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Numerous gaming possibilities are available in casinos, and the winners of these games may be decided by cards dealing, dice toss, random number generators, or other mechanisms. Every game has a house edge at its foundation, an established set of regulations that favor the casino over the player. Nevertheless, this edge can vary substantially, and understanding which title at a casino has the best odds might mean the determining factor between winning big and leaving the casino prematurely.

In this article, we’ll examine both the games with the best odds in casinos and those with the poorest odds. View the suggestions made by our group of specialists and the games that you should avoid playing at the casino.

How to excel when gambling: Do you know the odds?

You must understand game odds and house edges if you want to figure out the best way to win at the casino. In this sense, every game is different. You can discover how to bet in a casino to your greatest advantage if you have a basic knowledge of probability. You don’t have to be an expert in mathematics to get enough knowledge to improve your chances. As regards odds, you need to know the best and worst games to play.

Game odds: how do casinos work?

Everything in casino gaming is based on the odds. The betting odds give both the likelihood that a specific event will occur and the potential payment.

Typically, one of two ways is used to write this likelihood (also known as the probability).

Odds in fractions

These odds are expressed as 10/1, 5/2, etc., and they make it simple to determine the amount that you could potentially win if you wager with the second number or amount, you win the first number. Thus, in the first scenario, a $1 gamble would provide a $10 gain.

For each value of the second digit you wager, you win the first number in addition to the return of your bet. For example, if you bet $4 at 5/2 odds, you would also earn $10.


The following formula can be used to translate the exact same fractional odds into a percentage: Probability (%) is calculated as B / (A+B), where A and B are the first and second integers, respectively, in the fractional odds. By substituting the 9/1 instance, the calculation would then read 1 / (10 + 1) = 0.09, indicating a 9% likelihood that the event would occur.

To convert odds from either percentage to fraction, or the other way around, read our guide on odd conversion.

Best Online Games with Top Odds at Bet999

Bet999 crypto Casino: Top exclusive online crypto platform

Bet999 is an incredible crypto platform that offers bets on numerous casino games such as; roulette, slots, craps, RNG table game, live casino, and lots more. These games are sorted from numerous software brands and they come with various odds of winning. It is important to note that slots, the most well-liked category of casino games, account for the majority of the casino’s income. Their odds aren’t the best either, with an average potential RTP of only about 95%.

The following games are the better bets in terms of odds, and you can also view each game’s individual house edge for the major betting options:

  • Blackjack: 0.43% – 2%
  • Video Poker: -0.05% – 2%
  • Pai Gow Poker: 2.84%
  • Baccarat: 1.06% – 1.24%
  • European Roulette: 2.70%
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em: 2.20%
  • Craps: 1.36% – 1.41%

Blackjack – Great Casino Odds with Basic Strategy

Blackjack is typically regarded as the greatest game to play. It also allows participants more freedom while having a relatively low house edge. The excitement of winning can be increased by allowing players to make choices that could change how the round goes. Blackjack is also among the most played casino games in the world, and it can be found at most brick-and-mortar casinos as well as several online gambling sites.

The games regulations may differ, although they are not as strict as what we’ve seen with video poker machines. In actuality, the majority of high-end blackjack games reward 3:2 for a blackjack and 1:1 for regular hands. Along with drawing to 16, the dealer also stands on 17 or above. These guidelines are plainly evident on the table, therefore it’s advisable to walk away if you realize that it offers a lower payout.

The amount of decks being utilized in blackjack is another element that can affect the house edge. The ideal amount of decks is one; extra decks causes a surge in the house edge. The majority of blackjack tables in casinos employ between 6 to 8 decks, giving the house an average edge of 2%.

Here, it’s crucial to remember that gamblers can greatly reduce the house edge by using the proper blackjack strategy. A house of less than 0.5% can be achieved by combining fundamental strategy with the advantageous table rules. Due to this, this title is among the greatest casino games that can be played.

Baccarat – Easiest Casino Game to Play with Great Odds

Baccarat Table: Player, Tie, and Banker betting

For many years, Asian markets have seen tremendous success with baccarat, and it is now gaining popularity in other parts of the world. Its position as offering some of the finest odds on the casino floor unquestionably benefits the game.

