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According to its name, Andar Baha Game card game of chance was invented in the Indian state of Karnataka. Despite being clear and simple to understand, the game offers intriguing aspects that have made it a favorite amongst natives. The Andar Bahar online casino game and the Andar Bahar online real money app were both developed as a result of the game’s enormous popularity.

Would you like to learn more regarding online Andar Bahar real money games and Andar Bahar rules, cheats to win big and be paid? Continue to read.

Andar Bahar Games Online

Among the current table casino games you can play offline and online, andar bahar is considered to be one of the most liked and easiest to master. Usually, it is played somewhat in a circle with the dealer in the middle and one or more other players seated around. The goal of the game is to guess which side of Andar or Bahar will show a card with exactly the same value as the “joker” card.

Prior to the betting kicking off, the dealer chooses a joker from the deck, and then the wagers are put. The remaining cards are then dealt to Bahar and Andar, respectively, by the dealer. The winner is that group who displays the matching card first.

How to Play Andar Bahar

There are no effective techniques for truly succeeding in Andar Bahar because it is entirely based on luck. The following advice can assist a player in placing wagers that, on average, will result in a profit over time, but the likelihood of winning ultimately rests entirely on the luck of the cards.

Table arrangement and setup

Andar Bahar Casino Table Setup

The appearance of an Andar Bahar table is remarkably similar to that of a poker or blackjack table. Having the Dealer on one side with every other Participants evenly distributed on the opposite side, it resembles a half circle or half moon.

Four little boxes with the labels “First Bet,” “Second Bet,” “A,” and “B” are located in front of every seat. It appears to be like this:

Second Bet A First Bet

Second Bet B First Bet

Andar and Bahar are represented by the letters A and B. In addition, there are three boxes with the labels “Joker,” “Bahar Set,” and “Andar Set” right in front of the Dealer.

Start and Joker Cards

The Dealer will deal a freshly mixed deck of cards to the table to start the game, after which the Dealer will select one card off the very top of the deck and put it face-up in the “Joker” box.

  • This card progresses into the role of the Joker, the game’s winning card.
  • The following card of similar rank that shows up in the deck becomes the winning card.


Participants are allowed to make their 1st Bet after the Dealer is revealed, as indicated by the boxes placed in front of the players. Either Andar or Bahar are available for wagering. Similar to the game of roulette, participants can also place wagers on both, however they will lose more money than they win because the payout in Andar Bahar is a mere 25% of the original wager.

Several Andar Bahar tables in pro casinos will come with both a minimum and a maximum wager, just like when playing Blackjack.

First Round of Dealing

After each Participant has put their initial wager, at that point, the Dealer will declare that no additional wagers may be placed as the Dealer begins placing cards alternately in the Andar and Bahar boxes.

One card will go in the Bahar initially, while another card will go in the Andar after that:

If the Joker shows up within the first two cards, those who placed a winning wager will profit 25%. In other words, a $10 wager will result in a $12.5 payout if it wins.

If no Participants were successful in winning with the first two cards, the second bet box may be utilised.

After placing a second wager, the previous steps are repeated.

2nd Round of Dealing

The Dealer calls no bets and begins dealing alternative cards, one at a time, towards the Andar and Bahar pockets once all Second Bets have been put.

As previously, the Dealer deals one card to the Bahar, another to the Andar, and so on till a card with exactly the same rank as the Joker surfaces.

If the Joker, for instance, is an 8 of diamonds and an 8 of spades appears, the game is won.


Andar Bahar Card Game Payouts

Winners will receive a 25% payout on their second wager and a 1:1 payout on their first wager.

Andar and Bahar Payout Table

Andar Win0.9-151.50%
Bahar Win1-148.50%

Consider this:

  • Player A places a bet of 10 bucks on the first round and another bet of 4 bucks on the second.
  • Player A receives a 15 bucks payout for winning. The first wager was valued at $10, and the second wager was for $5.

After the winning card with the Joker is shown, participants who placed their bets on the right box (Andar or Bahar) will be awarded their winnings.

The deck will subsequently be reshuffled by the Dealer, and play will restart from the very start.

Andar Bahar’s Side-bets

The number of cards dealt before the matching card appears determines the most common Andar Bahar side bets made at online casinos.

