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The Cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game are boxes with a set of skins. These skins are usually very valuable in the game; and sometimes, CSGO drops them during gameplay. This is particularly accurate if you play the game frequently. You can always receive the boxes for free without buying them. When these Cases open, they reveal weapons, knives, gloves, or an agent. If you’re fortunate, you might even find a skin with a truly remarkable trait. 

There are common CS:GO Cases you can get when playing the game online. As an esports game, you can enjoy it in the sports section of numerous bookies just like other eSports games available on Bet999 sportsbook. You will probably get them if you play the game a lot. We will concentrate on profitable Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cases in this guide. Keep reading to discover which CS:GO Cases will fetch you real money. 

List of 10 Best Cases to Open in CSGO

If you want to make money from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you should opt for the most valuable Cases. Just like some of the top female eSport gamers do, getting to the top requires being the best and making money. Here are the ones we’ve compiled.

  1. Dreams & Nightmares Case

This CS:GO Case was launched on the 20th of January 2022.  Dreams & Nightmares Case has up to 17 skins with bright and colorful designs. If you’re fortunate enough, you could come across uncommon objects such as the Gamma Knife in this Case. Also, if you collect a lot of AK skins, you can increase the value of your inventory. It’s best to look for skins like AWPs, AKs, and M4.

  1. Huntsman Weapon Case

Even though the Huntsman Weapon Case is quite old since it goes back to 2014, it is very valuable. It has up to 22 weapon options, including the popular AK-47 | Vulcan. The Huntsman Weapon Case has almost all designs of any weapon in CS:GO. 

Its variants are very attractive, and many players prefer to store the Cases to use much later when their cost appreciates. If you’re lucky, you can profit from the Case in addition to the key. The Huntsman Weapon Case is rare today, and only a few players have it in their collection.

  1. Recoil Case

The Recoil Case is another valuable CS:GO box that became available on the 1st of July 2022. There are no fewer than seventeen weapon finishes created by the community. Some items include a USP-S, AK-47,  AWP, Chromatic Aberration or M249, and several pairs of gloves. You should look for the USP-S Printstream, which has the best-looking pistol skins. 

Also, if you can get the Factory New Printstream, it is worth hundreds of dollars. If you collect many of these CS:GO Cases, you can get a reasonable price from it. Currently, the Recoil Case has a low price on Steam and is easy to purchase in CS:GO.

  1. Operation Riptide Case

The Operation Riptide Case was introduced in September 2021. In the box, you will find a selection of skins with bright colors and designs. There are up to 17 skins in the box, all made by community members. It has some incredible skins like the  M4A1-S and the M4A4. However, many players will choose the M4A1-S because its CT assault rifle meta will easily change on a dime.

  1. Winter Offensive Weapon Case

This CS:GO Case, as its name suggests, was designed for winter sites. In CS:GO, the Winter Offensive Weapon Case became accessible right before Operation Vanguard’s debut. The box has the AWP | Redline, which looks attractive and commanding. 

The box also comes with an M4A1-S | Guardian, which is also a fantastic option. It is one of the most expensive M4A1 skins. Some players have recorded good profits from opening the Winter Offensive Weapon Cases.

  1. Prisma 2 Case

The Prisma 2 Case version of the Prisma Case was released in 2020. It immediately became popular among CS:GO fans. The Prisma 2 Case contains weapons with colorful skins and has a circulation number 303. You can open it with a special Prisma 2 Case key, and you will find 17 new skins. The box also contains the Horizon Chroma Series knives. 

The most valuable weapons to look out for in the Prisma 2 Case are the M4A1-S | Player Two and Glock-18 | Bullet Queen. The box also contains some rare items, and if you can get any of the knives, it is worth $100 or higher.

  1. Operation Broken Fang Case

You can get good profit for the Operation Broken Fang Case at the Steam market. This CS:GO box was released on 3rd of December 2020. Although it is affordable, the Operation Broken Fang Case has rare items in it, and that’s why it is valuable. Operation Broken Fang introduced new weapons and attractive skins in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. Also, it has some very rare gauntlets that you can use to replace the knife skins. Also, it has some extremely valuable skins that make a collector’s item, and you can get a reasonable price on them. 

Also, in the Operation Broken Fang Case, there are glove skins. It is part of the rare collection and can replace the common knife skins. You can get any of the 24 glove collections in this box. There are not many CS:GO Cases that offer gloves, and you will love this particular collection. It’s worth noting that the Operation Broken Fang Case has 17 rare skins.

  1. Danger Zone Case

The Danger Zone Case went public on the 6th of December, 2018. It is also quite valuable and comes with up to 69 different skins. It has the most skins compared to other CS:GO Cases. In the box, you can collect over 52 different knife skins. Also, this collection usually has a mix of expensive and rare skins. In addition, it contains standard knives, cheap and popular ones. 

The reason it is placed among the valuable CS:GO Cases is because of the number of skins available. In addition to the knives, the Danger Zone Case also has some futuristic weapon skins that look attractive. The Case was released for the Dangerous Zone mode of the CS:GO game. It’s usually found across the play area like the usual Case weapons. If you can grab a Case, you will find 17 new skins, including the Horizon knives.