The card game, often known as Punto Banco, typically offers three ways to wager. The Banker (Banco) or the Player (Punto) side of the two hands is up for wagering, and the player can choose which side they think will prevail. Another alternative is to wager on a tie, although this has very poor odds and shouldn’t be taken into account.

If you win your bet on the banker, you may receive a commission of 5%. When considering the chances of a casino game, this is still the optimum wager. While betting on the Banker, the house edge is only 1.06%, whereas the edge for the Player bet is larger, at 1.24%. The disparity is due to the dealing guidelines, but the player is unaffected by this because there are no alternatives left to make after putting a wager.

Playing baccarat is therefore not just one of the casino games with the best odds, but also one of the simplest. All you need to do to win is place a wager on the Banker. Unlike video poker and blackjack, where there are complex strategies to consider, there are none in baccarat.

Roulette Odds of winning

The Roulette table at a casino

The two primary types of the game are the American and European versions, and each has its own distinct set of odds. The house edge (the advantage a casino has over a player) on practically all bets in American roulette is 5.26% (2/38) while in European roulette is 2.70% (1/37). By splitting the entire number of slots on the wheel by the amount of zeroes, one can get this percentage.

The odds on an even money wager (which could be red/black or odd/even) are 47.37% (18/38) on an American wheel and 48.6% on a European wheel, according to this information.

You have substantially lesser odds of winning if you gamble on a single number, as well as if you choose anything other than odd, red, even, black, 1-18, and 19-36.

Roulette odds and payouts

Bets Payouts American)Probability (American)Payout (European)Probability (European)
13 – 242:131.58%2:132.4%
25 – 362:131.58%2:132.4%
Single Number35:12.63%35:12.7%
2 number combo17:15.26%17:15.4%
3 number combo11:17.89%11:18:1%
4 number combo8:110.53%8:110.8%
6 number combo5:115.79%5:116.2%
Combo of6:113.16%NANA

Ultimate Texas Hold’em – Casino Poker with Amazing Odds

Win jackpot on the table | Las Vegas

A casino version of the well-known Texas Hold’em game is called Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The house edge in this game, where players compete against the dealer, is 2.20% for the ante bet. With the appropriate approach, the house edge on the subsequent bets can be reduced. Competent gamblers can perform better at the table because they have the option to increase their wager.

The paytable for ultimate Texas hold’em has characteristics comparable to that of video poker in that it offers bigger payouts has the hands gets stronger, reaching a maximum of 500:1 for a Royal Flush. Because of this, it is enjoyable to play and offers more betting rounds than alternative games.

Craps – Best Casino Game for Winning Money and Enjoyment

Playing Craps

Often, the most exciting part of the casino floor is around the craps table. This well-known casino game has a distinctive element because players can alternate shooting the dice. Additionally, you will wager with other players, which undoubtedly increases the excitement.

Along with being entertaining, craps also offers some of the finest chances of any casino game for specific bets. You should be aware, nevertheless, that some bets at the craps table have extremely poor odds and rewards and ought to be shunned at all costs.

To begin with, due to the variety of betting options, craps is sometimes regarded as one of the more challenging casino games and might require a strategy. We will only consider bets with the best odds in order to keep things straightforward. The greatest bet in this sense is the Don’t Pass wager, which has a low house edge of approximately 1.36%. In order to win when staking it, the sum of the roll must be 2 or 3. A 7 or an 11 is a loser, and a 12 is a tie.

When weighed against other casino games, the Pass Line wager is also highly advantageous. It takes a 7 or an 11 in order to win, and the house edge is 1.41%. On a roll of 2, 3, or 12, this wager is lost.

The point is established if the first roll falls between 4 to 10 (with the exception of 7). Until the point returns or the result is 7, the dice will keep rolling. Though Don’t Pass bets need the 7 to come first in order to win, Pass bets triumph if the point comes before the 7.

Video Poker – The Ultimate Casino Games with Odds

Video Poker Station

When it comes to casino odds of winning, video poker ranks as one of the more challenging casino games. The title has a number of versions, all of which are well-liked in casinos. Typical game options for players include; All American Poker, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, and others. Although they all have similar basic gameplay, these differ in a few ways, such as the conditions for a payment or extra wild cards.

