It is common for many gamblers to leave the outcome of their crash gambling games in the hands of fate, instead of taking time to carefully formulate a crash strategy with low online bet tricks. 

However, whether you are a new or experienced crypto casino game player, you must use pre-planned methods to help you secure a better chance at winning the games of your choice. One of these methods should be a crash gambling strategy.

What is crash gambling?

Crash gambling simply involves placing a bet on a rising multiplier which grows in value but crashes at random. The player wins if the cash out is made before the crash, otherwise, the player loses. Some players set a particular amount for automatic cashout to avoid losing their winnings to the unpredictable crash.

To play crash gambling games, you need to register on a crash gambling site of your choice and then place your bet. When you place a wager, the line graph keeps multiplying until it reaches a certain peak, and then it crashes. If you cash out before the unstable crash, you get to keep your winnings, but if not, you lose everything you have put at stake. 

Crash gambling games are online casino games that have been newly established by crypto casinos. It is greatly influenced by the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain. However, crash games have hindered players from using some types of cryptocurrencies, these types also determine the duration of your transaction period.

People who are successful in online trading and crypto gambling will find it easier to play the crash game.

How high can the multiplier be in crash gambling?

As a result of the unpredictable crash that occurs during crash gambling games, it is quite difficult to ascertain how high the multiplier can go. Though, it could rise from the range of  2x to 100x before it crashes.

Popular Crash Game Strategies

With the advancement of crash game strategies in the last few years, there is now a higher chance of success in your chosen game. Crash game strategies refer to real-time online gambling where a player puts themselves at an advantage by strategically placing a wager to win.

To excel at crash gambling games, you should take time to study the site, and observe the fluctuations of the line graph and the common multiplier just before the crash to make solid plans and create effective techniques. 

Let’s dive into some gambling methods that will help you push your luck at crash gambling games. 

Crash game strategies

Martingale Strategy:

Previously known as Martindale, the Martingale betting strategy is notable among gamblers. Many players use this method without even knowing that they are applying the Martingale crash betting strategy. 

Martingale system entails doubling your losing bets until you win, and reverting to your initial wager amount to play ensuing bets.

Winning and losing are the two outcomes of gambling. If Mr. A places a stake of $20 in expectation of winning but loses instead, according to Martingale’s strategy, he will have to double his stakes and wager $40 in the following game. He will continue to do this until he wins. 

If he wins after staking $160, he will keep his profit and play the following game with the initial amount he started with, which is $20. The system is also used by investors, they apply this technique by increasing the amount of investment when the value is falling, in expectation of a future boost in value. 

advantages of Martingale Betting Strategy 

This gambling strategy is easy to implement and simple for players to understand plus it makes a great option for those who want to play for a few hours.

Furthermore, the approach helps improve earnings and it is also a suitable method for both experienced and new gamers.

Disadvantages of Martingale Betting Strategy

With the Martingale scheme, there is no guarantee that the player will win as no one can continue on a losing streak forever. Moreover, the player could lose a huge amount of money if there is a continuous loss in expectation of a win.

Additionally, casinos are now weary of crash gambling strategies so they have winning and losing limits. Oftentimes, it could be difficult to yield a win that could redeem a loss that has been accumulated over time.

Anti-Martingale Betting Strategy:

This is the inverse of the Martingale betting strategy which has been elucidated above. The Anti-Martingale gambling strategy was invented by players who had made losses when they applied the principle of Martingale so they decided to do what was contrary to Martingale’s procedure.

The Anti-Martingale program is just as effective as the Martingale strategy. It involves doubling the stakes when you win and placing a lesser bet when you lose. 

That is, if you start a wager on heads with $2 and the coin lands with heads facing up, there is a win so the next stake will be $4. If it heads again, the next will be $8 but if it lands with tails facing up, it is a loss so the $4 will be halved and $2 will be used to place the next wager. 

Merits of Anti-Martingale System 

The Anti-Martingale crash betting strategy minimizes damages when there are losses and it also boosts the bankroll when there are returns.

Flaws of the Anti-Martingale System

Like the Martingale approach, the Anti-Martingale gambling strategy puts players at a huge risk because it shares the same flaws with Martingale.

D’Alembert Strategy: 

The D’Alembert approach is one of the simpler gambling strategies, it is similar to Martingale as they both involve raising stakes in crash gambling games when there is a loss and diminishing stakes when there is a win, however, there is one important difference. Instead of doubling the amount after losing as in Martingale, there is an addition of one unit to the player’s stake and after a win, the stake is reduced by one unit. 

This system is more lenient than the Martingale crash betting strategy as it adds one unit instead of doubling the amount, therefore, increasing stakes more slowly and making it difficult to accumulate outrageous losses.

If you place a bet of $5 on tails then the $5 is your base unit. If there is a loss, there will be a need to add one unit to the next wager implying that the next amount will be $10 on tails. If that wager is lost, the next will be $15 on tails but if the bet is a winner, the next stake will be $5.

