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Best crypto podcasts

Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone has their podcast. For good reason, podcasts are portable, quick, and accessible, just like online crypto casinos. They’re also quite simple to create and require little when it comes to the necessary tools. Essentially, what are some of the more intriguing or beneficial crypto podcasts for both experiences and newbies in the crypto world?

Because, the facts are that the trajectory of growth has accelerated across practically all industries as a result of advances in knowledge, awareness, and particularly technology. Thus, any crypto enthusiast can easily read articles, watch a video, view infographics, and, as of recently, listen to podcasts.

With our collective listening experience, we’ve selected the best crypto podcasts to check out. Few of them could spring as a surprise, while others are roundly accepted and conform to industry norms.

What Is A Podcast?

Before delving into the best podcast and documentaries available for crypto enthusiasts, what exactly is a podcast and what are crypto documentaries?

A podcast is a created digital file that is accessible online and is also downloadable on desktop and mobile devices. Podcasts are a recent development that has become useful to catch up with trends since trends are always evolving every day. 

Podcasts frequently consist of episodes. Also, each of these episodes focuses on a different trend, subject, or event. In light of this, listening to podcasts can be a wonderful way to remain current with trends. And when we say trends, it also implies learning about cryptocurrencies.

The crypto market is expanding every day, and as it grows, more crypto experts also leverage that to expand their reach and popularity. Hence, they resort to dishing out tips via podcasts. Many have gained followers and listeners through this channel.

It seems, though, that there are other routes to improve your understanding of crypto besides podcasts. Documentaries are also an effective tool you can use to gather facts about crypto and make profit from it. 

About Crypto Documentaries

Documentaries have contributed significantly to people’s increased knowledge of events, facts, and trends, especially in this age of visuals. Watching documentaries is among the most common ways people learn. It also serves as a platform where newcomers to the crypto world can get a strong foundation about the crypto world. 

Now, if you desire a solid foundation in the crypto industry, the following are a few of the best documentaries that would help you;

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin 

This particular documentary is one of the vastly and frequently watched ones. The documentary was plotted to reflect the life of a renowned computer guru and Bitcoin enthusiast, David Mross. 

Also, the program was made specifically to inform audiences about Bitcoin and other crypto assets. In this documentary, the likes of Charlie Shrem, Erik Voorhes, and Mark Karpeles were the actors. 

Bitcoin – Shape the Future 

The subject matter of the video is outstanding since it examines the beginnings and premature times of Bitcoin. Additional details you might discover include Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges, Satoshi’s identity, the grey side of bitcoin, the risks involved, Chinese government regulations regarding bitcoin, and the evolution of bitcoin mining technology.

Also, it describes Friedcat’s location, Trendy Blockchain, applications of blockchain technology, scaling for bitcoin, and finally the worth and prospects of altcoins. Although the movie covers other subjects, those are currently the most crucial ones for viewers.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

The “Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble” documentary is for you if the idea of bitcoin fascinates you but the technical words used to describe it intimidate you. This documentary presents the complexities of cryptocurrency engagingly and understandably. It is only 35 minutes long and covers all the most important topics about the subject as well as criticisms of Bitcoin.

The Best Podcast for Crypto Enthusiasts

Best Podcast for Crypto Enthusiasts

Podcasts have the added benefit of manageability and are highly educational. Access to podcasts is now simpler than ever thanks to services like Apple Music, Spotify, and many others. You might become the next big thing in the market if you subscribe to one of the podcasts on the list below.


Laura Shin is the creator and host of the cryptocurrency podcast Unchained. She was the first journalist in the mainstream media to devote her full attention to covering cryptocurrency, and her understanding of the field is indisputably evident. 

But the term “Unchained”, what does that mean? Is it a reference to maximizing the potential of blockchain tech and crypto assets? Well, yes, that is what the podcasts seem to be about. Exposing many of the crypto industry’s most intricate workings.

The documentary covers a wide range of topics and employs a wide array of speakers to speak about subjects such as web3 technologies like NFTs, blockchain technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as regulatory issues surrounding cryptocurrencies. During the past six years, the brand has released material every week.


Unchained takes a protracted glance into everything crypto-related, whereas Laura Shin’s Unconfirmed, is more witty. Unconfirmed strives to be able to react to changes in the fintech landscape as rapidly as possible. As a result, new episodes are released in weekly, 20-minute digestible pieces. 

Keep an eye out for commentary on the most significant headlines of the week from industry experts such as programmers, journalists, researchers, business executives, and directors.

What Bitcoin Did

It was started by McCormack Peter and is known as the go-to resource for everyone interested in investing in Bitcoin without regard to time constraints. Also, it helps those who simply want to study and comprehend in greater detail the blockchain and crypto market.

Being new to Bitcoin himself makes McCormack’s podcasts especially helpful for beginners. As a consequence, there has been a noticeable progression in the episodes of his podcasts, with earlier ones aiming to answer many of the basic queries at the core of the assets and technology, while later ones become more sophisticated as McCormack’s knowledge of the subject increases. 

Listeners will value the actuality that McCormack speaks with critics of Bitcoin in order to provide his podcasts with a well-rounded perspective that may be uncommon in the highly politicized empire of cryptocurrencies.

CoinDesk Podcast Network 

The CoinDesk crew has put together a number of podcasts, including Breakdown and The SOB (“Speaking of Bitcoin”). The Breakdown is a podcast hosted by Whittemore Nathaniel and it covers a range of subjects, including international power shifts, bitcoin, geopolitics, international finance, as well as other subjects.