The largest amount of cards dealt is 51 because there is one joker card in the 52-card deck used for the game.

You can place any of these side bets on the Ezugi Live Andar Bahar table:

Side-Bets in Andar Bahar

Card ValuesPays

Andar Bahar Game Variations

Andar Bahar card game variations

The 1st Card is Dealt to the Andar pocket

Instead of picking the side according to color, in this variation of the game, the first card is given to the Andar side, the subsequent one to the Bahar side, and the process continues. In this scenario, the odds are altered. On a 1:1 scale, it favors Bahar, whereas Andar has a 0.9:1 advantage.

In the online Andar Bahar real money app, the first card put by the player affects if this first card is assigned to the Andar or the Bahar stack, as opposed to the house card.

In accordance with Andar Bahar strategies, this version increases the probability of the original wager to a tight 50:50 favor because you are blind to the color of the card until you put the Andar Bahar bet in the real money game.

In the end, this might have been the aim of the law’s modification. In spite of this, it appears that the payout for winning bets in an online Andar bahar real money app is going to remain 0.9:1 on the side of the initially dealt card.

Second Bet Post Seeing Two Cards

If neither card corresponds to the house card after viewing the first two cards in another variation of the Andar Bahar online game, the player may then place a new stake on either side. The chances of you winning are currently roughly 51.58% in your favor, which is significantly better than what was projected at the beginning of the card game.

Make a bet on the number of cards dealt

Even though this choice isn’t there in the original game, the dealer will nevertheless allow the participant to wager on the number of cards that are going to be dealt up until one of them matches the house cards if you participate in an online real money app.

In this case of an Andar bahar real money game played online, the bets might be of various sizes.

Andar Bahar Game Providers

What Online Casino Software Providers offer Andar Bahar?

Casinos would simply cease to exist without their game software developers, and only a chosen handful distinguish out from the crowd when it comes to creating exciting card game excitement.

These four suppliers have all produced online versions of traditional Indian games, including Teen Patti and Jhandi Munda in addition to Andar Bahar.


As its name might imply, OneTouch is a business that focuses in creating games for mobile devices. With RNG verified to requirements in Malta and the UK, they provide a variety of slot and table games.

If someone desires a non-live version, the Random Number Generator (RNG) Andar Bahar tables are a great option.


In the field of live casinos, this brand is recognised as a forerunner and a pioneer who excels at delivering world-class live casino entertainment.

Their specifically created studio broadcasts both the English and Hindi versions of its tables. Playing at Bet999 online casino, you can enjoy Super andar bahar live from Evolution.


When creating modern iterations of classic games, this online provider is recognised for going outside the box.

Through the use of both their Speed Andar Bahar and No Commission Andar tables, they serve as outstanding examples of how to transform the conventional game into one that is novel and intriguing.


The operator is perhaps the live provider that emphasises India particularly while simultaneously providing outstanding titles.

Similar to the Evolution table, which is readily available at many casino websites today, their Andar table is additionally offered in both English and Hindi languages.

Andar Bahar Strategy

Andar Bahar Winning Strategies

The best Andar Bahar strategy is to raise your odds of winning to about a 50/50 ratio when playing the Andar Bahar online cash game. However, a few things come into play, there are several gambling tips to consider for a profitable experience.

  • Keep in mind that the amount multiplies by two whenever you are defeated in a game.
  • The wager sum is lowered to the starting amount for each victory.
  • When utilizing an Andar Bahar actual cash app online, do not place excessive bets. If you keep dropping the ball, get up from the table.
  • Recovering your losses when playing in the cash app is a beginner error.
  • Playing just the games with stakes within your budget  is one of the most important and effective Andar Bahar strategy.
  • To receive greater returns, be sure to look into the numerous promotions such as welcome offers, free bets, and more that can be available when you play Andar Bahar online game real money app.
  • Build yourself up from by starting first with the smallest stakes you can afford. Playing mid- or high-stakes games immediately with the goal of increasing your bankroll is not advised. You’ll only lose more in the end!
  • Placing side bets is one of Andar Bahar’s most clever techniques. You gain extra money and make up losses in this manner.
  • Following the first card, often known as the Joker card, is a must when playing. Determine the box according to the suit of the Joker card.
  • Instead of putting additional funds, it is preferable to strategically place fresh wagers on the Andar Bahar table online using your gains. By doing this, you prevent yourself from depleting your capital.

