white flesh. After the feast, most people keep a scale or two from the carps in their wallet until the next Christmas Eve. This practice is believed to keep flowing into the wallet all year round.

Till today, most people still keep the carp scales for luck and wealth



In most Asian countries, including India and Thailand, that practice the Feng shui religion, the elephant is a very powerful symbol of luck.

Apart from luck, this animal is believed to bring power, fertility, stability, wisdom, and strength.

This elephant isn’t just the elephant, but one with its trunk up is said to bring good luck. This is why some casinos have statues of elephants in their buildings.

Nazar boncuğu amulet

The Nazar Boncugu amulet is a blue-eyed amulet that is used as a tourist souvenir at bazaars in Turkey. The amulet is usually shaped like a circle or teardrop and made with light blue, white, dark blue, and black-colored glass.

Nazar boncuğu amulet

‘Nazar’ is an Arabic word that means evil eye. This amulet is believed to counter the effects of jealousy and unwanted evil eyes

Gamblers use this amulet to block the negative energies from the jealous people around them, especially when they are on a winning streak.

Hamsa Hand

Hamsa hand charm is an open right palm with an eye in the middle. It works like the Nazar amulet to counter the effects of evil eyes and jealousy.

Hamsa Hand

According to Jewish beliefs, the hard represents the hand of God and the five books of the Torah. While according to Islam, the five fingers represent the pillars of religion which are belief, worship, pilgrimage, almsgiving, and fasting. They also believe it’s the hand of Zahra, daughter of the prophet Muhammad.

Not minding the religious significance, the Hamsa hand is widely used as a protective charm in jewelry

Jin Chan, or three-legged toad

The Jin Chan is a Feng Shui charm. The charm is a bullfrog with bright red reds, a coin in its mouth, with two front legs and a tadpole tail(the third leg).

Jin Chan, or three-legged toad

According to Chinese myth, the three-legged frog is believed to ward off ill luck, bring money and protect wealth.

Some gamblers put their lottery tickets under this statute to increase their chances of winning.

Gambler’s Habits in Cultures Around the World

Gamblers across different cultures have different attitudes and approaches to gambling, which come from their diverse cultural beliefs.

While most of these beliefs may seem weird to outsiders, those who practice them know why they do so. A lot of these beliefs are associated with luck.

Since gambling is a game of chance, most gamblers from these cultural backgrounds carry these beliefs into the casinos with the hope of increasing their winning opportunities. These cultural beliefs include:

South Africa – The Voodoo Magic

Although gambling is viewed as a negative vice by most religions and cultures, the people of South Africa believe that Voodoo witchcraft can be used to increase a gambler’s luck. An example of this is the belief that a gambler’s chance of winning a large payout will increase if they breathe the smoke coming out from a vulture’s dried brain.

India – Shaving Quirks

These shaving quirks are a very common practice among Indians. Some Indian cultures discourage their people from grooming their heads on Tuesdays and washing them on Thursdays, as they believe it brings bad luck.

There is the possibility that people who practice this culture go to casinos with smelly bodies on such days, as the practice prevents them from taking a shower.

Serbia – Spilling Water

The Serbians believe that spraying water behind them before they carry out any activity brings them good luck. They believe that the calming effect of water is capable of making the path to luck smooth for a person.

Thailand – ‘Palad Khik’

Thai gamblers wear the Palad Khik necklace as they believe it brings them luck during gambling.

Palad Khik translates to the honorable surrogate penis in English. Some cultures believe that wearing this necklace increases libidos and makes it difficult to control lust.

Europe – Big Smash

In European countries like Denmark and Greece, smashing dishes is a very common practice. Although this practice is not restricted to Europe alone, other cultures perform it for different reasons.

Some people engage in new activities only after they might have smashed a dish in some cultures. In some cultures, it’s a gambling tradition. The downside of this practice is that one has to keep buying new dishes when they break them for luck.

China – Color is Everything

In traditional Chinese society, the red color is of immense value, as it’s considered to increase luck.

To trigger their winning luck, some Chinese gamers wear red attire including red underpants

Apart from their belief in red, the Chinese mostly place their bets on the number 7, not counting their earnings at the table, Entering the casino through the side, and bending their cards to avoid using them in their next playing round.

How to get rid of bad luck in gambling

Are you looking for a way to change your gambling luck? Below are some ways to get rid of bad luck in Gambling and increase your winning streak:

Avoid crossing your legs

Crossing your legs is believed to bring bad luck, this is mostly because Crossing your legs is seen as an unhealthy position that restricts blood flow and leads to bad posture. Sitting in this position might cause you discomfort which might affect your playing skills and thinking.

Avoid crossing your legs

Plus, it’s believed that crossing your legs is like ‘crossing out’ your luck at casinos

Avoid whistling on the table

Sailors were the first people to believe that whistling was bad luck as doing it increases the wind and puts their ships in danger.

Whistling while gambling is considered noise, and it distracts other players at the table.

Do not lend money on the table

Lending money at the table is seen as a source of bad luck as the borrowers might not be able to regain their losses and cannot pay back. This alone will begin a chain of bad events for you as the possibility of you losing the money you lent is high.

Avoid betting on numbers that are considered bad luck such as 13 and 4

While most people have their lucky numbers, the number 13 is generally believed to be unlucky.

This belief originated from Judas Iscariot the disciple of Jesus who betrayed him. He was the 13th person at the Last supper.

Avoid betting on numbers 13

The ancient people of Norse lore have it that evil first happened in the world when the god Loki, the 13th guest at the Valhalla dinner party, upset the first 12 gods.

The number 4 is considered unlucky in China because it has the same pronunciation as the word death.

Do not count money on the Table

Gamblers believe that counting your winning while you are still playing at the table will bring you bad luck and possibly negatively affect your next games. Counting your money in the presence of your opponents is oftentimes perceived as being boastful and insensitive. Try as much as possible to control the urge to calculate your winnings before the end of the end.


Most gamblers from all parts of the world have various beliefs and practices that might look foolish to some people, but these practices are still used in hope of bringing them luck.

While gambling is a game of chance, luck is a huge factor to boost winning chances. Following these gambling superstitions won’t hurt, it might even turn your fortune around positively.

Whatever type of game you play: Slot, Roulette, Black jack , we have got you covered. Register today with one of the best online casinos on the internet and test your luck.

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