“Let’s talk Bitcoin” was the former title of The SOB. The podcast features the likes of Adam B. Levine and a few others in a weekly talk on the development and origin, philosophy, and potential of Bitcoin and the entire crypto ecosystem. 

Crypto 101

For individuals who want to learn all that there is to know about crypto, this podcast is the ideal choice. Readers of Crypto 101 have access to all the essential knowledge, from the fundamentals to the more complex. Aaron Malone and Bryce Paul, two knowledgeable aces in the crypto field serve as the hosts.

The podcast has a strong emphasis on introducing newcomers to some of the fundamental concepts and procedures associated with bitcoin trading.

Every episode focuses on a distinct subject in the area of cryptocurrency and it also features a few guests who are available frequently to speak. 

Pomp Podcast by Anthony Pompliano

Anthony, also known as Pomp by his subscribers, has developed a significant following among people who are interested in the economy, capital market, technology, and trade. According to his webpage, over 20 million individuals have downloaded his 30-minute to 1-hour-long podcasts.

Unabashedly supporting Bitcoin, Pomp offers a selection of insightful pieces on subjects like how to start a fintech firm, the future of cryptos, guiding principles for investing, how to prevent fraudulent activity, and the trivial subject of inflation.

The Crypto Conversation with Andy Pickering 

Andy Pickering and bitcoin go in tandem. Pickering first came across Kim Dotcom, the father of the Crypto sector, in 2014. More lately, a majority of his programs have been on Web3, covering topics like a summarised history of the web (from Web1 to Web3), a decentralized gaming ecology, investing in the next generation of networks, and even a few episodes on the Mina protocol.

The debates are thorough, knowledgeable, engaging, and current. The co-creators of Trality, Christoph and Dr. Moritz, had a great talk with Andy in the latter part of 2020 about the company’s concept for an industry for bitcoin copy-trading bots where investors and producers might connect for win-win outcomes.

Podcast by Stephan Livera

For individuals who want to learn all there is to know about bitcoin, Stephan Livera’s podcast is one of the greatest possibilities. Many see it as a crucial source of information on a range of Bitcoin-related topics that enables subscribers to create a firm base on which they may educate themselves and ultimately truly understand the coin and science around it. 

The ability to communicate complex ideas and technical terms in a way that subscribers can grasp is a strength of Livera and his team.

He describes himself as “an Austria-libertarian author and pundit,” including a writer. He founded the academic establishment Ministry of Nodes. He owns stock in a company that makes acquisitions. He also releases a weekly podcast that’s roughly an hour long and works as a technology auditor in the financial services industry.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

You’ll understand why the fanbase has become so committed after just a few minutes of listening to the Podcast. “They are Frustrated overweight men with a minimal comprehension of crypto and no logical thinking development.” This is the comment of a listener who gave the show a five-star rating. 

In this podcast, self-described engineers and crypto aficionados Joel Comm and Travis Wright attempt to explain the realms of blockchain, litecoin,  bitcoin, altcoins, Ethereum, and initial coin offerings. 

Usually, they produce two episodes per week, each lasting slightly longer than thirty minutes. The Bad Crypto Podcast episodes should be added to your listening routine if you’re seeking some self-deprecating humor (let’s face it, crypto commentators can be a serious bunch).


Epicenter stands out amid the majority of the genre’s newer arrivals. The purpose of their podcasts and interviews, as stated at the start of each episode, is to provide their subscribers with detailed discussions regarding the social, technical, and economic ramifications of digital currencies and blockchains. 

Although they have a solid pedigree and a sizable back catalog, Epicenter podcasts periodically sound amateurish and have poor audio quality. If you can get beyond this technical difficulty, there is a wealth of fascinating content obtainable during their once-weekly, hour-long seminars.

Untold Stories 

The host of Untold Tales is Charlie Shrem, the creator of the Bitcoin Foundation and the now-defunct BitInstant. Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, and Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, founders of Gemini, participated in the early cryptocurrency startup, BitInstant. The primary focus of Shrem’s podcast is on the intimate, unsung tales of many of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency movement. Listen to Shrem’s conversation with Charlie Lee about creating Litecoin.

Tales from the Crypt

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, HBO aired the horror piece, Tales from the Crypt. Marty Bent reused the title for his podcast, in which he has the opportunity to discuss Bitcoin with interesting people.

Although that might not sound like a particularly persuasive presentation, Bent’s podcast fulfills a valuable purpose by covering a variety of topics related to bitcoin. Whether he is talking about topics as far-flung as China and Bitcoin, energy deprivation, or more technical aspects of Bitcoin like using a BTC node and projects, trade-offs, software, and commercialization, Bent’s high-intensity delivery is engaging to hear. If you only need a quick weekly recap, look at his “Rabbit Hole Report”.


Although Bankless is a newcomer to the bitcoin podcast industry, nevertheless, listeners adore it. The host and the co-hosts take their listeners on a tour of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, ETH ecology, Bitcoin, and decentralized technologies. 

On Your Road to Becoming a Crypto Expert

Now, get out there, brave crypto fans and beginners, and listen to many of the brightest brains in the industry. Verify the content just like you verify a crypto casino to ensure that they speak the truth. Participate and invest the time necessary to advance by learning about the market. Spend some time learning more about the market by tuning in to the best bitcoin podcasts or, even better, documentaries. Each of the aforementioned choices makes it simple to comprehend and learn.

If you carefully listen to all of these podcasts, you might become the next successful bitcoin entrepreneur.

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