There may still be variations in the house edge, even if we take into account the same game version. This is seen in the paytable, which may differ slightly for the stronger hands. For this illustration, we’ve used four Jacks or Better variations to highlight the various tables.

Video Poker Payouts - Games with the best odds in a casino

From the paytable, a Royal Flush does not necessarily result in a 800x payoff. In actuality, the most uncommon video poker hand is going to produce a payout of 250x in the majority of games. The bottom-right game pays 40x, although Straight Flush should be at 50x. This holds true for Four of a Kind as well.

When compared to the previous examples, the exact same game pays 5x for a Straight. This hand has a larger effect on the house edge since it is more prevalent. However, it has an RTP of 98.40%, compared to 99.54% for the version at the top-right.

Furthermore, when gambling video poker at a casino or online, the betting level might affect the paytable. If you choose the fifth level, your reward for a Royal Flush may be increased.

By utilizing fundamental technique, the house edge in can also be reduced. Making the appropriate choices can affect the overall profits because participants can affect how the hands turn out.

Casino Titles with the Worst Odds of Winning

The two casino games with the highest house edges also happen to be the two with the highest play rates. They are easy to understand and don’t need significant skill, but since numerous individuals play them, the casinos make a lot of money.

Currently, should you like playing such games, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. You went to a casino because you wanted to catch some fun, correct? Nevertheless, be aware that there is a good chance you may lose the money you used to play.

Probabilities of Winning on the Wheel of Fortune/Big Six: 26% to 39%

Every time you play the Big Six Wheel, you bet on the likelihood that the wheel will come to an end on a segment marked $10, $20, $1, $5, or a joker. The section where the wheel stops indicates how much money you will win.

The best odds of winning are on a $1 stake, but the payout is the worst because the house only has an 11% advantage. The Joker offers a 36x reward but only a 74% chance of winning.

Slots: Odds of triumphing are roughly 1 in 49,836,032

Slots make up the numbers, but do they really reward?

When playing slots, you insert cash into the machine, pull a lever or press a button to spin a wheel. You either succeed or fail based on where the wheel falls.

Generally speaking, the greater amount of cash you have to spend to play, the greater your odds of victory are. Additionally, you might stand a better chance of earning less money than the grand prize.

Remember: The gaming house always have the edge

Understanding The House Edge

Success over time at casino games is only possible if you comprehend how the odds function. The ability to recognize when it is better to give up can at times be the most crucial aspect of comprehending the odds. Always take into account the act of responsible gambling, particularly if you find yourself winning a lot of money rapidly.

Casinos usually have the advantage, keep in mind. If the chances weren’t in their favor, they wouldn’t continue to operate.

Check out the Verified Zero Risk Betting Strategies you can implement to be on a positive side always.


What gambling game offers the best winning chances?

Dependent on the paytable version, video poker might offer the best chances in a casino. When applying basic strategy, blackjack is often thought to have the greatest odds of winning when playing at a casino. This can assist in reducing the house edge to roughly 0.50%.

What does the casino edge mean?

The upper-hand the casino has over the player when making a wager is known as the casino edge. This can be anything from 0% and 30% and is determined by the mechanics and laws of the title. With a 5% house advantage, for instance, the gambler should potentially win $95 for every $100 wagered.

Do slot machine odds favor players??

Comparing video slots to other casino games like blackjack or baccarat, the odds are typically not in the player’s benefit. Nevertheless, there are slots that, theoretically, have yields in excess of 97%, which make them good choices for prolonged sessions.

Where is the greatest places to play the games with top odds?

Play online casino games at Bet999 because you can choose from a variety of possibilities. Additionally, the online crypto casino offer a fantastic welcome bonuse and promotions that can help increase your overall winning chances, particularly when enjoying slots.

How do I select a platform to game at?

When selecting a casino to play at, it is necessary to first confirm if it’s a legitimate platform. Check the license to be sure. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions of the platform as regards payments, bonuses, and many others.

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