The benefits of the D’Alembert Approach

The D’Alembert crash betting strategy provides profits for short-term gamers and it is also a safer program to use during games.

With this method, losses are incurred gradually instead of suddenly as with the Martingale strategy. It also provides discipline and a framework for wagering. And it allows the player to exercise control. 

Drawbacks of the D’Alembert Approach

With this D’Alembert crash gambling strategy, it is possible to make several losses in a row thereby forming an enormous loss. Similarly, with this technique, it is almost impossible to recover the mount-up losses. 

This program also has a lesser potential of piling up profits and it does not provide the player with an opportunity to win big.

Fibonacci Strategy:

This crash gambling strategy, is safer than the other strategies above, although, like them, it is also a negative progression where there is an increase in stakes after a loss in a bid to make a win. 

The Fibonacci betting strategy involves starting with one and adding the previous two numbers to predict the subsequent number in the series. 

pros of Fibonacci 

With the Fibonacci betting strategy, the player can recover all losses provided there is a bankroll to fund another game. This technique also allows the player to make profits as the longer you play, the more the small profits amass. 

This crash gambling strategy is easy to understand and safer to utilize since it does not require total concentration. 

Cons of Fibonacci 

With this method, the player could lose his entire bankroll on a losing streak so the player needs to have an adequate bankroll in reserve, therefore the Fibonacci strategy makes it difficult to earn easy money.

Labouchere Strategy:

The Labouchere strategy is also known as Split Martingale. Like Martingale’s gambling strategy, it is also a negative progression that helps the player win by increasing the stakes after the player loses and decreasing the stakes after the player wins. 

The difference between Labouchere and Martingale’s strategies is that, instead of trying to make up for the losses by one single win, the Labouchere crash betting strategy provides the player with an opportunity to recover losses with multiple wins.

It is a complicated crash game that applies to even bets, that is, bets that offer a 50/50 chance of winning.

Advantages of Using Labouchere Scheme

The Labouchere system is not as brutal as the Martingale gambling scheme where the stakes are doubled.  However, when using this scheme, one needs to pay attention to the game to win the specific amount that one set out to win.   

Despite this, the excitement that the daring player feels when close to the set goal makes the game entertaining. 

Disadvantages of Using the Labouchere Scheme

This crash gambling strategy does not favor players with a small bankroll, so using this method puts the player at risk of losing it all. 

Tips For Using Crash Strategies.

Winning crash games

To yield better results when using a crash strategy with low online bet tricks, consider sticking to the recommendations listed below. 

Bet Your Winnings

To manage risks, you should only gamble with your winnings. The profit you make from the preliminary game should be used to place bets in subsequent games so you can enjoy gambling without the fear of losing all that you have.

Read the Room

Whatever crypto casino game you play, it is important to note that you cannot recover 100% of your wager. Most houses have wagering and payout limits.

If you notice that most players including you have made winnings in a short time, you should avoid having to play games and sit out a few rounds. Take time to observe the game, collect your thoughts and calm yourself because the crash would arrive around that time and many gamblers would encounter losses. 

Aim Big When you’re on a Profit

You should take bold steps by placing wagers from your profit as you might end up with more money than you envisioned while staying in the game longer than your rivals. 

Control Your Emotions

One who learns to master his emotions has learned a great thing. Many gamblers become consumed by their emotions whether they are winning or losing. 

Keeping your emotions in check helps you make logical decisions that are best for the situation. 

Modesty is Key

Most gamblers who place modest wagers can accumulate profit easily. It is easy for one to be overcome by greed and take steps that cause a loss during gambling games, so it is important to always have a modest amount set to be cashed out automatically to get your winnings before the random crash occurs. 

Betting Limits

Setting gambling limits is a form of discipline for gamblers. You need to have a pre-planned limit so that you do not get carried away when you are playing casino gambling games. Sticking to a stop-loss limit will prevent you from having an insufficient bankroll. 

Stick with One Strategy

A gambler who uses so many crash gambling strategies during casino gambling games is at risk of a loss.  

When you play these games, you need to build consistency and gain experience and you can achieve this by sticking to one procedure. 

How Profitable is Crash Gaming?

The best crash betting strategies to play online make gambling easier and more profitable as the players can choose from myriad systems and apply the one that best suits the game they are playing. 

The gamers are also able to experiment with different crash game techniques to make earnings from the crypto casino games.

Auto Cashout Strategy:

Using the auto cashout option is beneficial to the player during games. You can set between the range of 1.5x to 5x for auto cashout meaning fewer wagers but the odds of winning more money on those bets.

Optimize Rewards:

In a crash casino game, the player who cashes out just before the unexpected crash gets a bonus. The prize is usually equal to what the dealer makes. If nobody gets the reward, it automatically rolls to the next game.

You need to plan toward getting the reward during crash games for you to get it.

Bankroll Limits:

Setting a bankroll and gambling limit is an essential tip for every bettor as it helps to prevent staggering losses. 

It also helps you to have an idea of how much you could win or lose during your game.


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