Three additional intriguing strategies are available for use when you play Andar Bahar online game for real money.

  • You might also give the Martingale/Anti-Martingale wagering technique a shot.
  • Martingale Andar Bahar techniques involve doubling your wager each time you lose, but subsequently you figure a way to increase your winnings. But be aware that this is a risky course of action.
  • In the Andar Bahar online game, you use the Anti-Martingale technique by doing the opposite of the former. When you utilize this Andar Bahar method, you double your wager when you win.

Mobile Andar bahar

Have fun with Andar Bahar mobile game

Everything you require to play Andar Bahar while on the road is a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, and a steady internet connection from a reputable internet service provider.


Installing an Andar Bahar app will allow you to constantly have this and other card games available for play.

You simply need to download, install, sign in, and start using the gaming app that the majority of online casinos have to offer!

IOS and Android

Andar Bahar may be played flawlessly on any modern Android device, including those made by popular brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, and other manufacturers, as well as apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

Ensure that your internet connection is steady before playing the game because it runs flawlessly on all devices.

Andar Bahar Online Experience

Best Andar Bahar Games To Earn Real Money Online

For the benefit of our customers, Bet999 has developed a unique Andar Bahar live game. With our brand-new Andar Bahar online game, you have the possibility to convert the fun into some significant payouts. You can play Andar Bahar live, with actual dealers, to receive the casino-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home or other preferred location.

Additionally, you can play whenever you want because our tables will be accessible 24/7.

You can now squeeze some Andar Bahar into your everyday routine and play whenever it’s suitable for you without needing to find somebody to enjoy it with.

You’ll additionally be able to view important facts like the outcomes of the last games and the percentage of wins for Andar and Bahar to offer you an additional in-depth encounter.

Visit Bet999 to play Andar Bahar for free or real money

Andar Bahar card game at Bet999 casino

Did you know that Bet999 and other online casinos offer Andar Bahar to play without the need of making a deposit? By playing the game without making a prior deposit, you do not have to spend anything, you will have a significant advantage. With no risk involved, you can stake any amount and experiment with numerous bet types and side bets.

Surf over to one of the live tables available after you’re acquainted with the game and test your luck there. Make sure that you only gamble with funds you can afford to lose. Despite the fact that Andar Bahar has an enormous amount of chances for winning, gambling is dangerous in general. As such, constantly play strategically and practise responsible gambling when you play.

Frequently Asked Andar Bahar Questions

What does Andar Bahar’s side bet entail?

A side bet may be made at particular Andar Bahar tables. Side bets are essentially extra bets that certain casinos offer in addition to the standard game regulations.

Super Bahar Bets are available on several tables. Although it is substantially less likely to occur, this wager offers the Player considerably greater payout margins. Super Bahar pays out 11x for the wager if the Joker is the first card drawn from the Bahar Box.

When playing Andar Bahar, what number of cards are used?

The common, 52-card Anglo-American deck is used in Andar Bahar.

Is Andar Bahar a casino game requiring skill?

Absolutely not. Andar Bahar is mostly a chance game as opposed to a a game that requires skill. Although it is likely to gamble in a way that benefits you, there are no game mechanics that require expertise.

Is there different versions of the game?

Katti is an option that can be utilised when you’re playing the title for home. Even though Andar Bahar may have regional differences, the rules for playing the game in casinos are often identical.

Due to the fact that a greater number of casinos provide identical game rules, players feel at ease playing at a wider range of gambling establishments.

Why you should trust playing Andar Bahar for cash at Bet999

Finding out what other individuals think of a casino site like ours is the greatest method to determine if it’s a decent one.

And the Bet999 reviews are self-evident. At our crypto platform, players can locate and enjoy the best Andar Bahar variations.

I want to play Andar Bahar online. How can I do that?

The dealer automatically shuffles and splits the cards when playing this type of game on an online Andar bahar real money app. The house card is the first card that is laid out face up on the playing surface. In the Andar Bahar online cash game, you have to match this card by suit and place your bets on the two piles in accordance. You actually win money if you happen to win the wager.

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