  1. Chroma 3

You can get the Chroma 3 Case even though it is also one of the old collections. It was introduced in April 2016 and is popular. The CS:GO Case has 17 community weapons and its unique key.  When you open the box, it has neon-colored skins, which gives it a futuristic look. 

The Legend of Anubis skin is one of the top options available in this Case. However, its price doesn’t compare to the AK or AWP skins. Still, it is relatively profitable. In addition to the weapon skins, the Chroma 3 Case has a rare knife collection with six new colors. They include marble gradient, waves, Tiger tooth, anther, tiger tooth, ultraviolet, and Damascus steel.

  1.  Gamma Case

Of all the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cases mentioned in this review, the Gamma Case is one of the most well-known. It was incorporated into the game’s library in the month of June 2016. The Gamma Case also has a lot of skins, which are very lucrative. You can find the M4A4 | Desolate Space skin, the most popular in the collection. Even though the Case is valuable, there isn’t any demand for it. As a result, not many players are buying this Gamma Case. 

Another skin that is worth mentioning is the  AWP | Phobos. It isn’t very expensive but is worth a decent price. Also, the M4A1-S | Mecha Industries is among the skins you will find in the Gamma Case. It has remained popular, and there are still players that make some profit from the Gamma Case. However, you can’t expect to garner massive profit from this CS:GO Case.

How to Get Cases in CS:GO

CS:GO Cases Guide: What to Expect

After reading our guide on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can choose which valuable ones to get. This can ultimately be the difference between winning and profiting. How can you obtain profitable CS:GO Cases? You can obtain the CS:GO cases in two ways, and we will explain each method. 

Case Drops

The Case drops are a free way to get a CS:GO Case. Playing the game is all that is required to obtain the box. CS:GO will give you a free Case drop as soon as you rank up to a new level the first time in each week. The type of Case you get is randomly selected, but there is a high chance it will be from the Active Drop Pool. Some of the CS:GO Cases you can get at random include:

  • Revolution Case
  • Dreams & Nightmares Case
  • Recoil Case
  • Snakebite Case 
  • Fracture Case.

Although the chances of receiving a rare Case drop are extremely slim, it is nevertheless possible. Each week, as you rank up for the first time, you will get a Case drop.

Buying Cases

The other option to get a CS:GO Case is to purchase. You can get the Cases from third-party websites, but mainly from the Steam market. Your inventory will contain every Case you purchase. If you want to resell, you can sell the Case online, but you will need to pay a 15% fee. You can resell the Cases at an open market or third-party site like the Steam market. Nevertheless, it’s doubtful that you will receive your entire purchase price refunded. Instead, you can only make a profit if the Case’s value has appreciated.

How Much Do CS:GO Case Keys Cost?

As noted, a CS:GO Case key is required to access the boxes. Each box has a special key, typically costing $2.49. You shouldn’t purchase the keys from the Steam market because they are more expensive. Instead, you can purchase the keys directly from the in-game shop. Since it is tradeable, you can also resell your Steam key if you bought it there.

How To Open CS:GO Cases

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cases are easy to open. It could be challenging to comprehend how it operates if you’re new to it. Usually, you’ll require a weapon Case and a key to gain access to a game’s Cases. As previously noted, you can purchase this key from the in-game store or receive it as a random cash drop. So, if you have the Case keys available, follow these easy instructions to open your CS:GO box:

  • Go to the CS:GO main menu
  • Find and select the collection icon on the left side of the display
  • Click on the Case that you’d like to open after choosing it
  • After that, pick the Unbox Container from the menu
  • Get the key or purchase one if you don’t have it by clicking the green button at the bottom.

Immediately after you purchase or use the key, you gain access to the Case. You can quickly redeem the things in the package by following these straightforward instructions. You will find several skins, such as gloves, weapons, or an agent, in the CS:GO game.

CS:GO Case Odds


Just like there are betting odds for every gambling activity, there are also odds for you to find skins inside the CS:GO Cases. They have the Restricted, Mil-Spec, Classified, Rare, and Covert Items. If the skins are rare, it means they will be more valuable. Usually, the Restricted skin is difficult to find, unlike the Mil-Spec skin. Also, the Classified skin is more scarce than the Restricted skin. If you find an extremely rare skin, you can make a hundred bucks or more on it.

Final Thoughts 

Just like the bonus guy option when you play slots in an online casino like Bet999, you can consider buying a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Case, but you should opt for the profitable ones. If you purchase the profitable Cases, you have a higher chance of profiting from your unique skins. You should also consider your profit while looking into the cost of the Case and the key. 

You will get 60–70% of your money if you intend to resell. It is possible to get a sizable profit if you’re fortunate and the value of the CS:GO Cases rises. The likelihood of profiting is remote, yet you might strike it if you’re fortunate. Getting the skins at Steam will be a better option than buying the CS:GO Cases. You can get value for the skin when it appreciates. However, if you’re going for CS:GO Cases, make sure it is the most profitable one.

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